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Love, hurt, pain, and lust is all the things Edward and Bella share:) Whoops, scratch that, this is a clean slate starting over from the beginning, hehe:) What if Edward accepted the invitation to the Volturi? Now he feeds off innocent humans, along with Alice and Jasper. I know saddening, but wait! What if a certain brown haired maiden makes her way on tour of Volterra castle? Will Edward drain her heart of blood? Or wait and find what the heart contains? Please Review! ONE-SHOT canon pairings [banner removed by admin - please keep images in summaries smaller or equal to 300 x 150 pixels]



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Bella's Point Of View

I took in a sharp intake of breath, something was wrong, wrong being something out of place. When you take tours there is suppose to be lights, cameras flashing, spiritual and enjoyable. This tour however was anything but.

The little girl besides me seemed to detect my mood and clung to her mother who was smiling as if there was no tomorrow(now readers you know that this is true, for the mother at least). I relaxed, my mood was effecting others, I was taking away their fun. I might as well turn around and go home, or at least back to the festival that was actually cheerful.

"Excuse me miss" I said lightly tapping the tourist shoulder, but she seemed immune to my touch. As if I hadn't spoken one word, because she didn't seem to stop talking to ask me what I needed. I frowned and turned around on my heel walking in the direction the group came from. I didn't need an escort to take me out of this, we weren't even that far in the tour anyways. Who cares about my money, there was more, I just wanted to get out of here.

"Umm, miss I'd appereciate if you stayed with the group. We wouldn't like for you to get lost, now would we?" I turned around almost frustrated, this lady didn't seem to care what I needed, but the second I want to leave to make her job less difficult she opposes?! But then my mind traveled to her words, they seemed as if I were missing something, something that was important, not to me but to everybdoy.

"Don't worry m'am, I know exactly where I'm headed now if you excuse me it's an emergency" I said this as lightly as possible, trying to be convincing, it didn't seem to work.

"No, rules stricly state that everybody stay together, for your safety" I raised a brow, she was hiding something, and I knew it. Because her hands trembled and her knees shook. She was afraid of something, I furrowed my brow looking at her angrily. Then the little girl whispered something in her moms ear "I want to go too mommy" I swallowed. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew, I knew that it wasn't good.

"I'm well aware of that, but I'd appreciate if you'd let me go home now. My mothers sick, and I must tend to her for my father just passed away" I said this easily as if it were natural, but the lady just looked at my with a worried expression. I smiled as polite as I could trying to show a sign of grief from my story, this was going to work.

"I'm terribly sorry miss, but you may leave freely as we make our first stop..." I paused, the first stop, what was about that sentance that made me so worried? This was just a fun little festival, fun, that's it, I should relax. I sighed and put on a smile. Walking forward bravely. Then I saw in the corner of the hall, something was waiting there, I stopped. Causing the tourist to stop abrutaly, looking at me angrily and some how afraid. I looked at the figure for a long time before walking forward toward it, the object was frozen, but it seemed so alive at the same time.

"Uh Miss! Stay with the group!" The tourist yelled this time standing frozen in her steps as I approached the figure. Until it stepped out, a person it seemed, but so beautiful, so pale, those red eyes! I gasped tensing my muscles immediatly.

"Hello Edward" The tourist said simply her smile turning grimly right away. But I of course was still staring at him, red cloak, red eyes, bronze hair, pale skin, and unbelievably beautiful complexion at the same time! But the figure stared at me with frustration, anger. I cringed against 'It's' stare, his eyes zeroing against the color black, evil. Evil the word evil popped in my head as I stared at him, eyes wide, breathing heavy, I took a step back before looking at the lady again, she too was scared.

"Hello Meleana" Edward(I assume), said lightly, his voice mirroring his beauty. I pursed my lips staring at him, fear leaving me, his voice kept my fear away, how odd. But Edward seemed to detect my calmness and looked at me again, his mouth slightly open, his pink lips plump, then I noticed it, he was the danger. The danger I feared in the beginning, he was the thing I cringed against, ran away from in the beginning of this tour.

"Edward it is, well I'd like for you to escort me out of this tour immediatly" I almost snapped in his direction, my voice surprising him, the group, and I as well. I stood tall looking Edward staright in the eye, I needed to leave, leave out of this tour!

"Ah I see, well like the tourist must've said, you may leave after the first stop" I narrowed my eyes making Edward flinch at the sudden mood.

"Well I assume that I will be our of here, alive!" I screamed stomping my foot childishly. I didn't know why the word 'alive' came to mine, but it seemed to grab the tourists and Edward's attention quite tight. I looked at him, glaring more like it as he froze, unmoving. I smiled devilishly, not sure of what had come over me, something was particularly wrong with me today.

"...Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour" Edward said taking a step to the right. I flared my nostrils, my eyes probably darkening, I knew what was wrong. This wasn't the normal tour, something was going to happen.

"NO! I will leave now unless you garentee that I will leave this place ALIVE!" Edward froze again, closing his eyes, the tourist of course fell to her knees in an instant. Looking at Edward wide eyed, I needed to go, leave for good, never look back. Then my eyes lingered on the children linking to their parents arms, tears welled up in my eyes, 'no, they couldn't'. A small scream escaped my lips, causing Edward's eyes to fly open. I just stared at him my jaw clenched, and eyes and mind filled with hatred.

"You monsters! Children!?" I shouted gesturing toward the kids. His face turned sour, angry almost. But I became composed, they were true monsters, whoever or whatever they were, they were monsters. I knew that my life has ended, my gut told me that, and so did my grandma, my grandma. She was in my sub-concious guiding me away from this place, I wasn't me anymore, I was my brave grandma.

"We are not monsters...I assure you, when you leave you'll be alive" I stopped in mid-breath, 'you' he only said you! My mind screamed at me to grab everyone under a sheild of comfort and protect them all, protect the world.

"Me?" I asked dumbfonded, Edward seemed to hesitate before walking off toward our destination. Everyone gasped as I turned around, I was royaly pissed off, officially ready to kick someones ass. No matter how strong they might be.

"May we continue?" The tourists words(Meleana)were icy and almost angry. As if she were ready to lunge toward my throat.

Edward's Point Of View

I was angry, that girl, she was questioning everything! Asking if she were to remain alive! Alice was suppose to warn me before anybody did that! Ugh! Did she not see it? Or did she purposly do this to piss me off?

"Alice!" I screamed as I was in the big circle that remained black and white tiled, filled with blood thirsty vampires.

"Yes loving brother" Alice said sarcastically looking at me with innocence. Then she had a vision...The girl who spoiled my day was with me, a vampire! She and I were hugging kissing, just as mates were suppose to. But there was something different about me in that picture, not only was I happy, but my eyes were gold!I gasped as the picture ended, well the vision didn't end but Alice blocked me out. I furrowed my brow grabbing Alice's shoulder with feirce strength.

"What is that!?" I screamed maybe too loud, the group would be close now, very close.

"I had a vision of that girl who questioned you! You and her are meant to be Edward! Don't fight it!" Alice said throwing her hands up, her eyes troubled, very troubled. I frowned, how dare she say who I love! That is revulting! Human and I!?

"You know I rather die than take away and innocent soul!" I spat, immediatly regreting my words.

"Edward! How dare you pull that shit! You kill innocent people almost every day! And I don't hear you blubber about it!" She screamed pointing her small finger to my chest. I sighed, I should keep my mouth shut around Alice.

"There is something different about her, I promised to let her leave ALIVE!" I said, trying to make a point, but of course you could never win with Alice.

"Haven't you promised that to like, a couple people over the years" She said more like a statement than a question. I swallowed, my throat was closing, I didn't want to make another one of us. Even if she could make me happy to the extremes, I just couldn't, she wouldn't want this. A life as a 'monster', she put it like that herself.

"Edward, she can get passed monster. You can eat off animal blood, you can conquer blood lust" Alice said smiling, a true smile.She was beyond excited now. I sighed, maybe...maybe. If we could get passed that live a life of immortalty with happiness than maybe, just maybe I could change her. But before I could think longer the tour group came in, and I heard a faint gasp, hers.

Bella's Point Of View

I gasped at the view there were about 6 'people' that looked exactly like Edward. I walked forward faster than the others. Finally I made it in front of the tourist, and I spoke loudly.

"Well Edward, I see we made our first stop. Now may I leave, alive!" I hissed, barely stating it as a question. I wouldn't question him on an opinion through my whole life. But he just spun around running toward me faster than human speed, and held onto my shoulders tightly, too tightly. I heard a snap, and pain crawled up my arm, but I didn't let it show. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

"Let go of me!" I screamed lifting my good arm to slap his cheek. But he was as hard as stone. But the slap did seem to make him let go of my arms, letting the broken(probably) arm hang loosely.

"I'm sorry you may leave, after..." He said moving his arm to push me against the far wall. I screamed as I flew through the air, but something grabbed me tightly, but more lightly than Edward's hold. It was a small girl, holding me in a craddle.

"It's ok, I'll keep you away from this" She said running far away from the group. But I saw Edward attacking each one, each scream, and each tear. I gasped in horror, he was a monster, a monster.

The girl set me down gently on a carpet floor. I cried, holding my knees to my chest, but the girl seemed confused.

"Why are you crying? You're not going to die, Oh I'm sorry does your arm hurt!?" She screamed leaping toward me to caress my arm lightly. I just limply pulled it away, ignoring the pain.

"NO! Those children, those people died because of..." I couldn't finish my sentance, I didnt' know who caused their death. I'm sure it wasn't all Edward. But I was also fumed with anger, too much that is. But she still seemed confused.

"Why would you care if they live or not, you don't know them" she said shaking her head side to side. I bowed my head clenching my hands into fists, she seemed to notice my sudden tension and decided to intruduce herself.

"Uh, I'm Alice by the way!" She said with a breath taking smile, but I still kept my frown.

"Don't be a sour puss! Come on lets play dress up!" She said, I rolled my eyes. The death of those people meant nothing to her. Then I took an intake of breath, making my arm sore.

"You know what!?" I hissed, but the door of the room opened hitting the wall with harsh force. It was Edward standing there, I looked at him a scowl arranged on my face. How dare he even show his face, he was a murderer, a monster!

"What?" He asked more calmly, I narrowed my eyes walking up to him with great effort not to use my broken arm. And stared at him with hatred.

"I would've rather died than be in the mists of a monster right now!" I screamed pulling my good arm up with a fist, shaking it wildly, but Edward just looked hurt. Then I heard Alice giggle, but become serious again.

"Well Bella, I must say you got nerve to say that to Edward" She said, But I ignored her easily still making eye contact with Edward.

"What makes me a monster?"

"You killed those people for no reason..." I said in a whisper a tear escaping my eyes, but Edward lifted his hands and wiped away the tear bringing it to his lips. I looked at him, wide eyed, no trace of fear lingered.

"What makes me a monster to you?"

I rose my brow gesturing to my broken arm, Edward's face fell.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I didn't know that I did...I mean I was so used to...and..." I just looked at him blankly, his apologizes meant nothing to me now, they would mean nothing to me ever!

"What's she thinking?" Alice wondered aloud.

"I can't read her..." He answered, I crossed my arms across my chest.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We are vampires, and we drink human blood. That is what Edward did a few hours ago, you see. And he has a gift of reading minds, everyones mind that is at once, except yours." She said tilting her head to the side, confused. But when she said vampire and drink humans blood I didn't feel afraid like I should've.

"Why is that?" I asked sitting on the chair that stood in the middle of the room. But Edward and Alice just stared at me, as if I survived a wood chipper accident unscratched. I of course was confused.

"How can you take this so cooly?!" Edward hissed stalking toward me, I just sighed and looked at Edward for my answer. He understood immediately, and spoke softly.

"I don't know" I snorted, for vampires they are pretty clueless, though on the other hand I didn't know either.

Edward's Point Of View

I still continued to stare at Bella, she was quite outstanding. She knew who we were, and she found it so normal. I sighed letting myself to smile for once.

"Ah! Edward, son, Alice, dear. I've seen you brought me a snack that is quite delicious..." Aro walked in his hands outstretched towards Bella.

"But of course I like to have a little story while I eat" He said grabbing Bella's hand roughly, but all Bella did was twitch at the sudden temperature. I searched for Aro's thoughts, searching for Bella's, but they were not there. I frowned frustrated now, there was no way in her head!

"I see nothing" Aro spoke, intrigued at the thought. "I hear nothing!" He shouted hysterically now, I tried to stifle a laugh. But Alice just seemed to burst out in a laughter fit.

"Jane!" Aro shouted, then I knew what he was doing, from his thoughts.Let's see if the girl is immune to Jane's power as well, shall we Edward?I growled at Aro, he had no right to test that out on her!

"No!" I hissed causing Aro to look at me confused and shocked. Bella on the other hand still looked at Aro, her eyes on the side of his face. I still couldn’t' tell what she was thinking.

"Why not Edward?" Aro said holding Bella's hand tighter, he was going to crush her hand to bits, I know it. I lunged forward grabbing Bella in my arms, settling her down behind Alice's small frame. Aro on the other hand smiled, his eyes going between Bella then me.

"Yes Master?" Jane entered the room, her eyes immediately coming to Bella's attention. Her eyes narrowed around Bella, she was using her power. I stared in horror and Aro moved Alice out of the way, but Bella just stood there confused as ever.

Jane let out a scream and continued to stare at Bella more wild like, I knew she was using her worst on Bella, surely would've brought any human to a mere death of shock.

"Jane that is enough!" Aro said clapping his hands together. I smiled at Jane, this was fun, mostly fun, as long as Bella doesn’t' get hurt.

"Now Bella I would like for you to choose either immortality, like us living off human blood and living forever beautifully. Having beauty, strength, and speed" Aro's words were licked with venom, he wanted to do the transformation.

"Or die" Jane's words were icy and cold, and I wished for Bella to pick immortality, I couldn't stand to watch her being drained alive. Then I saw Bella hesitate, I couldn’t' believe it! She was hesitating to pick whether to live or die!

"As long as the death is short and painless, and I don't have to see his face" Bella's words cut into me, deep. It hurt my being knowing she was willing to die because she didn't want to see me! I frowned and looked at the ground.

"Who would you like to kill you dear?" Aro's words made me hiss, she wasn't going to die!

Bella's Point Of View

"Who would you like to kill you dear?" Aro's words were meaningful to me, but I knew who I wanted. Edward. I wanted him to kill me, like he intended to do.

"Edward" My voice was low, almost a whisper but it caused everyone in the room to gasp.

"No!" Edward demanded.

"She has the right! Now suck her blood! You should be gifted knowing you'll be able to taste this sweet..." Aro shivered throwing Edward in my direction, I smiled devilishly at him, cranking my neck to the side, all he had to do was bite and suck.

Edward's Point Of View

She wanted me to, but I wouldn't I'd go against her words and see what hell had in for store for me.

I bent down biting down on her neck, her blood was like ice cream, when I was human. Something I wanted more of, I could stop, but I didn't want to. Then I saw Alice put her head in her hands, I closed my eyes, making my final decision for Bella.

Bella's Point Of View

He bit down harder than expected, I searched the room finding eager faces, and a very sad Alice. However I didn't get to look at Edward's face before everything went black.