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A Twist of Twilight

Bella is the new girl in Forks, Washington. Her life is simple, plain and ordinary- until she attends Forks High School. There is a certain amount of teens that are all unhumanly georgeous and sit at a lunch table together. Bella thinks something fishy is going on... She finally discovers a secret that could change her life forever. Read the story to find out the "TWIST"! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Chapter 1: First Day in Forks

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Bella's POV

"We're here." Charlie announced as he pulled the cruiser into the driveway of my new home.

My name is Isabella Swan, but I'd like it if you'd call me Bella. I'm continuing my Junior year at Forks High School- In the middle of the semester. This, I am not so enthusiastic about. Nobody likes new kids at school.

"Here is your room, Bells." Charlie placed my luggage on the floor with a thud and gestured around himself. "I hope you like purple." "Cool. Yeah, purple is fine." I answered. "If you need anything, just give me a shout down the hall." He quickly left.

I placed my potted-cactus next to the window that emitted the most sunlight (not much sunlight, it's raining in the middle of the day) and plopped down on my bed. "Sigh." I wished the plane ride would've been smoother.I unpacked my luggage and almost completely rearranged the room so that everything had a spot.

By the time I was done, it was 9:57. I felt too sleepy to put my pajamas on, so I just fell asleep in the clothes I wore. I slowly shut my eyes and waited for the alarm to ring.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! There it was. I clicked the snooze button and groaned. Today was going to be total torture, almost as bad as hell. I got dressed, ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and grabbed my empty JANSPORT dark orange backpack from Arizona.

That was when I noticed a bright red Chevy in the driveway.

"Wow. Ummm, dad, who's car is that?"

"That would be yours. HAPPY HOMECOMING!" When he said HAPPY HOMECOMING, it sounded as if he were saying it in unison with someone- because he was.

He dashed to the kitched and rolled out a Chocolate Ganache Cake. Behind the cake followed a man in a wheelchair and a boy who looked as if to be 15, pushing along the man in the wheelchair.

"Bella, do you remember Jacob and Billy?" I shook my head no. "I'm Jacob. Remember, we made mud pies together..." The kid that looked about 15 was Jacob. "Yeah, I remember." I slightly smiled. " Nice to see you again, Bella." The man in the wheelchair- Billy- greeted me.

"So, do you like it?" "Like what?" "The car.""Oh...Yeah. It's perfect. I love it." I smiled, they all smiled, Jacob's from ear to ear." "You really do? I made it myself, with some other novelty car parts..." Jacob blushed and stepped forward. "Well, thank you. I couldn't have a car at a better moment like this- just moving in, you know." "Well, your welcome. We just wanted to stop by. Bye!" They both waved and walked out, into a small Toyota, and drove away.

"Well, better get to school!" Charlie tossed me the keys. " Bye!" I hopped into the car and checked it out. Everything regular and normal made me relieved- I would never know how to manuver old stickshifts.

I soon pulled into the school parking lot and trudged into the main office. "Hello, you must be Isabella Swan." The woman at the counter motioned me toward her. "It's Bella. Do you know what my classes are?" "Yes, it happens so I do. Here is your schedule. 1st period is Biology." She handed me a pink piece of paper. "Thank you." I walked through the door on the opposite side of the room and found myself in a big, long hallway. On the paper, it said my locker number was 304.

"302, 303, 304!" I found my locker,the 2nd locker next to Mr. Molina's room (my Bio teacher.) I put in my locker number and popped it open. Everything was in a neat pile,with MY size of gym clothes folded on top of everything- Charlie had ordered my gym clothes so that I already had them. I took my Biology book and shut my locker, only to find a god-like faced boy leaning against the lockers, looking at me.

"Oh, ummm...hi." I murmured.

His face was hard now; Apparently he wasn't looking at me, but at a beautiful girl down the hallway. He had golden-bronze hair and gold-topaz eyes. She had short black spiky hair and her eyes were a liquid butterscotch. She quickly nodded and left down the intersecting hallway as he disappeared into Mr.Molina's classroom.

I was so caught up in their beauty that I realized the hall was nearly empty. I rushed into Mr.Molina's class and scanned the room. Fortunately, the only seat left was next to the god-like mystery boy. I let out a held breath. This was the perfect way to start off my First day in Forks.