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Trip of Nightmares

19-year old college students and friends Alexis and Julianne decide to go on an Italian summer vacation and spend two days in Volterra, Italy. Julianne is the only person who knows Alexis has visions of the future. Despite a vague, but mysterious and scary vision of something bad happening in Volterra they decide to go on the trip anyway. Little do both of them know they will encounter a real-life group of vampires’ intent on making Alexis one of them no matter the cost to her or her friend.

This is the first of a planned series of stories involving the characters of Alexis and Julianne. If anyone is interested the character of Alexis is based on me and the character of Julianne is based off of my two good friends who love Twilight Mary Ann Hill and Julie Wilson.

1. Chapter 1 Preface/Prologue

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I didn’t know what I would do. If I decided to give up my life to save Julianne’s I would give up my soul and become a monster. If I decided not to give my life up for hers I would be forced to watch her as she was killed slowly in front of my eyes. They also probably would do the same thing to me. Either way I was doomed. My vision had become a real life nightmare in which a sadistic group of vampires had won no matter my decision.

“Are you sure you want to go to Volterra for two days?” I said to my friend Julianne. “Is it because of your weird vision you don’t want to go?” my friend responded. Julianne was the only person who knew I had a precognition for seeing things that hadn’t happened yet, but would ninety-percent of the time. Even my parents didn’t know or else I’d probably be in the nuthouse. Julianne and I had been friends since the first grade and were like sisters to one another. We were only children, liked similar music and movies, and loved vampire books. However, we still had quite a few differences. She had blond hair and I had bright red hair. Julianne was also a night owl and used slang like the word yup a lot. I also got frightened easier than Julianne did.

Both of our parents were wealthy and said we could go anywhere together for one week this summer. We were so excited since we had both had a fun but stressful freshman year at Iowa State. Julianne had read an interesting pamphlet on Italy vacation spots. For five days of our break we would visit all the key Italian cities like Florence and Venice. For the last two days she had suggested we go to the old city of Volterra which had supposedly been the hangout for vampires back in the 16th century. We both had read several vampire books and Julianne thought it would be cool to visit Volterra due to its history. Shortly after we decided to visit Volterra I had a very vague vision of something bad happening there. I saw three faces with red eyes and heard the names Aro, Caius, and Marcus. The vision ended with me hearing the word vampire followed by a blood-curdling scream. Most of the time my visions were very vivid, but for some odd reason this vision hadn’t. Julianne who had come to accept the fact at an early age of my ability to see the future had scoffed it off. She said this vision probably revolved around a dream I would have due to a story about vampires we would hear about while in Volterra. I wasn’t so sure, but decided that Julianne was probably right. Since my vision was so vague it had to be one of those rare instances where my vision had been warped or wouldn’t happen in some shape or form. There weren’t such things as vampires and I was probably overreacting.

Julianne was closing her suitcase and turned to glance at me seated beside her on my bed. My suitcase was still pretty empty. “Come on!” Julianne replied. “This trip is going to be awesome and I guarantee you the Volterra part of the trip will probably be the best part!” “Ok, I guess you’re right, I better pack the rest of my things since we’ll leave early in the morning.” I said forcing a smile. The next five days flew by and I forgot my worries. As we flew to Volterra in the early hours of the 6th day of our trip I began to think Julianne had been right all along. The city was gorgeous and these final two days would be the best part of the trip. Little did both of us know we were flying into one of our worst nightmares.