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Miracles Never Happen!

You’ve heard this probably a million times… Edward leaves Bella yet again… and she becomes a vampire… years later they meet again…but in this one, there’s a twist…. Bella has already found a guy… and Edward’s already found a girl…. So will they get back together? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER!: i own none of these characters... but i want weekends tho!

Mostly in Bella's POV (well actually this chapter is ALL in bella's Pov lol) ^_^

1. Chapter 1

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I looked into Edward’s eyes. He couldn’t truly mean it, could he? After promising me that he would never leave me again… he tells me that he can’t stay for the sake of me! How could he do this to me? He, the one I truly loved… betrayed me! I couldn’t look him in the face, I wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt me. But, I couldn’t do that… I wasn’t that kind of person. I looked at him pleadingly, with tears on the verge of falling down my cheeks.

“Bella,” he was saying, “You know that us being together is dangerous… umm, I really don’t think that me being with you is helping you at all…” I cut him off

“Being with you has made me whole again! how can you just leave me now! You said that you would never leave me, and that you would always love me… but I don’t know if that’s true anymore! Good-bye Edward. I hope you have a happy life… because it would make me happy to know that one of us will!” I turn on my heel, half expecting his cold arms to wrap around my waist and pull me to him and tell me that it was all a lie and that we was not leaving. But, no one stopped me.

I was sobbing as I reached my bedroom door. I slammed it open, and slammed it shut. Charlie wouldn’t be home for another few hours, that would give me time to prepare.

I went outside and found some two-by-fours. I grabbed some nails and a hammer and raced back to my room.

I went straight to my window, where Edward would sneak through every night. I took up the hammer and nails, and nailed each board across the window. It was covered almost entirely, only to where a small bit of light could come through a couple of openings. I knew that it probably wouldn’t pose a threat to any vampire intent on getting in through it, but it would help my heart to know that maybe he wouldn’t come back into my life that way.

After making a trip to Home Depot, where I got a variety of locks for my door, I stopped at a store that sold security gadgets. I bought a home security system, that would be installed the next day. I then went back to my house, to install the locks.

After I put up the locks, I started dinner. I made lasagna, and baked some French bread. I realized that we didn’t have any soda, so I got in my ancient truck, and headed for the gas station.

I was humming along to the radio, when a car flew by me doing 200 mph, Another quickly followed it, I didn’t want to think of who it could be, so I kept my mind on switching to my right lane. As I was half way into the lane, a third car came speeding towards me, it was going to fast for me to change back into the other lane, so I tensed for the impact of our cars.

As the black, Shelby mustang GT collided with my old truck, I literally saw my whole life flash before my eyes. I saw myself when I was a little child, then when I was a preteen, teenager, leaving for Forks, meeting him, finding out that he was a vampire, James, going to the dance with him, him leaving the first time, getting back together… and finally earlier today.

As my vision turned to black, I heard a familiar voice. I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before, then recognization hit me full force, as my smash car door, was plied open by Jane… she tisked when she saw that it was me…she started to speak to me.