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Miracles Never Happen!

You’ve heard this probably a million times… Edward leaves Bella yet again… and she becomes a vampire… years later they meet again…but in this one, there’s a twist…. Bella has already found a guy… and Edward’s already found a girl…. So will they get back together? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER!: i own none of these characters... but i want weekends tho!

Mostly in Bella's POV (well actually this chapter is ALL in bella's Pov lol) ^_^

2. Chapter 2

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“Bella? Edward’s Bella… the one that was supposed to be a vampire by now? Wow, am I lucky or what? How are you? Can you feel this?” she asked as she pressed her hand against my crushed thigh. I let out a sob. “Sorry. Um, I know that we were supposed to kill you and the Cullens if they didn’t change you, but I think that the rest of Volturi wouldn’t mind if I changed you myself, I mean I should, look at you… you definitely won’t live now. Okay… Bella can you hear me?” she asked, I nodded my head. “Okay, this might hurt. Here goes…

Everything went black as the pain hit me.

I woke up to sunlight falling on my face, I felt weak, but still powerful. I sat up and looked around for a clock, I picked it up, and it crushed between my fingers. I let out a shriek in alarm, and jumped up. I heard laughing behind me, and I quickly turned around. Jane was behind me smiling.

“What? Where am I?” I asked looking around, it looked like I was in a hotel room, but maybe I was mistaken.

“Hotel” Jane said simply.

“But, why?” I asked confused, I looked down at my hands, and gasped in shock. My hands were sparkling!

“Because, I needed to have you somewhere to change, and the middle of the road was not very suitable.” she said matter-of-factly.

“Why did you change me?” I asked confused.

“Because I had to. You were practically dying after we crashed, and you guys promised that you would be changed anyway, so I decided to change you myself!” she said happily.

“So, are you going to kill them, since they hadn’t changed me?” she shook her head. I smiled. “You know, you’re nicer than I thought you were.” I said.

“Thank you… but now we come to the subject of if you want to join the Volturi…” she started, but I cut her off.

“Actually, I think I want to wander for a bit, but I promise that I will join your clan eventually, maybe I can even bring a few friends along… I’m sure I will change at least a few people by the time I come to join you. But, I really want to travel. Maybe go back to Forks after a while. Um, by the way… what do people think happened to me?” I asked.

“Well, your car sorta blew up after I got you out… so everyone thinks you died. Oh, by the way, I brought some new Volturi members with me, and they would really like to meet you. Come on in guys!” she called towards the door.

In stepped three amazingly gorgeous guys.

Jane started introducing:


Dark red/brown hair… almost black.


Muscular (very toned!)

Tan (abnormally for a vampire)

Dark black eyes (I asked if he needed to feed, he said that his eyes were opposite of normal vampires, his turned topaz when he needed to feed, and black when he was good)

Power: to change his appearance, or another person’s appearance at will


White blonde hair

Very tall

Built, but not as much as Devin

Pale (with a hint of a tan)

Dark red eyes, close to brown

Power: to read minds, and to see the future


Light brown hair with black streaks

Average height

Average muscles

Perfect skin tone

Topaz eyes

Power: to stop time, and to levitate things

I was introduced to each, then Jane came up with a great idea, “Hey, you know how you could resist powers… wanna see if ya still can!?” she asked enthusiastically.

“umm… sure, but Jane, please go easy on me, I might not resist anymore.” I said cautiously.

“Oh, sure thing! I’ll go really soft on ya!” she said focusing her power on me.

All of the sudden I felt warmth captivate my entire body. My body was glowing red!

“Um, that’s never really happened before… you okay?” she asked me.

“Yea, I don’t really feel anything. Actually… I feel as if I could use your power… I all of the sudden have to urge to do what you do! But, why is that?” I asked in a shocked tone.

“Well, focus on me, and project that power onto me. I am used to it… so it won’t hurt me… but I will feel something,” she said bracing herself for my power.

All of the sudden, she keeled over, I’m guessing in pain. I immediately stopped focusing my power on her.

“Wow, you have my power… but, wait… I know!” she said thinking out loud. She stood up full of energy. “Okay, Devin I want you to try changing her appearance. “

“Okay” he said focusing on me.

Nothing happened.

Then my body started glowing red again… I felt his power running through my empty veins.

“Okay,” said Jane after I was a normal color again. “Bella, I want you to change my appearance.” she commanded.

“Alright.” I said turning towards her. I focused on her hair, I changed it to a bright blue, with green tips. Then I changed her clothes, she had on a cape and dark shirt and pants, I changed it to 6 inch stilettos with a bright green top and a blue sequin skirt.

She started laughing when she saw her image in the mirror, “Great imagination… now please turn me back.” I changed her back then waited for her to say something.

“Okay, Kyle let’s try your power too……….

After receiving all of their powers, we decided I should hunt, so we took Devin’s silver eclipse to the nearest woods. I had a deer, fox, and we all shared a bear.

A few week later

After a few weeks, they had to head back to the Volturi. They gave me money, that would be enough for a few years at least.

I decided to spend some time in Europe, then I guess I would head to South America, and I would have to visit Africa and Asia, and eventually I just might end up back in Forks………