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Miracles Never Happen!

You’ve heard this probably a million times… Edward leaves Bella yet again… and she becomes a vampire… years later they meet again…but in this one, there’s a twist…. Bella has already found a guy… and Edward’s already found a girl…. So will they get back together? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER!: i own none of these characters... but i want weekends tho!

Mostly in Bella's POV (well actually this chapter is ALL in bella's Pov lol) ^_^

3. Chapter 3

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I was right. After spending 100 years traveling (and visiting the Volturi) I decided to follow my heart back to Forks. It had been sitting there calling my name, and finally (with my new family) we headed back to my old town.

I had been traveling for so long, that I had picked up any power imaginable. I had every single Volturi members’ powers… and I met quite I few vamps in my travels and picked up their powers too.

I was filthy rich, and donated to many charities.

I usually had black hair with dark blue tips, and bright blue eyes. I managed to make myself grow, and was 5”11.

My family consisted of:






Power: to speak to animals


Mary’s husband

Black haired





Power: to levitate things


Brown haired


Average height


Super fast

Power: speed up time


Emma’s husband

Black haired

Air headed



Really fast

Power: to make anyone happy


Gold hair

Blue eyes





Power: undiscovered

Back to the story!

Mary and John were arguing as usual, as we headed for our new home. It was four stories, with thirteen huge bedrooms, and ten bathrooms, two kitchens, four dining rooms, and six living rooms. Too much for us, but we loved to have the best of stuff.

We pulled up, and immediately went into vampire speed mode, and quickly moved all our stuff in.

In less than twenty minutes we were moved in completely.

We had decided to go to high school once again… our only real explanation is that without school we wouldn’t have anything to do all day.

So after moving in, we all got back into my Volvo and headed for my old high school. For an odd reason, I felt nervous… sort of like my first day at this school when I was still human. But, my confidence grew after our fast car ride to the school, and I knew that it would be great to see the school again.

When we pulled up, I was shocked to see the same building. I figured that in 100 years, either a fire of a storm would’ve wrecked the school. But, the same building that I attended was still standing.

We parked in a spot that would be in the shade all day… so in case the sun decided to shine brightly than it should… we would be at least a little bit safe.

We went in to the office, and I walked up to the secretary. She was reading Cosmopolitan and smacking her gum in a bored way. I cleared my throat to get her attention. When that didn’t work I started to speak, “Umm, hello. Good morning,” the secretary looked up with a ‘does-it-look-like-I-care’ face. But, it changed quickly once she looked at me and my family. I heard Mary giggling, but too low for any human to hear.

“Oh, you must be the Miralecas… I have your paperwork right here. Um… here are your schedules…” she handed us our schedules and then went to the intercom speaker and spoke into it “WILL SAM ROBERTSON PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE” she said into the speaker. My family and I exchanged glances, trying to decide if we were finished. She must have noticed our confused expressions because she smiled and said, “Oh, sorry. Sam is going to show you around the school. You have most of the same classes so he can take turns with you guys, to show you where to go. Until you get the hang of it, that is.” she went back to her magazine, just as a boy walked through the door.

He was about eighteen, with bright blue eyes, and white-blonde hair. He was gorgeous, had a perfect tan, and a great body. I’m sure he was used to being the big hottie in the school, but that might be a problem with us there now. He looked at us all in a swift glance, but his gaze rested on me. He stuttered, “Um, you needed me?” he asked the secretary.

“You’re supposed to show the Miralecas around, remember?” she said in a bored tone.

“Oh yes! Hi, I’m Sam,” he said shaking hands with Mary. Then Jack, then Emma, then Lawrence, then John. Finally he shook hands with me. If my heart still beat, if would be beating crazily. And if I had blood in my face (or any other place) my cheeks would be fire red. But, instead I saw (and heard) those things happen to Sam. I pretended not to notice, but my sisters took no care in hiding their amusement. I listened to their thoughts, and started a conversation as soon as Sam let go of my hand.

“OMG! He totally is crushing on you! Ha ha! This is like SOOOO funny!” Mary earned at glare, then a giggle.

HA HA! I can’t believe he digs ya! That’s too funny! My god, the fist hour or two and you already have any admirer!” Emma earned a smile, and a eye roll.

I then decided to check his mind… just to see what he thought of me.

“OMG! She’s gorgeous! I can’t believe I get to spend time with her! Wow! I wonder if she likes me… I’, told I am gorgeous… but will she like me? I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out…” his thoughts were the same as any boy who laid eyes on me, so I wasn’t surprised at his thoughts.

We started walking toward our first class, and I immediately remembered exactly where we were going.

Luckily we all had Calculus first, so we didn’t have to split up, yet. Sam was talking non stop to me, and I learned a lot about him… he was actually a really great guy… I was really taking to him. My sisters must have guessed this, because they smiled encouragingly whenever I happened to look at one of them. I would just roll my eyes… but I really did like him.

Usually when I started to feel like this towards a guy, my mind would make me think of Edward, and all kinds of ‘what if’s’ popped into my head. But this time, I didn’t think of Edward once. I didn’t think “what if he comes back and wants to get back together?” like I usually would.

Actually, I thought, “What if I started dating Sam? I really like him… should I?” I started debating with myself… it had been almost over one hundred years since I last dated, why not start again? But a tiny voice in the back of my mind started telling me what danger I would put Sam in if we dated. But, the Sam-loving voice was much larger, and eventually won that debate, for now.

After Calculus, Mary, Emma, and I had Biology. The boys had Social Studies. Sam showed me and my sisters to biology (since he had it too) and told another guy to guide my brothers to Social Studies.

My sisters and I led the way to the back, where there were a few seats. Sam had to sit in his regular seat, which was a big disappointment to me, he also had a partner (don’t worry! It’s his best guy friend!), since my sisters decided to be partners with one another, I was partner-less (even though many of the guys were willing to be my partner). But I was alright with that, I did fairly well in biology, and I was fine with doing all the work by myself.

After Biology, all of us (guys included) had English.

English went by extremely slowly…. but doesn’t it always? Finally we got to go to lunch.

I was worried that Sam would sit with us, and he might find it odd that we didn’t eat anything we bought… by the sound of my siblings’ thoughts, they too were worried about this.

Thankfully, Sam was pulled off by his friends… who didn’t even try to hide their stares at us. We all headed for the farthest table from anyone, after buying some food. We all sat down, and started to talk extremely low… so no human anywhere near us could listen in… and they all were!

We discussed the day so far, and how well it was going. We were all excited for gym (yes me included!) because we were all together, and because we were all extremely good athletes… for some odd reason I did not carry over my clumsiness, which was a blessing for me!… we talked about other things besides school, and Emma and Mary kept teasing me about Sam. I would have blushed about it if I could, but I just giggled along.

I told them about my thoughts of going out with him, and of course they loved it… they were just glad I finally decided to get back into the dating world… I mentioned the fact that he was human, and they told me that if I really liked him, it shouldn’t matter what he was.

So, finally, our first day ended. We all headed back to out my car, and headed for home. We were all excited for our next day…….