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Miracles Never Happen!

You’ve heard this probably a million times… Edward leaves Bella yet again… and she becomes a vampire… years later they meet again…but in this one, there’s a twist…. Bella has already found a guy… and Edward’s already found a girl…. So will they get back together? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER!: i own none of these characters... but i want weekends tho!

Mostly in Bella's POV (well actually this chapter is ALL in bella's Pov lol) ^_^

4. Chapter 4

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The next week went by very quickly. Sam and I grew closer with each passing day, and my heart gradually was put back together. I finally felt whole again… and I was pretty sure that the hole which appeared after Edward left again, was finally patching up. Sam helped me live again, and I wasn’t about to stop living.

A month went by, Sam and I had started dating after a few weeks, then two months went by. Sam and I were still dating… when they showed up.

I wasn’t expecting them to ever come back… but I was wrong. They showed up after we were in Forks for two months. During Calculus was when I first saw them again.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

I was sitting in my seat, with Jack sitting next to the right of me, and Sam sitting to the left.

I was having conversations with both….Sam and I were talking out loud, and Jack and I were conversing with our minds.

Sam was in mid-sentence when they came in. By they, I mean Alice and Jasper… I assumed the rest of the Cullens were in other classes. They immediately sensed us, and turned their beautiful faces in our direction.

As the leader of my coven, I stood up, and shook hands with them… calling myself by the nickname my family had given me, Angel.

“Hi, I’m Angel Miracles… you must be new here. Come sit down and we can talk,” I led them to where we were sitting.

They noticed that Sam was sitting in our group, but did not ask if he knew what we were because of the risk. Instead they sat down in the desks in front of us.

“Hi, I’m Alice Cullen, and this is Jasper.” my husband she added in her mind… she couldn’t know that I could hear her, but, I wasn’t about to take him anyway.

“This is Mary, John, Emma, Lawrence, Jack… and this is Sam” I said pointing to each individual.

“Hello everyone. Um… what are your next classes…. Maybe we have some together!” said Alice.

I pulled out my schedule, and my family did the same. “Next, me and my sisters have biology, and my brothers have Social Studies. Then we have English, lunch, and gym together. And then we split up again for Extra Curricular. Me and Jack are in the music class, Mary and John are in woodshop, and Lawrence and Emma are in cooking. What are your classes?” I asked putting my sheet away.

“Well, you pretty much read my schedule… I have all the same classes as you Angel!” she said, also putting her schedule away. “At lunch, I can introduce you to our whole family. We can chat about… things…” she said just as the teacher walked into the room.

“Good morning class! Why don’t we get started” she said ,signifying that our talk had come to an end.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

After Biology (which was also with Alice and Jasper) we had English… where Emmett and Rosalie were introduced to my family and I. Once again, I introduced myself as Angel.

After Biology, we went to English… which Alice and Rosalie also had with us.

“For some odd reason, I feel like I know you, Angel.” said Rosalie.

“Yea, me too!” chimed in Alice.

“Well, there’s a huge chance for that, since I have traveled the world, well most of it anyways. It’s definitely possible I met you in Africa, or maybe Europe… I spent most of my time there. Most likely that’s where you met me…. But none of us realized it!” I said trying not to show how uncomfortable I was in talking about knowing one another.

“yea, maybe.” said Alice, leading us into the English classroom.

In English, Emmett, Jasper, John, Lawrence, and Jack (who had all become great friends) sat by all of us girls. I couldn’t help staring at Sam… he was so beautiful. With his wondrous tan… and blue eyes… I could look at him for all eternity. But, there was one thing that bugged me… his smell, not that he stunk… he actually smelled wonderful… his scent was over powering me… and it made it hard for me to resist him. But, I knew I could. It wasn’t that hard… I just hoped that when the time came that I had to tell him what I was… he would except me.