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Miracles Never Happen!

You’ve heard this probably a million times… Edward leaves Bella yet again… and she becomes a vampire… years later they meet again…but in this one, there’s a twist…. Bella has already found a guy… and Edward’s already found a girl…. So will they get back together? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER!: i own none of these characters... but i want weekends tho!

Mostly in Bella's POV (well actually this chapter is ALL in bella's Pov lol) ^_^

5. Chapter 5

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After English, was lunch. Which I was dreading… big time. My family and the Cullens headed toward the cafeteria. My family lead the way to our table after we got lunch. Sam had decided to sit with us… which might prove to be a problem.

After sitting down, Edward walked in… someone was with him, hanging on his arm… and she wasn’t a vampire.

I calmed myself when I remembered that Jasper could sense emotions. I smiled at Sam. Alice was looking disapprovingly at Edward and the girl.

They came over by us and Edward looked at us in an unsure way. I smiled my most dazzingly smile at him and the girl. He looked at me blankly… so I decided to read his thoughts., ‘ Do I know her? No… I don’t think I do… Oh well… she’s gorgeous though. Wonder who they are?’

"Hi, I’m Angel Miralecas… you must be Edward. This is my family… Emma, Mary, John, Jack, Lawrence… and this is Sam," I introduced everyone again. They all shook hands.

"Hi, this is Marie" he said indicating this human beside him.

"So… Angel… when did you guys move here?" Alice asked trying to start up a conversation.

"About two months ago. We really like it here… I lived here when I was first born… and I decided I would like to move back. Um… would you guys like to come over to our house this afternoon? We can talk… and hang out!" I smiled when they nodded.

"YAY!" said Mary, who was enthusiastic about anything.

The bell rang, and we all got up to go to our next classes.

Gym… oh how I loved gym…………

♥ ♥ ♥

Edward’s POV

I knew that I had seen Angel somewhere before… but I had NO idea where.

I was unsure about the meeting that we would be having with the Miralecas , I was also afraid for Marie’s safety.

But, I knew my family would want to go… so I would have to go with them.

♥ ♥ ♥


As the bell rang, I watched Angel and her family slide into their Volvo. She had told us to follow her to their house. We had already called Carlisle and Esme, who would call us for directions.

We followed Angel (who drove a lot faster than any of us) to their house. It would normally have been a long drive, but since we tend to drive fast, it took a little less than fifteen minutes.

We pulled up to the four story house. It was huge, but the most beautiful house that I had ever seen.
Because of a recent rain, mud covered the ground… so I picked up Marie, who giggled loudly, causing the Miralecas to turn around quickly.

We all entered the house, and filed into their humongous living room.

"Does she know?" Angel said turning toward me.

Marie laughed, "You mean how you are all vampires?"

Edward smiled, "yes, she knows.

"Good. Are you going to change her?" I asked Alice.

Alice clenched her jaw, "yes, after they are married."

If it was possible, my face might have gone paler. I felt tears coming…so I quickly darted from the room…

I hurried to the kitchen, and sat on the unused table. I felt anger rush into my body, I wanted to hurt him, badly… but, how?

I walked slowly back to the living room, where everyone was still pondering my unexplained disappearance.

I walked up to the family that I had once wanted to be a part of… and felt my anger rise.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked them all.

"An--" I cut Alice off.

"No. That’s not my real name… you of all people should know who I am! Don’t you remember the human girl that you promised to change, one hundred years ago? Do you remember me? Do you remember how you left that girl… saying that it was too dangerous for her… but you never thought that maybe, just maybe…if you had changed her then she wouldn’t be in danger anymore?!" I felt my anger boil inside of me… I was going to make them feel horrible, guilty… because they deserved it!

"Still don’t remember me?" I asked the shocked family. "Here, let me show you… so then MAYBE you will remember me!" I started to change my hair back to my original color… I changed my eyes back…. And I changed my body back, "Do you remember me NOW?" I yelled.

"B-Bella?" the said together.

"Yes! Did you know that after you left, Jane crashed into my car… almost killed me? She decided to change me! I always expected to be changed by you," I said pointing a finger at Edward, "I never expected Jane to do it. But, I found many things out… like how nice the Volturi are! They DON’T BREAK PROMISES!" I said quickly changing back into my vampire self.

"Bella… we’re so sorry. We never knew. Everyone thought that you had been killed when your truck exploded. We never knew… please Bella, forgive us," said Alice.

I immediately felt sorry. I rushed toward her and brought her into a hug. "I forgive you…but it might take a while for another member of your family to be back in my good graces." I said to the Cullens.

"Thanks Bella!" said Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett, who joined in our hug.

"So… Am I forgiven?" said a sorrow filled voice from behind us.

We all turned around. Edward’s family was giving him death glares… but I looked at him pityingly.

"Yes. I said simply. He must have gotten the message, because he did not join our hug.

"Edward, why?" I asked turning from his family.