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There's one out there for everyone.

Bella seems independant and happy with her life. Including her love life. That is, until Edward Cullen moves into town. Now she has to handle the drama between her best friend Alice and her boyfriend James, as well as the undenyable strong pull toward Edward.


1. Making a new friend, and a potential love interest.

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Today was the same as ever. Alice was having yet another fight with her beloved James. He is such a douche, but she's crazy about him.
They have this like/lust/anger relationship. She hates him one minute. Then she's fucking him on my bed. Then she's cuddling with him. I absolutely dont
understand it. I love her. She's my best friend. Not the average best friend either. She can tell u which Armani mens shoe from an identical Gucci shoe. I'm even suprised that i said the names right.
So yes, thats my best friend and she has a rediculously hot, dickhead boyfriend. They talk for maybe 5 minutes then they fight. Their relationship thrives on sex.
Maybe thats a little bit of exageration. He is a charmer, at first, then u see his true colors. So i hop out of the cab of my Chevy truck. They are arguing. Oh Joy.
"Guys, Really? At school? Stop wait until after school." I say trying to break it up before the entire population of Forks hears what Alice is screeching.
"Bella! James thinks my new Chanel Purse looks like the one i bought last week!"
"James, how could you?" I said sarcastically. I don't hate James, Its just that i know he isn't right for Alice. I will be here to pick
up the pieces of Alice' broken heart. Not that i wouldn't do it, its just that i wouldn't want her heart to break in the first place.
The morning started... Uneventful. Until, that is, that i saw an unfamilar siver car pull up in the parking lot.
"Who's that?" I ask curiously.
"That's Edward Cullen and Jasper Whitlock, their cousins who moved here a couple weeks ago while you girls were in Jacksonville visiting your mom." James replies.
I was starting to convince myself that JAmes was getting better.
"Why do you care? Got a crush? BELLA HAS A CRUSH ON THE NEW KIDS!" He yells.
There goes that thought.
Great, the whole school, including the new guys who just climbed out of the car. Volvo, i think. Holy Crap! They are gorgeous! One has blond, curly hair. Not really my style, but he's still hot. The other was
breathtakingly handsome, no beautiful was the only way to describe this Greek Adonis. He had the most gorgeous color of hair, unlike any other. It was some
tint of bronze, so unusual yet sexy at the same time. His body was muscular, but not too muscular. I didnt get a good enough look at him in the face, but
if his body and hair was any indicator than i am in deep shit.
The bell rang, interuppting my thoughts.
He must have heard what James said, because he looked straight at me. How did he know I was Bella? Oh well who cares?
I walked into class with Alice and James right on my tail. I headed to my lab station. Thank God Felix, my previous partner moved. He constantly was begging me to go out to partys with him and "get to know each other better" afterwards.
Like I don't know what that means. Just then, the new students walked into class. Shit!
"Ah, Mr. Whitlock. Please take a seat next to Isabella. As for you Mr. Cullen. Please take a seat next to Miss Brandon where Mr. James Port sits. James, move next to Jessica." Mr. Banner, our Biology teacher said.
"But, but, but." James complained.
"Now James! Isabella, please raise your hand so Jasper can locate his new seat."
I raised my hand nervously.
"Hi, I'm Jasper, pleasure to meet you ma'am." He said offering a hand for me to shake.
"I'm Bella. Nice to meet you too." I replied.
"Alice, please raise your hand also, Edward please be seated." My teacher said.
So the mysterious new student's name was Edward. It fit.
"Hello, Alice, My name is Edward Cullen, I hope you don't mind me occuping the seat next to you." said Edward. His voice was like melting butter on a piece of toast. Mmmmm.Just the sound
of his voice sent shivers down my spine.
"Are you cold? You can use my jacket if you like." Offered Jasper. Already i could tell he was a gentleman.
"No, thank you though. Since your new, would you and your cousin like to sit with me and my friends at lunch. You don't have to I just thought you would like to meet people and not have to sit by yourselves."
"We would love to, thanks for inviting us. By the way, how did you know we were cousins anyway?"
"You've moved to the smallest town in the United States. News travels fast."
"Well thanks for telling me after we ended up in the newspaper." He said sarcastically. He is pretty cool, although I am more interested in his gorgeous cousin.
"Ms. Swan, its nice of you to be welcoming Mr. Whitlock, but please do it on your own time." Mr. Banner said, suddnely close to me.
"Yes Sir, sorry." I quickly replied.
"I didn't mean to get you in trouble, Bella, I'm sorry." Jasper Apologized.
"S'okay." I replied.
WE didn't talk the rest of the period. The next three classes flew by in a blur and before I knew it, It was lunch.
"Bella!" I heard Jasper yell.
"Oh, hey, we're over here." I yelled across the cafeteria.
"Hey, guys I invited Jasper and Edward to eat lunch, I hope you don't mind." I told Alice, James, Jessica, Angela, and Ben.
"Nope, i don't mind, not at all." Angela said eyeing Edward.
"Pull a couple chairs up." I told Jasper as soon as he got closer.
He did so and pulled one up next to me on one side with Edward on the other.
"Thank you so much for inviting us." I heard Edward say into my ear.
"N-No problem." I studdered. I'm already shuddering at him speaking directly to me. Oh no!