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Why Me?!

This is about a girl who shape-shifts into a giant fox like Jacob and all. She is very hated and stays fox until she meets up with the cullens. (The story is a lot better than the summary) (No Renesmee)

This is my 1st story so try not to laugh please! Stephenie Meyer owns all the characters except for the main character!!!!! which is the shape-shifting fox thingy

1. Chapter 1

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I am a shape-shifter. I can change into the shape of a giant, gray fox. Nobody seems to like me, so I stay in my fox form. I am hunting right now for any type of prey I can snack on. I hate the taste, but it is all I have. Both my parents died, when I was little, and I have no money. I did many things to unlock all of the secrets in my mind and finally learned how to use telepathy. I can only move light objects with my mind. I was about to kill the deer I found, when the most disgusting scent hit me, full-force. It nearly knocked me on the floor, on my back. Vampire grrrrrrrrrrrr. I thought to myself. Ew, the last time I saw a vampire was when a treaty was made 70 years ago (I never aged). Those vampires weren't allowed to go on La Push territory or to bite a human. I stayed in the shadows when that treaty was made so no one say or noticed me. Are they the same people? I questioned myself. The scent was getting closer and closer until . . . CRASH! I was hit, full-force, by what seemed like a statue. I growled my most ferocious growl but he didn't seem shaken and he didn't flinch. The battle was back on. More vampires came and I knew the battle was going to end, with me loosing. Just kill me already! I screamed in my mind, not that they would know.


The sound came from my attacker. It apparently answered my unspoken question. I ran, ready to change back into human to confront them and ask what their problem was, when a giant wolf glared and growled at me. Why did my luck have to give up now?! I questioned. He was pitch black, as dark as a starless night. I ran and took shelter in a tree. I hid there until he went away (I think it was a he). I changed back into human, but it took some effort. I, then, realized that it felt really weird to be human again. I have straight, blond hair down to my shoulders and deep green eyes. I returned to the place where I was attacked to see if they were still there. They were.

"Who are you?" A very pretty dark brunette asked. All the vampires had pale white skin and honey gold eyes. Wait! I know some of these people! Edward (my attacker) growled and attacked yet again. Before he growled and attacked me, my thoughts were filled with hate towards the dark brunette.

"Edward." Carlisle (a blond doctor) said. The brunette joined Edward in the attack. "Bella!" Carlisle said. So her name is Bella. I confirmed. It was getting harder and harder to dodge while I was still human, so I changed back into a fox. All of them gasped, whether from fear or realization, I had no idea. I went for the brunette (she seemed easiest) and knocked her thirty feet back. That really ticked them all off except for Carlisle who was trying to calm all of them down. There were now six vampires trying to kill me- great. I tried my telepathy but was only able to lift the rocks. I made a shield but they broke through it. All of a sudden, a red-brown wolf appeared and defended me. The vampires instantly stopped attacking me. Who is this wolf?

"Jacob," Edward said "Why are you defending a MUTT!" I waited for "Jacob" to say or bark or do something. After thirty-two seconds, Edward said, "She has no right to be here. She is a shape-shifter as well but is much more dangerous. She needs, no, Deserves to die." I ran as fast as I could go to leave that horrid place. All I heard was "See what you did! Now she's probably going to give you the satisfaction and kill herself!" I also heard fast, not vampire fast, footsteps following me.