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A New Discovery

This is the sequel to A Walk in the Moonlight. In this next story, things get tougher, choices must be made, and drama takes its place. The Cullens find a shocking discovery that could ultimately change Emmett and Cassidy's life AND relationship forever. Will she make the right choice? But even more importantly, it's time for Cassidy's and Emmett's wedding... but there is an unexpected twist and turn of events as they go on their honey moon. What will happen? And What will Cassidy do? Will she have to choose between her life as a Werewolf, and living forever with Emmett? Read and find out.

HERE IT IISS!!! It's finally the Sequel to A Walk in the Moonlight! I first wanted to say thankyou to all of my readers for supporting me and reading in the first place. So enjoy the sequel, and Don't Forget To Comment at the end! :D You may read on...

1. It starts with a ring, and ends in a bright future

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Chapter 1: It starts with a ring, & ends with a bright future

One Month After Birthday party

Emmett and I were laying on my bed. I was on his lap, his bulky arms swallowing me as a whole. We lied there for what seemed like hours with the TV quietly on in the background. We loved each other immensely, and the gorgeous ring on my finger proved it. So I know we have a bright future ahead of us.

He told me all about what happened with Rosalie the other night…I think it’s wrong what she did to him. She hurt him badly, and I was here to cushion the blow. I am always here for him. And thanks to the imprint, it’s not a bad thing if I am.

We also had a lot to discuss regarding the wedding, especially the telling my parent’s part. I’m not too thrilled to see their reactions. Emmett hasn’t even met my parent’s yet. As I’ve been in school here in Forks, my parent’s decided to take a spur of the moment vacation to the Bahamas. Of course they said that if it didn’t interfere with school, they would have taken me but I didn’t believe a word of it. Their not bad people. They truly are great parents, but they needed that alone vacation to talk things through since they are going through a rough patch in their relationship right now. So like I said…not too thrilled.

Graduation is next month and we are going to get married a few months after that. I’m excited, worried, and happy all at once. I’m excited and happy because I’ll be marrying this amazing person next to me, and I’m worried because I don’t know how everything will turn out. I’m still a werewolf and he’s still a vampire. I know how to stay immortal but I just don’t know if I want to keep changing into a werewolf every other day. Well for one I can’t age again until I’ve gotten my werewolfy-ness under control so that I won’t have any accident transformations. So for now I’m safe and don’t have to worry about it. Anyways, I’ve gotten pretty used to the phasing and the wolf-style, but it’s still a little unusual to me. I mean it’s only been a month since I first phased.

Emmett and I are supposed to meet Alice for the wedding details like the wedding date, invitations, etc. So Emmett had us move from our positions which I was reluctant to do.

“Come on honey. We have to go talk to Mrs. Preppy-pants about our wedding.” A smile lit up both of our faces as soon as he said “our wedding”.

Because I still didn’t budge, he threw me onto his back in one swift movement and ran us all the way to his house. It scared me for a second, and I was basically in shock at the sudden movement and speed. He stopped at his front door and I couldn’t move. My eyes were frozen shut. He had to move me, ever so gently, off of his back and place me on the ground to make sure I could stand (and to check if I was breathing).

“Cassi are you ok? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to surprise you...Cass?”

I blinked a few times and said “Uh…what? Sorry, you just took me by surprise is all” I stammered, still blinking jurastically to make sure my eyes weren’t glued open again.

“Um ok.” He said, a little wary. He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye as if he were expecting me to fall over again. But Sheesh! I’m no Bella. I did trip over a rock though, but I caught myself. He held on to me and kept me steady after that.

When we walked through the door Alice was already skipping toward us.

“Hey Cassi! How are you? It looks like you would have one nasty fall there if it weren’t for Emmett catching you.” She beamed, winking at me. One of these days she’s gonna end up wishing she wasn’t so happy-dee-doo all the time. I mean really…it’s kind of sickening. I don’t know how she does it.

“Ok well we have tons to do and so little time. So let’s get to work.” Alice went on. She dragged us into her room and we began going through all of our wedding plans.

“One hundred and fifty seven, one hundred and fifty eight, one hundred and fifty—”

“Alice”, I cut her off, “is it really that necessary to invite this many people. I mean honestly I don’t need some grand wedding.” She glared at me. Emmett grinned.

Who’s the one planning this wedding?”


“And who’s organizing everything and doing all the work here?”

“You Alice, but—”

“No but’s! You’re the one who asked me remember?”

“Only ‘cause you would have ripped my head off if I didn’t.” She grinned, revealing her pearly whites.

“Oh well, too bad Cass Cass. This will all be worth it in the end and you know it.” I shut up ‘cause I knew she won. Darn it. I gotta start thinking of better ways to win arguments. Knowing her…I’ll never even come close what with her psychic ability and all. Stupid shiny Porche owner.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. Thanks to Alice of course with her uncanny ability to do just about anything at the speed of light. But it actually wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it’d be.