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A New Discovery

This is the sequel to A Walk in the Moonlight. In this next story, things get tougher, choices must be made, and drama takes its place. The Cullens find a shocking discovery that could ultimately change Emmett and Cassidy's life AND relationship forever. Will she make the right choice? But even more importantly, it's time for Cassidy's and Emmett's wedding... but there is an unexpected twist and turn of events as they go on their honey moon. What will happen? And What will Cassidy do? Will she have to choose between her life as a Werewolf, and living forever with Emmett? Read and find out.

HERE IT IISS!!! It's finally the Sequel to A Walk in the Moonlight! I first wanted to say thankyou to all of my readers for supporting me and reading in the first place. So enjoy the sequel, and Don't Forget To Comment at the end! :D You may read on...

2. Carlisle's Discovery

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Chapter 2: Carlisle’s Discovery

I was running the border with Jacob, Seth, and Leah. It was just the daily patrol we take to get unwanted vampires off of our land.

It’s such a relief to know that there’s at least ONE other girl werewolf. I was so sick of being the only stinkin’ one around here! Leah thought.

I just rolled my eyes along with pretty much everyone else. It’s cool having another girl here but when she’s bitter all the time it’s not that much fun.

I heard that! Leah thought.

Good. You were meant too. She’s actually not that bad. In fact, Jacob says she’s a lot better than she used to be before she came into his pack. But like I said, she can still be very irritating.

Again I heard th—

Ya ya we know you heard her! We all heard her! But maybe that’s because we’re freakin WEREWOLVES who READ EACHOTHERS MINDS. Get over it. Jacob threw back at her.

What if I don’t want to? What are you gonna do, huh? Make me? She snorted. I’d like to see you try!

Leah, please don’t do this again! You don’t want Jacob to kick us outta the pack again do you? Seth murmured.

Since when did I ever kick you out of the pack before, Seth? Jacob asked.

Well you almost did once.

Well I wouldn’t do that for real, alright?


Sure, sure.

Of course Leah had to ruin the happy ending with: can you two girls shut up and focus already.

Leah, honestly can you just SHUT UP please! You guys haven’t seen any strange vampires since the volturi came last September and Jacob is the pack leader, the Alpha. Not you! So can you please just shut up! I demanded.That shut her up.

All of a sudden I heard a cell phone ringing. It was my ringtone, Thunder by Boys Like Girls. It’s mine and Emmett’s song. J My cell phone was strapped to my ankle along with my cloths.

S’kay Cass, go ahead and answer it. We got the rest of the border. Jacob gave me his wolfy grin.

Thanks. I smiled back at him.

As they kept going I stopped and phased. I had gotten my cloths back on just when my phone rang again. It was…Carlisle?

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hello Cassidy. Were you still running the borders? I’m sorry if I interrupted you. But I’m afraid this just couldn’t wait.” Carlisle sounded sort-of stressed.

“Carlisle are you ok? Is everything alright?”

“Yes, everything is alright but this…this is important. Please talk to Jacob and see if you can be at the house in 5 minutes.”

“I’ll be there.” I reassured him.

Impossible.”I heard him whisper, knowing he wasn’t talking to me…he was talking about the matter he thought so important. “Oh, yes. Thank you Cassidy. I’ll see you in a bit.” Before I could say goodbye he had hung up. What was wrong? He sounded like he was simply astounded by something.

My curiosity got the best of me. Before I even thought about what I was doing, I started running to the Cullen residence without even talking to Jacob. I’m sure he’ll understand. I made it in 3 minutes tops.

I burst through the door with a loud bang, and saw all of the Cullen’s heads snap immediately in my direction. Knowing that there was nothing behind me that they would find interesting, I knew they were looking at me. I walked in slowly, wondering what in the world was going on. My eyes had finally found Emmett and my feet had a mind of their own as they started toward him.

“Cassidy, you are finally here.” Carlisle said. I couldn’t describe the way he looked… just weird.

“Ya, I am. What’s going on Carlisle?” Everyone looked strange…like they were still all surprised about something. So they obviously already knew something I didn’t.

“Sit down. We have a lot to explain.” Emmett said. I settled down next to him.

“Well, let me begin by saying that I have made a shocking and impossible discovery. It’s kind of hard to comprehend at the moment.” Carlisle began. I just concentrated on what he was saying. Preparing for the worst he could possibly say, though I wasn’t sure what that could be.

“Come look at this.” Carlisle said. The vampires in the room rushed over to the computer that Carlisle was now standing at. They all gasped. Emmett and I joined the others and stared at the screen in awe as we could not believe what we had just seen. This could change everything. This is one heck of a twist in life.