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*Perish Song*

Death is inevitable for most. Ashe knows. Her family and best friend, Gerald, died in accidents. Now, a year from his death, Gerald summons her to heaven. In an attempt to save her life, he sentences the two of them to Forks, to live with the vampires. However, the world isn't as it should be. Alice didn't see Bella jump. All of the other Cullens returned, but not Edward. A new family, the Sakurais, moved to Forks. Bella fell in love with Yuki, the middle Sakurai brother. Edward returned to find Bella in Yuki's arms. Since then, he has been hiding outside of Forks, always watching Bella. Ashe and Gerald entered this world. Gerald is the youngest Sakurai, Takumi, and Ashe took the name Sachiko Fujioka. Can they survive in this new world? Or will death overtake them before anything real can happen?

This story will make you Team Sakurai by the end!!! :P :) ;)

1. Enter Twilight

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Being a small orphan girl thrown into another happy family was no easy task. I missed my mother and father greatly, and my tiny little brother as well. My aunt and uncle had many children, eight, to be exact, and so I was hardly ever noticed.

The feelings they held toward their firstborn, a girl a few years older than me, was called Jessabelle. She was rude to me and picked at me whenever possible. I hated it here, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I would rather be in an orphanage than stay here at this awful place.

My best friend, Gerald, had recently died in an accident, which didn’t help matters any. I didn’t talk as much, which only seemed to make me even more invisible to my aunt and uncle. I was just the ninth child. The one that no one wanted.

Now I just sat in my room with the lights out, staring sadly at the empty wall in front of me. This was the wall that originally had pictures hanging on it, but I’d taken them down once I realized how much my heart ached every time I saw them.

Pictures of Mom. Pictures of Dad. Pictures of Gerald.

The pictures, along with other memoirs of my childhood, now were contained in a little box that sat at my feet. I didn’t dare open it, for I didn’t want the horrible memories to flood in and swamp me, taunting me with the sights of me when I was actually happy. Could I, the girl who’d lost everything, be normal ever again? Likely not.

I had to seal away all memories of them. I had to. It would save my life.

I took the duct tape in my hand and monotonously wrapped it around the box over and over again. I wouldn’t ever look at the contents of this box ever again. I ripped the tape with my teeth and finished sticking it down well so that it wouldn’t come off.

Then, with great struggle, I pushed the box underneath the bed next to me. Then I looked back up at the empty wall. It made my heart hurt to even look at it.

Tears began to silently run down my cheeks. Death was so inevitable when it came to me. Always, it seemed, someone else in my life died. My father died first, in an car crash, and my mother died almost four years later in the fire that destroyed my home.

I lifted my hand and wiped the tears from my face. I grabbed the side of the bed and pulled myself up, choking on my tears. I collapsed onto the side of the bed as pain ripped through my chest, tearing a huge hole.

I began to sob in agony as my life seemed to fall apart before my eyes. Did Death want me? Was I under some sort of curse, that caused Death to taunt me and mess with my life?

It had to be that way. I couldn’t be that horrible of a person, could I? Was I a mean girl? Was I selfish and vain without even realizing it?

This pain was too much for me to bear. I felt like I’d been dipped in acid and chopped into little pieces. I was choking on my own breaths now, my heart beating faster and faster at every beating moment.

Slowly, my heart rate began to slow, and the pain began to be replaced by numbness. The numbing feeling ran up from my feet and arms, my arms and legs becoming weak. It was going to kill me.

“…I’m sorry…” I whispered to no one before I let the numbness take me. Was I going to die? Would my parents be with me? Would Gerald be there too?

I fell into what felt like a painless, dark sleep.

A pretty green light swallowed me up and picked me up from my bed. It got brighter and brighter. My eyes were closed, weren’t they? So how could I see this? I must have been dreaming.

Suddenly, I fell from where I hovered. The green light began to fade, and I hit the ground. Only, the ground felt like a huge pile of cotton. Was this what my bed felt like? I didn’t remember it feeling as soft as it did now.

I sat up and stretched, not opening my eyes. I could tell it was light outside, though. Had that green light kept me unconscious all night? It’d only seemed like a minute or two, though. Was I in such a deep sleep that I didn’t realize passing time?

I opened my eyes, and gasped. And to be completely honest, I should have screamed. Why I didn’t, I’ll never know.

I was on a huge cloud.

I twisted around to see in all directions. As far as the eye could see, there was clouds. As far as the eye could see, white covered the ground. Well, to be exact, the ground technically was white. Above me, there was a beautiful blue sky

I knew that it wasn’t a dream. After all, I’d woken up from a dream and now I was here. There was only one logical explanation for this.

I was dead.

Was this heaven? Being alone on this cloud forever didn’t seem like heaven. Was I awaiting some sort of test to see if I was worthy to enter heaven? This was so sudden. Would I get to see Gerald? What about Mom and Dad? I shook my head. “I need to stay calm, or the angels will stay away,” I told myself.

Then I heard a very familiar laugh. “Ashe, you‘re gonna be fine.”

My breath caught in my throat. I could hardly turn around to see his face. After an entire year, I was going to see him again.

“Gerald!” I screamed, turning and running straight into his arms. He smiled, his blond hair blowing a little in the light breeze. This couldn't be a dream. Gerald felt the same as he'd always felt. Warm and loving.

Ah. This is what I'd been missing.

"Gerald, oh my God, I've missed you so much," I confessed. "I love you so much, Gerald. I'm glad I'm dead. Ever since the day you died, I've wanted to be with you."

Gerald ran his hand through my light brown hair. "I love you too, Ashe," he said. "I really do. But Ashe..."

"Yeah?" I asked. He pulled me closer to him. "Ashe, you aren't dead."

I nearly collapsed. Gerald had to hold me up. "I'm not dead," I sobbed. "This is a dream. Oh, my God."

"No you aren't!" Gerald said, helping me back up onto my feet. His beautiful blue eyes stared directly into my gray ones.

"I'm saving your life," he whispered, pulling me back against him. "And I'll be with the you the whole way." I began to cry. "B-but Gerald," I said. "I don't want to be alive. I want to be with you forever."

He'd been my best friend. But now, standing here, it was like we were confessing our love for each other. Was it true what they said? That separation makes the heart grow fonder? It had to be, because now, I felt more attatched to him then

"Ashe, listen to me," Gerald said. "I've always loved you. I've always wanted you to be my girl. But I died before I could make you mine."

"It's the same case here, Gerald," I confessed. "I've always had a huge crush on you."

"You know what, Ashe?" he said. "I'm sending you to a place where you'll live forever. And I'll be there too."

"What kind of place is that?" I asked slowly, worried about what kind of place he was talking about. "A world that you've always wanted to be a part of," he said. "The world of Twilight."

"Twilight?!" I asked, jolting. He let go of me and I fell back onto the clouds. Gerald fell to his knees to get at the same level I was. I sat up, and realized I was only inches from his face.

"I'm so sorry for dropping you, baby," he said, not moving. I didn't either. Had he really called me 'baby'? I was his baby. "It's fine, Gerald," I said. "But... are you really gonna be there too? In the world of Twilight with me?"

"Yeah," he replied. "I'm not leaving my girl alone where she'll fall in love with a sexy vampire." I was his girl now. I couldn't be happier.

"I'll be a vampire, you know," he said. "And I'll change you." I smiled. "You'll change me? It'll be a Bella and Edward situation."

"Actually, Ashe... there are some problems."

"Problems?" I asked. "That's bad." He laughed. "Yeah," he replied.

"What kind?"

"Well..." he said. "It's not like the books say. Alice didn't see Bella jump. The other Cullens returned to Forks, but not Edward. Another family, the Sakurais, came to stay in Forks."

"The Sakurais?" I asked. "This isn't like the books at all." Were things really so different in the world he was sending us to? Had Stephenie Meyer changed things that much?

"Exactly," Gerald continued. "Bella fell deeply and passionately with Yuki, the youngest of the Sakurais. Edward returned the day of the incident, and nearly killed Yuki. Edward still lives in Forks, but not with the other Cullens. And I'm one of the other Sakurais, Takumi. And you're Sachiko Fujioka, a human girl."

That wasn't anything like the books. Well, I was always Team Jacob anyway.

"Why can't I be a vampire?" I asked. He sighed. "I'm already breaking the rules by trying to stop your death and leaving this place."

"Okay," I said, pressing no further. I didn't question Gerald. I knew he was right.

"Let's go," Gerald said, as the green light surrounded us. I closed my eyes as we began to float.

"Enter Twilight," I whispered.