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A New Begining

Edward came back on bella's birthday but will she accept him back ? reviews are appreciated...


1. Return

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The moment he told me, he did not want me; my love life ended. I was pushed into the deepest ocean of darkness from where I could not reach the surface to absorb any ray of light, of love, of hope.

He had told me he loved me but it was all a lie.

How could he do that to me? Why did he do that?

I always broke down at this point because I knew the answer I was not good for him, of course, I was a plain clumsy human but he, he was a perfect vampire.

He played with my heart and crushed it to pieces.

For a week, I could not sleep or eat.

I always kept thinking what went wrong, how a paper cut could come in between love.

Now a year has passed

I tried to kill all the feelings for him,I had forbidden myself to think about him but with no success. I remember his face perfectly, the face of an angel who just brought sorrow in my life with pure love in the beginning.

I looked at the clock; it was midnight and today was my birthday.

I had been dreading this day for the whole year, not knowing what will happen. Wondering whether he will come or not.

But why would he care for me?

For him, I was nothing more than an old toy is to a toddler.

I heard my window creak and immediately knew there was someone outside.

I had never opened it after the last September.

My heartbeat accelerated and I sat up .I was about to scream but an ice-cold hand covered my mouth. Seeing that I will not scream Edward uncovered my mouth.

Our eyes met and my eyes filled with tears.

"Bella" Edward addressed me. There were deep purple rings underneath his eyes. I could not see the color of his eyes as mine filled with the traitor tears.

Moreover, I started sobbing softly — maybe Charlie had gotten used to it and so didn't come to check on me. I wanted to look strong not cry all over him.

He tried to comfort me but I pushed him away.

Suddenly I was very angry.

How could he just say he did not love me and go away, only to come back after a year?

I wiped my tears and said, "What have you come here for, to use me and leave me like you did last time?"

The acid was leaking through my words, the hurt hanging, it brought pain to his face, or so I thought.

"Bella please listen to m-"

However, I cut him off "I don't want to listen to anything you have to say, I remember what you said before. You need not remind me",I continued,"I would like to ask one favor, though, if that's not too much," I said repeating his words.

"Anything for you Bella but please listen to me first" he pleaded.

He would not have expected what was coming now.

I looked at my hands avoiding his eyes "I don't love you anymore so......just leave me alone". I wished he would not see through my lies.

I know I will regret what I said throughout my life but I could not give him another chance. I just could not make myself trust him again, after what he did.

He started to plead but I cut him off without looking in his burning eyes.

"No Edward you listen. I-I used to believe in happy endings and I had so many dreams about you and me but you shattered all of them, my beliefs and my dreams, when you left me. Now it is too late Edward. "

"Moreover, you cannot just waltz into my life. So please leave my room and let me sleep"

He took my face in his hands delicately and I flinched which I had never done before in his presence.

He kissed my forehead and once again left me, Heartbroken and Alone.


I respected Bella's choice but I had seen the pain hidden in her eyes. I was stupid to leave Bella alone and I could not forgive myself for it. I do not know if she was lying or not about love but I had to know the truth.

I will once again start school in forks.

I, Edward Cullen in the presence of the bright moon swear to win Bella back.