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A New Begining

Edward came back on bella's birthday but will she accept him back ? reviews are appreciated...


2. Visitor

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The moment I woke, the night's events came rushing back to me making my head spin. Was it even real? Of course it was my imagination is not that good .So I wasn't so eager to go to school tomorrow as I knew he had returned.

But I was still wondering why the hell did he (or they) have returned?

I got up from my bed and dressed halfheartedly. I went downstairs to get my breakfast. Usually on Sundays I would finish laundry and head straight to la push. But today it was eating and running.

Charlie was eating breakfast and when he saw me he broke into a grin which made him look a lot younger.

"Happy birthday Bella" he got up and gave me hug while retrieving a present from behind "Me and your mum brought this for you, open up and tell me do you like it?"

"Thanks dad .but really you shouldn't have brought it" I said opening the wrapping to reveal a sleek and silver laptop.

"Bella, I am your father and I have the right to give you presents. So what are your plans for today, heading to Jake's?"

"Yeah dad as soon as I finish this breakfast"

"Okay I'll meet you there after fishing"

I heard the doorbell ring. I really hoped it wasn't Edward because I couldn't deal with him in front of Charlie.

My heart was hammering so loudly that I couldn't even hear the rain splatters. When I opened the door Alice was standing there. So one thing was sure they all had returned.

I didn't know how to react jump joyfully at her return or sulk some more at his.

I don't know how long I stared because she lost her patience and almost jumped on me, giving me the warmest hug ever. This was ironical because she was so cold and wet.

I had been hiding and compressing my emotions for the past year for Charlie's sake. But suddenly they were too much and I was laughing and crying at the same time. While hugging her tightly, afraid she was an illusion and would disappear.

"I almost forgot how delicious you are, Bella"

"Oops sorry Alice, but I missed you so much-"before I could complete, a small box was thrust into my hand".

"I hope you didn't think that I would forget your birthday, did you? Not in a hundred years. So where is Charlie? Is he fine? I bet he is"

Alice chattered till we reached Charlie .it seemed he would have danced if he could, seeing her. I guess he hadn't thought about Edward yet. I went upstairs to keep my presents while they chatted.

Charlie must have left because when I turned around Alice was standing behind me, ready to have a nice, long chat.