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A Miracle in Volterra

Mary Alice Brandon is on holiday in Italy, and is tricked into a 'tour' that leads her to the Volturi with a group of other humans. Will she get out alive?

This is in Alice's POV. This is my first fanfic published on here, I hope you like it :)

1. A Miracle In Volterra

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"Come on, Alice." My sister Cynthia moaned. I was gazing at a beautiful dress in the window of a small shop in Volterra. I loved shopping, and I had fallen in love with the beautiful city of Volterra. Our parents had gone for a meal, and left Cynthia and I to wander around. We walked to the clock tower.
"It's so beautiful." I breathed. Cynthia wasn't bothered. She found stuff like this boring. A woman, whose beauty was impossible to believe, approached us.
"Hello girls." she smiled. What a smile. "There is a tour of the buildings starting. I wondered if you would like to come with us."
I couldn't look away from her, and by the looks of it, Cynthia couldn't either. I nodded, smiling. How could I refuse? She put her hands on our backs and gently pushed us towards a crowd of people. Our mom and dad were there too. I felt awkward. I was acting like I had a crush on the stunningly beautiful woman, when my mind was filled with jealousy. We walked through the amazing halls. A strong sense of foreboding hit me as the tour guide opened the door to a huge hall, where three men sat. They all had papery, translucent skin, but they were all amazingly beautiful. Two of them hard dark hair, but the other's was dazzling white, almost as white as his skin. As I looked around the room, I saw all the people who seemed to have been expecting us had identical blood red eyes. I slowly moved back to the back of the crowd. All the papery skinned, extraordinary people approached us, picking out the people they wanted. They sank their teeth into their necks, some of them snapping their necks before they bit them. We all screamed. I saw one of these cannibals holding back, his skin more solid and opaque than the others, with honey blonde curls running down his face beautifully. Another man was behind him, his hand on the honey blonde's shoulder. He had a lighter blonde colour hair. They had identical golden eyes instead of red. He was staring at me. Occasionally he would look over to the cannibals who seemed to be drinking the victim's blood, and shake his head. I was watching my family die in agony. My sister was lying motionless, her blood been drained by a small blonde girl. My mom and dad were taken by the two men sitting on thrones with dark hair. I was one of the only ones left. The two golden eyed men were watching me. Before I could do anything, I was dragged back by my neck. I screamed. The white haired leader had claimed me as his prey.
"No." The honey blonde murmured as I started screaming with the pure agony of the teeth in my neck. I was struggling, desperate to get free, when my attacker took his teeth from my neck. With one strong jerk, he made my neck explode with pain, cutting my screams short. He had snapped my neck. I was alive, but I couldn't move or do anything. The pain was unbearable. I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy with the lack of blood. Suddenly, I was thrown to the ground. The honey blonde had thrown my attacker aside, and his blonde friend was helping. He felt my wrist.
"She's alive." he told the honey blonde. I opened my eyes and stared at the honey blonde's beautiful face. I wanted to reach my arm up to him. I wanted him to take my hand.
I heard the white haired man.
"Stop them!" he ordered. The honey blonde lifted me into his arms, supporting my head with a cold hand. He and the blonde ran out of the building. Blood was still pouring from my neck.
"We need to stop the bleeding, Jasper." the blonde told the honey blonde, who I knew was Jasper. Jasper stroked my face.
"She's so pale, Carlisle. And cold." he said. They found a quiet alleyway and lay me down.
"Be careful with her neck. It's broken in many places." he touched my neck gently. I whimpered. Jasper comforted me and stroked my face.
"It's OK, darlin'. You'll be alright." he soothed. He took my hand. His hand was freezing cold.
"We need to change her, there's no way of saving her. She's lost too much blood and her neck...We can't fix it. The venom can." Carlisle said quietly. Jasper didn't let go of my hand.
"This will hurt. I'm sorry. It will go away. I'll look after you." he whispered in my ear. I was in enough pain as it was, but I couldn't do anything to get away. Carlisle lifted my other arm, and bit my wrist. I cried out, but I felt a strange calming feeling overwhelm me. It didn't sooth the pain. Carlisle moved to my neck, and bit me again, making me squeal in pain. Jasper stroked my short, spiked hair. A fire was raging through me. Carlisle bit the wrist Jasper was holding. I was whimpering. Jasper kissed the bite
"Hush now, sweetheart." Jasper murmured. I was feeling drowsy. I was propped up on Jasper's legs. He stroked my face and hair. I closed my eyes.
"That's it, you sleep." he leaned forward, and kissed me gently on my lips. I had only known him a few minutes, but already I was in love with him.
Three Days Later
"Carlisle, is she alright? It's been three days..." Jasper asked. I was relieved to hear his voice again. I had been in a long, dreamless sleep. I took a breath, but I didn't feel I had to. I opened my eyes and was dazzled by the sharper colours. I blinked. Jasper smiled. I gasped. His face, especially his jaw, was ravaged with bites. I rapidly moved back, my instincts screaming for me to run.
"What are you? What am I? What happened? Why am I so thirsty?" I whimpered. Jasper hushed me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe there. I cuddled into him.
"It's alright. You're safe." he soothed. I believed him, and we stayed in our embrace until the sun went down into the earth.