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What if Jasper met Alice 10 years later than he was supposed to?

This was just a thought when I was reading Twilight for about the 100th time! :)

1. Late

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I needed to find someone. Anyone. Anyone at all. I did have Peter, and Charlotte too, but I felt I was interfering with them. They didn't show it, and they begged me to stay, but I left them and went solo. I traveled around the whole of America. No one seemed to want me around. I stopped in the city of Biloxi. I walked the streets for the days and nights. I didn't fit in anywhere. Feeling unwanted, I found somewhere quiet where I could be alone. That was anywhere, but I found a forest that I knew I could probably bear living in. I was just about to enter it, when a young girl ran up to me.
"You can't go in there." she stated. I frowned.
"Why not?" I demanded, giving her a hard look. The girl looked away, but looked back again.
"There's something in there." she told me. "I haven't seen it myself, but apparently when someone enters the forest, they never leave. Their blood is drained from their bodies, and sometimes, you can hear the snarls of the beast."
I blinked.
"That's just a scary story to shut you up." I shot back at her and began to walk into it. The girl caught my arm.
"No. Don't go in." she insisted. "I lost my father. He went in and never came out, and I can't let someone else die when I could have stopped them." she pleaded, tears streaming down her face. I closed my eyes.
"I'm. Going. In." I replied, and stalked past her, into the forest. I believed her. It sounded like a vampire, but why would they make themselves known and heard? They must have known my presence, as I heard threatening growls. I walked deeper into the forest. I looked around, trying to find the growling person. As I walked on, I heard a light thud behind me. I shot around. Crouched on the ground, ready to pounce, was a small vampire. She had blazing red eyes and short, spiked hair, a deep black and beautiful. Even when baring her teeth and snarling, she was a beautiful, pixie like creature. I found I loved her, despite her snarls at me. She leapt at me, and I caught her before she could sink her teeth into my neck. How ever beautiful I thought she was, I had to fight her off. She struggled out of my grip, and pinned me down to the ground. Before I could stop her, she bit my neck. I cried out in pain, but didn't give in. I got up and slammed her to the ground. She shrieked and scratched me across the face. I grabbed her wrists and held them together. She lunged at me, and bowled me over, with me still holding onto her wrists. I got her up. She was still snarling and baring her teeth. She was staring at me. I out stared her. She looked away and closed her eyes.
"Who are you?" I asked. She didn't reply, but she had stopped snarling. She looked at me again. Her wild eyes had calmed down. She blinked.
"Where am I?" she whispered. I let go of her.
"In a forest. In Biloxi." I explained. "What is your name?"
"Alice Brandon." she replied. She stared at me for a second and gasped. "It's you!"
I frowned.
"What about me?" I said quickly.
"I saw you. A vision. I can see the future. I saw you with me. In a diner. You never came. You turned me into a monster." she snarled and turned away.
"Wait a minute." I spat. "You're blaming that on me?" I can't see visions of the future! I didn't know I was supposed to find you!" I growled.
"Sorry" she mumbled. "I just, I don't know what happened. I've been alone so long, I lost control." She fell to her knees and crumpled with sadness. I heard her tiny sobs. I went over to her and stood her up, hugging her.
"It's OK. You're safe. I've got you." I soothed. She clutched at me, sobbing hard. She looked up. I lay a hand on her face. Her soft skin felt nice against my hand. She pulled me down to her level and kissed me. I closed my eyes. When she let go, I smiled.
"Lets go. I need to prove a girl wrong. Pretend you've fainted, I'll carry you out." I chuckled. Alice giggled. I swung her into my arms. She went limp and flopped her head back over my arm. Her arm hung down.
"You're a good actress." I commented. Alice smiled.
I carried her out, and as expected, the girl was waiting. She gasped.
"You're alive." she whispered. I smiled triumphantly.
"Who's she?" she demanded.
"I found her in the forest, she'd fainted. No monsters, just her. I think she's broken her arm." I told her. As if on cue, Alice 'woke'. She whimpered and opened her eyes. She winced and touched her arm.
"Where am I?" she croaked. "Who are you? What happened to my arm?"
"Don't be afraid darling. You're OK. You're safe." I soothed. She pretended to cry.
"What happened?" she sobbed.
"I don't know." I whispered. "I'm taking you to the hospital."
I stood her on her feet. She staggered, and I caught her. The girl was staring.
"You can go now." I glared at her. She walked away. I 'walked' Alice away. She giggled.
"You're not a bad actor yourself." she giggled, taking my hand. I laughed. She reached up and kissed me again. We walked away, hand in hand, starting a new life together.