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The Month of April

It is April, the month Rosalie lost her life. She still thinks back to that day, but now she thinks it is time for her to get some closer, by going back to Rochester. But when Emmett is not crazy about the idea, Rosalie takes things into her own hands, by taking along someone she never expected to turn to for help.


1. It's April

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It was April. And Rosalie was staring out into the pounding rain. April...that gosh forsaken month...the month where she lost everything, all those years ago. Her deathiversary was next week, the day her life had been taken. Still to this day, she asks herself, why me? What had she done? She had not been back to Rochester since leaving with Carlisle, Esme and Edward, after she was transformed. The thought struck her..she had to go back...maybe if she saw it all again it would give her some type of closer. After all, she had begun to somewhat except herself...well in a way. But she knew she could not go alone, and Emmett, he did not like her dwelling on the past, especially that part of the past. But it never hurt to ask. So she turned from the window, to where she heard Emmett laughing in the kitchen with Jasper and Edward.


"Emmett?" Rosalie walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Babe."He pulled her into his arms, and kissed her.

"Sweetie can we talk?" She almost whispered.

"Uh sure."Emmett looked at his brothers, they shrugged and left the kitchen." OK shoot."

"Emmett...you know what month it is."She began, if she could sweat she would be."And I...I want to go back."

He studied her for a moment. He took a deep breath and sat down on the counter by the sink.

"Rose." He knew he had to be careful with her. This was a tough time for her." Honey I don't think, its good for you."

"Why?"She demanded.

"Rosalie, all that pain and anger...I don't want you to have to go through that again."He sounded desperate.

"Emmett, I'm not going for the sheer fact to re-live those memories..I'm looking for closure, so I get on with my life."She took his hands and looked into his eyes.

"I'm sorry Rose, I understand why, but you don't see me going back to the spot where I almost died."He suddenly regretted what he said."Rosalie I love you and I just want you never have to re-live those memories. I mean going back to where it all happened.....I just cant let you."

She let go of his hands. Of course he would not understand, he was happy and never had to think about the day he was transformed. And for the first time in a long time, she left her husband without a word and went to the only other person she knew could help.


"Carlisle I don't understand."After their not so loving conversation, and the way Rosalie walked out, Emmett had gone to Carlisle for help."I knew this day would come, but I thought you know like 100 more years or something."

"Emmett, from what I can understand about Rosalie, is she wants to finish her business. That's why she murdered those men that help...you know."Carlisle looked at Emmett.

"I'm just lost Carlisle."Emmett put his hands on his head and sighed heavily."I mean, am I bad because I don't want her to go? I don't want her to go...and I don't know if i could see her so upset and not there, I know i need to be there for her, but It would kill me to see her have to see...the spot where...that happened and you found her. To feel her fall apart inside, I would want to crazy on everyone for that."

"Well, Emmett I do understand where you are coming from."Carlisle stood up from his desk and went over to Emmett." You must decide if you want to control yourself and help her, or if you need to talk this out with her more and wait."

"Thanks Carlisle, I know what to do." He left the room and headed for their bedroom. Rose?"

He knocked again, going in he saw she wasn't there.

"Jasper?" Emmett called down the stairs.

"Yes Emmett?" He responded behind him.

"Uh, have you seen Rose?"

"Not since, your little spat in the kitchen."

"OK, wheres Edward?"

"He said something about taking a little trip. He was being very secretive about it."

Emmett stood there for a moment....Rosalie was gone..and so was Edward...no....she wouldn't...would she?

"Jasper get Alice."He demanded.

"Alice?"He called quietly.

"um yes?" She looked up to them from the bottom of the stairs.

"Where are they?"Emmett demanded.

"I-I cant say."She looked at Jasper.

"Alice."He said it in a low warning.

"Emmett, calm down."Jasper looked at him.

Emmett felt himself becoming calmer, against his own will. His Rosalie had gone to Rochester, with the one person he never thought she would turn to for help...Edward.