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Searching The World

A little poem about what an Imprint feels to those werewolves. Those feelings that they feel when they meet the right one, their truly and only one, their soul mates:} Review! Cuz I can't read minds like Edward:{ Searching The World


1. Finding who Belongs

Rating 5/5   Word Count 219   Review this Chapter

Searching The World

She stands still, leaning casually

Unaware of her future

But I know, we know

Only to be found by love, and only love

Loyalty by a personal pet, being adored by the one meant for you

As easily as that, no searching

Your beauty has been recognized by the one you love

You’ve been adored by many men,

But only one is able to call you his

Oh how lucky that man must feel

He watches for an amount of time

Stunned that one could hold such

But eventually the staring stops,

And adoration takes its place

Bringing you happiness

Those around you look, and search

But yours is right in front of you

Waiting for you, ready to make a commitment

He isn’t scared,

He wants you

Finding you the only beauty

No matter who walks in front

He only sees you

And your heart lifts

Finding that your love can only be so magnificent

Time to stand out

Everything is different

Those around you search

But some fail to find

You being the only one that doesn’t have to…

Search the world

That truly belongs,

And there the world shows

That you can find happiness

In the wolf, deep inside you

Time to stop,

Searching The World