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Watch your Step, You could Make A Mistake

Kim has been in love with Jared Sprit for years, he only tagging along with Paul. Kim's best guy friend, but what happens when the wolf itself takes over both Jared and Paul, Paul falling for his best friend, and Jared for his secret admirer. One choice, and one step. Watch your step, you could make a mistake This is all on Kim, she makes the choice, but what if it's the wrong choice. But is there really a wrong choice when both men have undying love for you. Couldn't get any worse, or better? SNEEK PEAK:)(it actually explains my banner)'I groaned now, frustrated. "Just leave me alone!" I screeched, truth be told I didn't want to hurt his feelings, he was too close to my heart for that. But I felt as if there wasn't another choice. So throwing the rose he gave me on the pavement, I stalked off to my car. Using all my will to not look back, it almost took my whole inner being to do so, but I felt as if there was no other choice.' [banner removed by admin - please keep images in summaries smaller or equal to 300 x 150 pixels]
Non Canon Pairings, sort of....Jared/KimPaul/Kim

Well this story, actually is going to be something I'll put most of my time into. Knowing that Paul's and Kim's, Jared's and Kim's relationships are so delicate, in a way. Just remember, "I can't read minds like Edward! Tell me what you think"RATED TEEN FOR LANGUAGEActually this is usually what all my stories are rated, except for my poem, no that is rated for Everyone:)

1. Watch Your Step

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1320   Review this Chapter

Kim’s Point Of View

Oh Paul so naive sometimes, it isn’t even funny. Every now and then he’d climb up my window, I swear I had no privacy whatsoever from him! He’s seen me half naked before, when I walked out of my bathroom from the shower, he was sitting on my bed. And he’s also seen me cry several times, after what happened with Quil

Quil asked me out once, and I happily agreed, hoping it would get his best friend Jared jealous. I was wrong, Jared didn’t even care! So once Amy found out, Quil’s ex girlfriend, I was scolded by Jake, saying I hurt Quil’s feelings. But mostly I wasn’t hurt that Jake yelled at me, mostly because I hurt Quil, I never would’ve thought he liked me so much.

My mind blanked around Quil and I together, it wasn’t a bad match actually. But still I would prefer Jared better, but after that I’m sure that Jared was mad at me for doing that to Quil. So basically I’m pretty sure I’m Jared’s enemy, or someone he simply hates.

“Hey Kimmers!” I jumped, god I swear I have to detach whatever Paul uses to get up into my bedroom window. That time I nearly peed! He always managed to scare the shit out of me when I was in deep thought.

“God Paul! I swear one of these days I’m going to happily push you out that window!” He just snickered, did he think I was joking? If anything I was dead serious, I would, and will push him out the window. Climbing in my room effortlessly I saw Paul’s eyes, they were red and puffy.

“Paul what happened?” I asked getting up from my bed, to face Paul. Paul was one of my best guy friends, he was like a diary to me actually. I would tell him everything, and anything, no matter how awkward. I actually called him up at 3 am. Telling him that I had bad cramps from my period, and needed something to laugh about. And there he was, cheering me up, the pain didn’t go away though, I just barely noticed it when Paul was around to cheer me up.

“Nothing, umm…” I narrowed my eyes, looking at him in curiosity. He was there to help me when I needed it, and I’ll be there when he needs it.

“My grandmother passed…?” He said this as a question, then my eyes went into pure sympathy.

“I’m so sorry Paul” I wrapped my arms around his neck, I wasn’t sure if I was just holding him or hugging him. Either way it felt nice being there in his arms-’Stop it Kim! You don’t think of him that way!-I let go automatically, looking at Paul apologetically. But he just had a smile on his face, was it because I hugged him?

“It’s alright, and who said you had to pull away, don’t be sorry, I needed that” I smiled giving him another quick hug, but this time his hand pushed my against him. He was returning the hug, nearly squeezing the breath out of me.

“Paul…I can’t breathe!” I said this hoarsely, using all the air I could manage.

“Sorry Kim” I smiled slyly, he never used my nick name. He usually either said Kimmers, Kimberly, Kimbers, or any other saying.

“What!?” He asked, looking completely confused at my grimace.

“You called me Kim” I stuck my chin up in the air, smiling wider. I could get used to him calling me by my name. But something bothered me as well, I knew both of his grandmothers were dead for almost 2 years, there was something else. And I wanted to know what, was it a rejection from a girl? Or did one of his friends peeve him off enough to bring him to tears? I highly doubted the last one, but the first one was a pretty good shot.

“Oh don’t get used to it” He said with a loud snort, I just rolled my eyes.

“You shouldn’t snort like a pig, believe it or not, but it turns out girls find that a big turn off” I smiled wide, flipping my hair. Paul however looked dumfounded. I wonder why, probably because he realized that’s why he was rejected, for snorting…

“That’s funny, but what do you want to do today?” I crossed my arms across my chest. With a slight pout.

“I’ll tell you what I want to do if you tell me what’s actually bothering you” He looked toward the ground, ashamed almost. But I knew it was a distraction, he was trying to come up with an excuse.

“Is it a girl, because I’ll happily beat her for rejecting you!” He just smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

“It’s something like that, but I’m not sure if you could actually beat her. She didn’t do anything but be beautiful” I raised a brow, boys don’t make sense sometimes.

“Whatever, I know your just scared to tell me” He frowned, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Exactly” He whispered. Turning back toward the window, his eyes welling with tears again.

Paul’s Point Of View

I hate Jared with all my being, I hate him! I’ve imprinted and happily lived with Kim as her best friend, then all of a sudden he sees a glimpse of her, and now he’s going to ask her out. And I know that she is going to say ‘yes’ too. She has confronted me from saying so. She told me repeatedly about her crush on Jared, and her dreams of him asking her out.

I wasn’t sure where I was headed until I reached Kim’s front yard. Every time I had a problem I’d go to Kim, but this time I’m not sure she could help me.

I was crying to myself for hours about how I was going to loose my girl Kimmie, to Jared. Her dream guy, her dream, but I was never apart of her dreams, never.

To her I was nothing but her best friend, secretly every day I’d wish she’d tell me that she dreamed of us together, and take a chance on it.

But I was just a badass jerk that she thought was nice enough to tell secrets to, not someone she secretly had a crush on. But I knew that her shy and sweet acts wouldn’t be much a match for me. She deserved Jared, he was a gentleman, more mature…and yata yata.

“Hey Kimmers!” She jumped, I tried not t laugh, she was so adorable when she got caught off guard. Sighing I realized she was pretty pissed, so cute when she was angry…

“God Paul! I swear one of these days I’m going to happily push you out that window!” I snickered, she couldn’t do that to a wolf, well maybe but it wouldn’t hurt as much as what we go through. Ah Kim, I didn’t know why I was so afraid, if I imprinted on her then she and I should be a perfect match. Just the way I am, and just the way she is. But Jared also imprinted on her…I tried to hold back another sob, a sob and fear of loosing Kim, my best friend.

“Paul what happened?” She gasped getting closer to me, her body heat radiating. Her eyes full of concern, maybe she did like me…maybe. I could just reach out and touch her long brown hair, or kiss her soft lips…

“Nothing, umm…” Mumble much idiot! My thoughts screamed. I tried to clear my head, trying to come up with an excuse. Couldn’t tell her that I was crying because I was afraid of loosing her, could I? Then I remembered my grandmother.

“My grandmother passed…?” Horribly my thoughts stated this as a question. Something so horrible, both my grandmothers passed two years ago, and I was sure Kim knew that too.