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To Be Head Of the Family...

Carlisle has picked Edward to take over his role as head of the family. This is based on the plot of Macbeth...

We are studying Macbeth at school, so I thought it would be fun to Twilight-adapt it! The POV changes a lot :) All human characters, usual pairings...

1. Chapter One

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I was head of the family. My children all looked up to me as leader. I knew they would always be loyal to our family. Edward, my first and only biological son, had always seemed to stand out. It wasn't because he was my flesh and blood, he was always the one to influence the others into following me. I had two other daughters, Alice and Rosalie, who were both adopted, and they were sweet to me and always obeyed me. My wife, Esme was proud to bring them up. We also had two sons in law and one daughter in law, and we were grandparents to a little girl and boy. We all lived in a huge mansion, that we had bought with my job income, mixed with Alice's fashion designs and Esme's architecture. Alice, and her husband Jasper, had a little girl named Jasmine, who was two, and Rosalie and Emmett had James, who was now four. They were both so sweet, and got on well together. Jasmine was exactly like her mother, and James was like his father. Edward and his new wife Bella hadn't yet had children. I don't think Edward was ready. I was proud of my family, but I knew I was getting on in life, and I wanted someone to take after me as head of the family. I discussed this with Esme. Our minds both immediately sprang to Edward. We thought it was only fair to discuss through it thoroughly. As Alice was the oldest of our children, and was so loving and sweet to everyone, she could be perfect. Rosalie was the most mothering and nurturing. We couldn't discuss it. Edward was the one.

"House meeting." I called through the huge house. Alice and Jasper came down first. Alice had Jasmine in her arms. Jasmine was quiet and shy, but lovable and sweet. Her big blue eyes looked at me, then up to her mother.

"Say hello to Grandpa." Alice encouraged. Jasmine looked at me and smiled.

"Hello Grandpa." she whispered. I smiled. Jasper stroked Jasmine's shining dark hair.

"Good girl." he praised. I knew Alice longed for more children, but some complications with Jasmine's birth left her unable to have more children. She was upset, but Jasper helped her through it and she adored Jasmine. I know she loved her with all her heart and that Jasmine is lucky to have such a loving mother. Jasper was never keen on having children, but I remember the moment he held Jasmine. He stared down at his tiny newborn daughter, taking after Alice with her size. His awkward eyes softened, and his mouth stretched into a smile. Alice was next to him, and smiling as well. Alice sat on the couch with Jasper. Alice moved Jasmine onto Jasper's knee. Jasmine cuddled into her father. Jasper kissed her cheek and started whispering to her with Alice, they were too quiet for me to hear. Esme came downstairs next, and crooned over little Jasmine. James came hurtling downstairs after Esme.

"Hi James." Esme smiled, hugging him gently. Jasmine beamed and waved at James

"Hello Jasmine." James waved back. Alice gigged, and Jasper smiled, and looked at his daughter lovingly. Alice, Jasper and Jasmine had a strong, intense bond. So strong, in fact, you felt you should look away when they were together, to respect their privacy. Rosalie came down with Bella, and they were shortly followed by Emmett and Edward. Emmett scooped James up, making him squeal in delight. Rosalie, Emmett and James were the opposite of Jasper, Alice and Jasmine. They were prepared to show off their relationship. Everyone was sitting, waiting for me to start. I was prepared for arguments from Rosalie, and maybe from Alice too, as I know they sometimes felt like we took Edward's side because he was our biological son. Alice was still fussing over Jasmine lovingly, but I knew she would listen aswell.

"Esme and I have been talking, and as you know, I am not immortal. I can't live forever and stay young. I want someone to take over the family after me to keep the family together. We decided that Edward should take over after me." I told them quietly. Edward looked shocked. Rosalie's face hardened. Alice smiled.

"I think you picked the right person, Carlisle." she told me, hugging Jasmine close to her.

"You think Uncle Edward can look after us all, don't you?" Alice smiled at her. Jasmine nodded. I smiled. Rosalie stood up.

"Excuse me." she muttered and walked upstairs. Emmett followed. James stayed sat on Esme's knee.
"She'll come around." Esme reassured me and Edward.

"Dad, I don't think I can..." Edward's eyes were wide with shock. I raised my eyebrows.

"We know you can. We trust you." I smiled. Alice looked up at him.

"You can do it. You looked after me when I needed help, and you're younger than me." she grinned. I was so glad Alice was encouraging her brother, and wasn't bothered that we hadn't picked her. She had always been sweet and humble like that.


I was happy that Edward had been picked. I would be nervous, and wouldn't know what to do. Jasmine cuddled into me, and after a few minutes of my soothing, she feel asleep. Jasper and I took her upstairs. I kissed her cheek gently, and Jasper did the same.

"Sweet dreams, princess." I whispered. Jasper put his arm around me. I went in to see Rosalie.

"Rosalie, come on." I sighed. "Edward's responsible. Carlisle made the right choice."

Rosalie glared at me. "Alice, he's the youngest. You or I should have been picked."

"Rose, you're acting like a child. I don't care about not getting picked. It's not a big deal." I sighed. Rosalie glared.

"I'm not being childish, Alice. I'm thinking about things being fair. You're the oldest. You should be picked."

I sighed impatiently.

"Even then, I would have declined. I'm happy just being a normal part of the family. I want to live in the family with Jasper, bringing up Jasmine as Carlisle and Esme did for us. Think about James, not power."