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The Biggest Mistake

Bella has been attacked by James, and time is running out for her. Edward doesn't get told, and it's up to Alice and Jasper to try to save his true love.

Non-Canon but usual pairings One Shot :)

1. The biggest mistake

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"Jasper?" I approached Jasper, who had been waiting by the women's bathroom at the airport for at least ten minutes. "Where's Bella?"

"Maybe she's just taking some time. Wait a bit longer before you go in." he reassured me. I ignored him and went inside. I caught Bella's familiar scent, and followed it carefully. She hadn't even gone into a cubicle. Her scent lead her straight out through the other exit. I gasped.

"No." I murmured and ran out to Jasper. "Bella's run away."

Jasper's eyes widened. He took my hand and dragged me to a bench.

"Where did she go? Look for it, Alice." he hissed. I rubbed my temples.

"A ballet studio. We have to go." I stood up, running to the nearest car in the parking lot I could find that looked reasonably fast. Nimbly I broke the lock and got in, unlocking the door for Jasper. He slid in beside me.

"Look out for any sign posts. I have no idea where to go." I ordered, my voice quick and panicked. Jasper laid his hand on my shoulder and sent calming waves over me.

"Calm down, Alice. We'll find her." he soothed. My body didn't seem to respond to the calming waves, and was still as worried when I was driving. I saw a vision, and gasped. Jasper gently moved me out of the way and took control of the car.

"James is there. He...breaks her leg. Jasper." I gasped, my body shaking with worry for my best friend. "She gets bitten."

I took control of the car again. Jasper calmed me down as best he could. After about an hour of driving around in circles, we finally pulled up beside the ballet studio.

"Bella!" I shrieked. Jasper hushed me, and we ran inside. Earsplitting screams of agony echoed through the huge room. I caught sight of Bella, being tormented by James.

"Bella." I repeated. James shot around, and sped towards me. Jasper leapt in front of me, and caught James.

"See to Bella." Jasper ordered. "I'll finish him off."

I nodded and ran over to Bella. Kneeling over her, I breathed in the beautiful scent of the blood. It was so tempting, despite Bella being my best friend. The blood smell was getting too much for me. I held my breath as best I could.

"It's OK, Bella. We're calling Car..." my voice trailed away as me thirst took over my body, my animalistic tendencies screaming for me to snap her neck and devour her. I closed my eyes, letting growls escape through my shining teeth.

"I don't want to hurt you." My voice was strained. Bella had never seen me like this, and for the first time she had been around vampires, I could see she feared for her life. Jasper called from the room he had taken James into. I looked at the room, and sped to Jasper.

"I can't resist." I moaned, trying to block the thoughts of killing Bella from my mind. Jasper was holding on James as best he could.

"You know what you need to do." he growled to me. I let out an enraged snarl at James, then leapt onto him and tore the head from his shoulders with an fierce shriek. Jasper ripped James' body apart, and managed to start a fire. The fire burned bright and victorious. Jasper got his cellphone from his pocket.

"I can't resist Jasper. I can't go back in there." I sobbed as Jasper walked me through the door. I could see that the fire would become out of control soon. Jasper and I both tensed. I clutched on to Jasper tightly, my knuckles pointing awkwardly from my skin. I was partly holding Jasper back, partly holding myself back. Sobs of frustration and panic flooded from me as Jasper went outside, talking to Carlisle. I knelt beside Bella, who was rapidly losing conciousness.

"Bella." I murmured. "Bella stay with us." I slapped her gently, hoping me cold touch would keep her awake.

"The fire. It's burning through me. It's got to my chest." she wailed.

"It's alright, Bells. Carlisle's coming." Alice soothed her, her voice wavering with thirst. Jasper came back inside.

"Carlisle said we have to remove the venom. We have to suck it out." he told Alice. Alice whimpered.

"I won't be able to stop. My thirst is bad enough. I can't take it." she wept. "I know you can't either."

Jasper nodded.

"Carlisle said we should find a will."

"A will to stop won't be stronger than my thirst." Alice protested. Jasper put his arm around Alice's tiny frame.

"I'll do it." Alice closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She knelt down to Bella and lifted her hand. Alice held her breath.

"Even if you have to pull me away from her, stop me when she's clean." she looked up at Jasper. Jasper nodded.

"It's all going to be OK, Bella. I'm sorry." Alice kissed Bella's hand before she locked her teeth into the bite. Bella shrieked in agony, and Alice closed her eyes tight. Her face relaxed as the taste of Bella's blood got onto her tongue, the taste mixed with the acidic taste of the venom. Jasper pulled Alice back.

"She's clean." he whispered. Alice was struggling, snarling and shrieking.

"Let go!" she screeched.

"Thank you, Alice." Bella smiled faintly. She was still bleeding, her broken leg and her head providing the smell. Alice managed to elbow Jasper in the chest, making him let go. She leapt over to Bella, plunging her teeth back into the bite and drinking more. Jasper was desperately trying to get Alice away.

"You're killing her, Alice." his voice was strained, the blood getting to him. Alice gasped, and managed to gain the will to stop. Jasper got her well away. Bella's eyes were unfocused, and Alice saw a vision at that moment.

"No." she whimpered. "She's not going to make it. I killed my best friend."

Jasper pulled her into him as she wailed loudly with grief.

"Alice!" Bella screamed. Alice ran to Bella's side. She took her hand.

"I'm sorry I made you do that." Bella whispered, tears falling down her face.

"It's my fault!" Alice cried out. Bella shook her head.

"You couldn't help it. I don't blame you." she touched Alice's rock hard face. Edward and Carlisle burst in the door. Edward gasped.

"Bella!" he yelled, then his eyes flickered to Alice's crimson irises. He snarled, bowling into her and throwing her aside.

"Why would you do that?" he seemed to roar. Jasper had run over to Alice, picking her up as she cowered into him, crying. Carlisle knelt over Bella.

"She's got minutes left." he said gravely. Edward looked over at Alice.

"I will rip you apart and burn the pieces!" he bellowed at his sister.

"I'm sorry! I tried my best. There was too much blood." Alice shrieked at him. Bella reached her hand to Edward.

"Don't be angry at her. She couldn't help it. It's a vampire's instincts." her voice had turned into a weak croak. Edward glared at Alice, then kissed Bella's hand.

"I love you." he wept. Bella smiled.

"Look after yourself, and don't be hard on Alice." she murmured. Slowly, her eyes closed, and her heartbeat faded into silence...