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Our Own Little Fairytale

He may not have been Bella's choice, but will he be Renesmee's? After falling in love, Renesmee finds herself having to fake her own death to shatter her life and save her family. So is there really such thing as happily ever after? Maybe, but not for everyone.


1. Waking Up

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None of the Twilight Saga belongs to me and I do not claim to own any of the characters, that all belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

Is it easier to let him go? I love him. I would do anything for him. But can I honestly make him happy? I don't deserve him.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not right for him. God knows he could do better." There was nobody there, just that constant voice in my head. What kind of advice was that?

Then she showed me. He was walking down the street, hand in hand with someone- another someone. It definitely wasn't me. Her blond shoulder length curls glistened as rays of sun danced on her hair.

Definitely not me.

Her blond curls were in stark contrast to my straight dark hair. (I was born with reddish-brown curls, but it soon changed as I got older. Some of my mother's features were slowly progressing in me.) Her tanned skin proved even more that is was not me. My ivory skin was porcelain-like. She was beautiful, but who the hell was she?

"And he is happy. Look!" The voice said softly in my ear, almost amused by the pained look that had sunk onto my face. "He is laughing and having fun. Oh, but wait, where are you? That girl isn't you. He doesn't look so worried about you now, does he? So, yes, maybe he can do better."

Ugh, I hate when that voice is right.

His beautiful face was ornamented with a massive smile that was spread from ear to ear. His fingers were locked in hers, and his deep chocolate eyes gazed at her lovingly.

What is that? I felt something soft press against my forehead.

"Morning beautiful."

Huh! What is going on?

Warm finger tips rubbed my cheek. My head jumped from the pillow but gravity soon caught hold of me and pushed me back down.

"Ness? Sweetheart, are you ok?" A concerned voice pleaded.

"What?" I replied. I had been in a state of confusion before but this was scary. I couldn't escape from the dream. The dream that was slowly becoming a nightmare.

He kissed the blond girl's tender lips. "Stop!" I shouted, running across the street.

"Nessie!" It was his voice, but his lips were still firmly placed on hers. My body shook a little, until my eyelids became like repelling magnets. My eyes flew open. His concerned look penetrated through my skin. He released his tight grip from around my wrists. I felt beads of sweat forming on my neck rubbing against my color bone. He lifted me up only to place me in his arms - his warm loving arms. "It's ok. I'm here, Ness. It was only a dream," he rocked me as if I were a child (Which I should be, I've only been on this earth eight years. But I grew up quickly and came to my full development two years ago.)

His words became muffled as he kissed the top of my head. It was only then I heard my sobs, and realized that endless tears were streaming down my face. "Hush, you're safe. It's ok," he repeated in a soothing voice.

I found strength to keep my breathing even. I pulled away from him and stared into his brown eyes. Everything about him was so loving.

"I....am .... sorry," I managed to say in between my sobs.

"For what?"

"For acting like this." I felt so stupid and it was all over that dream. A dream that was there every time I shut my eyes to sleep. Although, it had never been that bad. He had never actually kissed her.

"Ness, you have nothing to be sorry about," he placed two fingers under my chin and lifted my face so it was level to his. He gazed at me a moment, just like he had gazed at the girl in my dream. He smiled slightly, kissed my forehead and gently took me from his lap and laid me back down. "You can go back to sleep if you want?"

"Oh no thanks, and go through that again. I would prefer to stay awake," I almost shouted the words.

"Ok," he agreed, laughing at my reaction. He always agreed with me, anything to make me happy.

I sat up to look at him. "Where is everyone?" I asked.

"They've gone hunting, remember? They went for the weekend - the weekend you demanded you were not going on," he smirked slightly.

"Oh." I replied. I can remember having something like a tantrum a few days ago.

I was only half-vampire which meant I didn't need as much blood as the rest of my family. I would have been bored for a whole weekend and I could survive on human food. I felt bad for Uncle Emmett, though, he loves it when I come along.

"We can do something when you come back. We will wrestle a couple of bears or something." I promised before I left to return home. At least I had eased the disappointed look on his face, even if it was only a little bit.

He pulled me into his bear-like hug. "I'm gonna miss you, kid."

"I'm... gonna...miss....you....too." I squeezed out through my lips.

"Put her down Emmett, she can't breathe." Rosalie spoke from the corner of the room.

"O, sorry, forgot you needed to breathe." He smiled. Emmett looked tough to everyone but me. I suppose he saw me as a replacement for the children he and Rosalie would never have.

"See you when we get back." I could hear them all say as I ran through the forest back to the little cottage. I may have only been half-vampire but my senses were just as strong as the others.

Jacob basically lived there too. He was here with me more than my parents were. But he couldn't help it, especially with the whole imprinting thing. If I ever needed anything he was there. He was there to wipe away every tear I shed, to comfort every pain I ever got and to listen to me complain endlessly about how my parents room was way too close to mine. But I didn't mind, he was my best friend.

Although, it could be argued that the feelings I was having lately did not feel like best friend type of feelings. In the last few months, I realized not everyones' heart skips a beat for their best friend. Or not everyone gets shivers or blushes every time their best friend touches them.

I decided to quickly erase the thoughts from my head, before he noticed I had slid into a daydream.

"So, I've got the whole weekend to myself." A smile crept along my face as I realized this was the first time I was left completely alone. Then, I remembered I wasn't completely alone, but that was ok, Jake was one of the reasons I had not gone for the weekend. I couldn't have bared to have been away from him. I always wanted to spend time with Jake.

"You're coming to the bonfire down at the beach tonight, right? If you don't want to we could stay here and watch a movie?"

I always went to the bonfires with Jake, but he always felt the need to give me a choice to stay at home. He thought the stories would bore me. In fact, it was the total opposite, I found it impossible to stop listening to the stories about Jake's elders.

"Of course I'm going. Besides, I haven't seen your dad in awhile."

I adored, Billy, Jacob's father. Ever since Jake had imprinted on me he had always made it his business to make me feel welcome.

"Ness, you saw him last week," he reminded me.

"Yeah, a week is a long time ago," I laughed.

We were both silent a moment as we stared at each other.

Breathe, Renesmee, I told myself. His glare made me feel like we were the only two people in the world, but I decided to break the silence first, is was getting weird. "Ok, then." I said as I stared down at my pillow. "Well, you better go, I need to change. Unless you want me to go around looking like this all day," I laughed and tugged on my over-sized T-shirt.

"Would it matter? You would still be perfect."

There they were, those butterflies in my stomach, the ones that made my heart race. My cheeks began to blush. Jake, always told me things like that, but now it was like he meant them in a different way.

He must have noticed my embarrassment because he stood up. "I'll be back later to pick you up."

"I can drive myself, you know?"

"I know that, but I'm gonna pick you up anyway," he pressed.

"Well, I have news for you, Jacob Black," he bit his lip to stop himself from laughing as I used my serious tone - something I didn't use often, I could never take anything seriously. "I'm going to drive myself to La Push this afternoon, ok?"

His tall muscular frame shook as each sheet of laughter escaped from his lips. "Oh, why can I not say no to you?" He sighed through his laughter as he leaned down to kiss my cheek. "See you later, gorgeous," he winked before he left the room.