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Shadows Hide In The Dark

This is a poem about what a person would feel being changed. I know it isn't as amazing as others, but this was like only 5 minutes writing. And it is 9:46 p.m right now. So my brain is a bit numb. What you experience in my thought of becoming a vampire=} SHITD

Got bored, didn't want to write a full story...so I wrote this instead:)

1. What They Are In Reality

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Shadows Hide In The Dark

We dance slowly in the Shadows

Creepy slowly to emerge from the Dark

Something evil is there, Hiding

You can't see it at first

Until its body lunges forward

Grabbing your neck

Their head bowed slightly

Ready for the drink

You scream to startle or create a distraction

Too late

It's too fast

But something else is there


Unbelievable Beauty

You're dazzled at first


Everything slows down

Until the darkness comes

Heaven seems sweet

But they have stopped

Now you're caught in the sky

Falling toward fire

Hitting the ground with a hard breakable thud

But no sound can cover your scream

The fire is an intense feeling

End it now

But it burns

Remembering the face that killed you

So beautiful

But now you feel nothing but hatred and fire

That beauty has been twisted now

Your vision in your head


The beauty is gone

Everything is ugly,

And hell

The beauty that waited in the Shadows

The leap that it made from the Dark

The hiding spot revealed

Everything is revealed now,

Death has took it's toll

You're now in fire


Ashes it seemed took your body and organs

Ash and Dust is what you are


Vision is full

Beauty of life takes place

Speed intruding

Burns that ache the throat

No one would pay such to take beauty

Oh I wish the thing that

Danced slowly in the Shadows

Crept slowly to emerge from the dark

That was hiding came

Would go to hell

So I killed

Beauty is now killed

Now I must dodge the light

Make the,

Shadows Hide In The Dark