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Light in My Life outtake

Hm . . . . . it seems I have found a deleted scene from Light in My Life. Are you a fan of my most famous fanfic? Well, then, here you are. An excerpt from the original Light in My Life copy.

I own a room filled riiculously high with twilight stuff. But, sadly, I do not own the Twilight Saga.

1. Just Getting By(Bella's POV)

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Chapter one – Just Getting By(Bella's POV)

Why I left it out:

It seemed horribly unprofessional. It took away from Bella's dilemma. I really wanted people to view the story's angsty side then. Her situation was serious, and I believed I had put enough comedy in the chapter to put a smile on people's faces. Or, at least I hope I did. I edited quite a bit of it, and re-worded most of it. It went from mind to paper to computer. There was a lot of change in between. As I typed the unedited version, I edited it in my head. It killed me to actually post it without fixing my silly errors. It truly is embarrassing. Compared to my REAL first copy of Light in My Life, this is trash. But, this has more dialogue, and Bella is 'found out' in a different way. Perhaps you should re-read the first chapter first.

Why I am showing it to you now:

Because I love all of you! You are the most amazing fans ever! I couldn't ask for better readers and reviewers! I believe you all deserve this because you have stuck by me even when I was unable to update. Truthfully, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this. Should I have kept it? Were you glad I left it out? Are you at least glad you're seeing it now? I hope so, because I am. It's not much, really, but I'm doing this just for you!

Deleted scene:

“But Alice! Those are mine!”The woman's voice was fierce and demanding, and I could have sworn I heard her growl.

No. That's impossible.

“But blue isn't even your color!” This female voice was higher and more frustrated than fierce.

“Alice, I swear if you readjust those straps I'm gonna – Edward let me go!”

“Not until you stop trying to pummel your sister. I heard what you were planning to do, Rose, and it's not pretty!” The woman, Rose I'm guessing, was interrupted by a beautiful and musical-sounding voice. This Edward had already left me speechless.

“I'll take over, Edward. Go back to your music.” Another male voice, deeper, but had more of an edge to it.

“Thank you, Jasper.”

“Please calm down Rose!” The second female spoke in a pleading voice.

“No, Alice! Give them back. Now!” Rose was still furious.

“Emmett, you can step in at any time, here!” That must have been Jasper.

A booming voice came next. “No way! I'm getting a kick out of this!” His booming laugh scared me and I let out a small, surprised whimper.

I had thought they couldn't have heard me, but the loud comments they had said different.

“What the . . . . “

“What's going on?” A new, female voice.

“Did you hear that?!”

“There is definitely someone out there.”

“How did I not see this?!”

“Calm down.” A new, male voice. He spoke in an authoritative voice, and I had to strain my ears to hear it.

I had dealt with so many people in my lifetime, but seeing the door open slowly, as I knew I'd been caught, scared me. I cringed back into the shadows.