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Victoria is back in Seattle and she means business. Revenge on the Cullen's and Bella Swan has never been harder, but with help from her newborn army of vampires it may be a piece of cake. But, is someone siding with the Cullen's reporting Victoria's every move betraying her wishes. Or does someone want to escape their fate as an uncontrollable vampire?

I appreciate suggestions, reviews, shout-outs and the sort. This is the first fanfiction I attempted and actually finished, so I hope you enjoy it! :) For those of you reading this I have decided to have people vote for which name you think the newborn vampire girl should have or submit your own! Here are some I thought were neat: Cassella, Andrea, Aria (Ar- rhea), Willow, Skyler, Corrine (Core -in), McKenna, or Avery.

1. Silent Strangers

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The pain came without warning, first to the right side of my body then creeping over to the left. It felt like I was being struck by lightning or even worse than that. I was scared, I wanted to run but I was paralyzed on the spot motionless. There was nothing I could do but scream and yell until someone found me sprawled on the cement unable to move. The rain was seeping into my clothes as the crystal drops pattered on me ferociously getting heavier.

“Somebody help!!!"

I pleaded hoping my cry for help would be answered.


I gasped hot tears streaming down my colorless face.

“No one can help you,” a mysterious voice hissed into my ear. It was a woman’s voice, soft and soprano-like.

“Who’s there?” I whimpered my jade green eyes wide with concern.

“Was does it matter,” another voice chimed in. A man’s voice, quite boyish in way, yet husky and deep.

“Don’t worry Riley in a few day’s time she will be one of us,” the woman assured in a solid tone.

The one named Riley spoke again. “But Victoria, what she tries to run like so many have attempted, what if she’s stronger.”

“Don’t worry Riley the girl is already in hell like the rest of us,she won't be able to control herself if she escapes anyway, yet if all comes to fail kill her.”

“Kill me…” I gulped down trying to process the words I had just heard.

I looked towards the voices, before finally setting my eyes on two figures lurking in the shadows in the alleyway. One, Victoria, was leaning against the brick wall her wild red hair disheveled from the rain. The other, Riley, muscular and tall, was pacing back and forth not noticing I was still stranded in the alley, a burning sensation rippling through my entire body. They still showed no notice of me.

They kept talking like they were waiting for someone or something to happen and eventually something did happen.

The sun set.

The pair inched their way forward like they didn’t know what to do with me like they would just leave me alone to die.

“Get up,” Riley demanded me his eyes tracking my every move.

His eyes were blood red.

I tried and as he observed me struggle, smirking at my attempt. He then effortlessly lifted me off the ground and situated me on his back like an older sibling giving a youngster a piggyback ride. I quietly gasped in shock.

His arm, it was snow white and ice cold.

Inhumanly possible, who were these mysterious beings and what did they want with me? I couldn’t remember what else happened after the scene in the alley.

I recall a forest full of lush green moss and humongous evergreen trees.

Wind, there was wind licking at my face, stinging it with a cold Washington kind of rain I only knew.

Then the horrendous pain came again, worse this time. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. It seemed I could never escape this nightmare, black nothingness consuming my body. I felt like I couldn’t hold on any longer, like I would never survive to see tomorrow’s beautiful sunrise.

I knew the end was coming for me. I could feel it in my soul, if I even had a soul anymore.