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Seventy-two tasks

edward get paid a visit by the demon Solomon and is offered a once in a life time opertunity to become human again. He goes off to face Solomon's spirits all seventy two of them.

Solomon doesn't actually come into the story until chapter seven. I have the entire outline of the story and let me tell yah. It is going to be a long story. About 109 chapters! i have five of them already written.

3. Fight

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Bella’s POV

It was quiet in the car as Edward sped away from Port Angeles. Judging by the whiteness of his knuckles on the steering wheel I’d say that he was still mad.

“What?” I asked, he was muttering under his breath.

“Why did you have to do that?” he asked still not looking my way.

“Do what?” I asked confused.

“You know what.” He said tightly.

“No I don’t know.” I said then my voice softened. “Edward what’s wrong?” I asked trying to touch his arm but he pulled away, which stung.

“Why did you have to flirt with him Bella?” boomed loudly. I starred at him completely stunned. I had never seen Edward so angry at me before.

“I wasn’t flirting with him” I said trying to stay calm. He looked at me his eyes now pitch black gave me the sinking feeling that he was a little too dangerous to be fighting with right now.

“Don’t you dare, Bella, don’t you dare lie to me.” He said commanding. I licked my lips in frustration.

“I’m not lying to you Edward.” I said with a little more force. “I wasn’t flirting with him.”

“To hell you weren’t. Bella I saw you” he said. That’s when I lost it, he wouldn’t be yelling at me for something that I didn’t do especially when he was doing it himself.

“Well who are you to judge me, huh?” I asked. “You were the one making miss blonde giggle.” Edward snorted at that.

“Is that what this is about? Because someone giggled. Jesus Bella you don’t have to be so jealous.” He exclaimed. “Its sill no reason to go flirt with that guy.”

“Edward for the last time I was not flirting with him” I yelled. “And you clearly you don’t know me if you think that I would go and flirt with some one else for revenge, especially since I wasn’t even jealous.” Okay that last part wasn’t true. I had been jealous, but his ego was big enough.

“Oh yeah what about Jacob?” he tried yelling back at me.

“Will you quit it with the Jacob thing” I replied matching his volume. “I choose you not him. That should tell you something.”

“Or maybe you really choose him.” Edward said pulling up to my house. I starred at him furious. How could he say that? He knew that I loved him, why was he acting this way?

“Fine believe what you want Edward” I said getting out of the car. I walked up to the house tears streaming down y face.

Edward’s POV

I pulled out of Bella’s driveway and sped all the way home. I got out of the car but didn’t go inside. I needed to calm down and think about what had just happened. Had Bella and I just broken up? God I hope not, but what if we did?

This was the first fight that Bella and I had really yelled at each other. It was strange and I feel awful. I had to apologize to Bella; I had acted out of line. I knew she loved me and the ticket guy was really flirting with her rather than her, him. But for her to think that I had been remotely interested in that blonde girl was laughable. I hope she forgives me.