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Seventy-two tasks

edward get paid a visit by the demon Solomon and is offered a once in a life time opertunity to become human again. He goes off to face Solomon's spirits all seventy two of them.

Solomon doesn't actually come into the story until chapter seven. I have the entire outline of the story and let me tell yah. It is going to be a long story. About 109 chapters! i have five of them already written.

4. Apology

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Bella’s POV

I pulled on a violet blouse and examined myself in the mirror. My stomach seemed to peek out a little and my jeans seemed a little tight. I moved away from the mirror then moved back, I sighed. I really needed to loose some weight.

I turned sideways and looked down at my butt. It looked like a huge balloon only bigger. My breasts weren’t any better, they weren’t exactly small but they weren’t large either. I sighed again and turned every which way trying to figure out how I was going to loose all this fat.

“I think you look beautiful” I turned startled at the sound of his voice. I hadn’t expected him to be here after yesterday.

“Shut up” I said looking at my backside again. “I look like an oversized pimple.” He chuckled lightly and walked over to me.

“A very cute oversized pimple” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Edward there is nothing cute about a pimple.” I said putting my hands on my hip. He nodded.

“You’re right.” He scooped me up and I screeched “you’re gorgeous” I giggled loving the way he was romancing me.

Edward’s POV

I began to spin causing Bella to screech again. She gripped my t-shirt tighter.

“Edward stop! Ah! Stop!” I stopped and laughed at her dizzy face. I carried her to the bed and laid her down. “That was mean” she said sitting up. I grinned innocently.

“But fun” I stated.

“You’re impossible” she breathed. I leaned closer to her my eyebrows rose.

“Really?” she nodded.

“Yes as well as tempting” I pursed my lips trying to hide a smile.

“You’re one to talk” I said then my expression softened. “I’m sorry about yesterday.” She looked away.

“Yeah me too” she sighed looking out the window at the cloudy sky.

“Bella” she turned back to me “Can we promise to trust each other from now on? I asked hopefully. She sighed shaking her head at me.

“Yes” I smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you” she shrugged.

“I love you Edward. And no ticket guy or Jacob is going to change that.” She said looking directly into my eyes. “I don’t know what it’s going to take for you to realize that I’m faithful to only, but…” she trailed off. I looked at her face relieved.

“I love you Bella” I said and pressed my lips to hers.

Alice’s POV

I pressed my body against Jasper’s intensifying the kiss. He slipped his tongue into my mouth easily. My hand were buried in his hair while the shaped his face.

Dizziness crept around my head and I pulled away from Jasper. My breathing quickened and I began to sweat heavily. Jasper put a hand on my shoulder concerned.

“Alice” that was the last thing I heard before I slipped into the vision.

Carlisle’s POV

I heard Jasper yell and ran up the stairs to their room at full speed. I arrived to see jasper holding on to Alice frightened as swear covered her entire body and she sat there in a trance. She was having a vision and probably a very powerful one.

Suddenly Alice gasped and looked from jasper to me.

“He’s coming” she whispered. Jasper and I stared at her confused.

“Who’s coming?” I asked prompting her.