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Seventy-two tasks

edward get paid a visit by the demon Solomon and is offered a once in a life time opertunity to become human again. He goes off to face Solomon's spirits all seventy two of them.

Solomon doesn't actually come into the story until chapter seven. I have the entire outline of the story and let me tell yah. It is going to be a long story. About 109 chapters! i have five of them already written.

5. Alice's vision

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Edward’s POV

I lifted my head from resting on Bella’s belly. Alice was outside.

Edward! Edward! I need to speak with you, it’s important. I looked down at my angel. She was sleeping soundly with on hand up by her face curled into a loose fist. I brushed a strand of her hair away from her face and got up off of the bed. I’ll wait in the trees. I glanced at Bella again before launching myself out the window and landing feet first on the ground.

The night air was all misty and the trees were barely visible to the human eye. Good thing I wasn’t human. I walked ten minutes into the trees until I came across Alice leaning up against a tree trunk her eyes closed and focused. She was trying to force a vision. Her eyes snapped pen as I approached, the topaz whirls filled with worry.

“What is it?” I asked my tone neutral. I didn’t want to add to her uneasiness. She pressed her palms against her thighs as if agitated about something. “Just spit it out Alice.” She was doing a superb job of hiding her thoughts from me.

“You know the whole vampire legend, the one about the seventy-two tasks?” I nodded. I knew a lot about that legend. I had researched me when I’d first met Bella. The Seventy-two tasks were said to be given by Solomon a powerful demon whom can give back an immortal’s mortality or the other way around. Unfortunately all my research had drawn a blank.

“Yeah, what about it,” I asked. Alice shifted her feet restlessly.

“Well I sort of had a vision about it.” I cocked my head suspiciously.

“What do you mean?” She heaved a sigh and twiddled her fingers.

“I had a vision that Solomon came to you and offered you your immortality back.” I stood there stunned for a moment. It couldn’t be true.

“I’m not in the mood for games Alice,” I warned. She shook her short brown hair.

“Trust me Edward I wish that I was. It sounds great and everything, but you should have seen all the obstacles he’s going to put you through. It hurt just to watch you accomplish them.” I watched her for a moment afraid that this was too good to be true. Despite her warning I knew that I was going to this, I had to do this.

“When will he come?” I asked.

“I about two days give or take a day or so. He blurred my sight just enough so that I could still warn you.” My eyes widened in surprise.

“He can do that?” She nodded.

“And more,” She took a step forward. “Edward please, be careful he is more powerful, and deceitful then you will expect. The time there is also much different then here. If you go there for what will seem like a month there could be a whole year here. I don’t know exactly what the time difference is but it will not be the same when you come back.” I patted her hand reassuringly.

“I have to do this Alice, for Bella, and for me. I have to.”