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Realistic Love

your no goodWhat if Bella did act like a 17 yr. old when Edward said goodbye? What if her answer to his request for a promise to not be reckless was NO? How far will Bella go to prove he cannot control her? Cannon Pairs V/H AU

Starts in the woods after Edward ends his relationship with Bella.

1. Chapter 1

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Realistic Love

Chapter 1


"Not a chance in Hell! I am not going to make that promise! However, I will promise you one thing. I promise to do the complete opposite, like you said in Biology, there are so many ways humans can harm themselves. You wanted us over and now we are, please leave!"

"Bella, please think about Charlie, do you really want him to suffer?"

"This isn't about Charlie, and now...it's not about you anymore. This is about me and what I am willing to live with or without. You have made your choice and now I will make mine. Please feel free to enjoy your other distractions, and tell everyone I said goodbye, not that they ever really cared about me."

For the first time since I met Edward, I was the one walking away. The minute he said the words that ended our relationship, something in my head snapped, I could not and would not live without him. I could feel he was still watching me as I stumbled my way back down the path towards my house but I did not care. My mind was already race towards the finish line and how many ways I could get there. I would want to make it easier on Charlie so the thought hit me, I could just drive my truck off the cliff near La Push. It would look like an accident and everyone would be happy. With that in mind, I never went into the house instead I got back in my truck and started the engine. I saw Edward standing at the tree line as I backed out, knowing this would be the last time I would see him, I turned away and headed towards the cliffs.

Don't get me wrong I love my truck, but why couldn't this piece of junk do more the fifty-five miles an hour? The good thing about it, it was built like a tank so the guardrail would be no problem. This thought caused me to laugh not because it was funny but because the more time I spent planning to do this, the less it hurt. Just thinking about him was causing a gaping hole to open in my chest, so he was off the thinking menu. I know he is long gone by now but how could he seriously think I could just forget him and his family. Seeing the bend of the road ahead I knew it would be over in minutes so hit the gas a little harder hoping to milk out any extra horsepower. Just before crossing the invisible line of the reservation, I saw a quick flash out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned my head, nothing was there so I quickly turned my eyes back to the road only to see a very pissed off looking Edward standing in the middle road. What the hell was he doing here? I couldn't help but smile, did he really think that would stop me? Instead of off the cliff I veered into the cliff wall the followed the highway.


No, she can't mean it, she would not do that to Charlie, or me she just needs time to calm down and she will be fine. Oh, who am I kidding? I saw the look in her eyes when I said I did not want her, I saw the sparkle in her eyes die right in front of me. I had broken her. I was flabbergasted when she said no to my request; I thought she would anything for me. Turns out, I was right, she would do anything and that meant not living without me. When she went to her truck instead of the house, I knew she had already figured out what she was going to do, now if I knew what that was I could stop her before she did something stupid. When my phone vibrated in my pocket, I knew I would only be one person.

"Yes, Alice."

"I swear I wasn't looking Edward, the vision was just there." I pinched the bridge of my nose while answering her.

"I know…what did you see."

"She's heading towards the cliffs of La Push; she's going to drive off them so it looks like an accident. Edward she wants to die, I told you this was going to happen."

"You were right; I saw it on her face the minute the words came out of my mouth. I do not think…I can leave now, not at least until I know she will be okay. So forget what I said, watch her every move and text me so I can keep her safe."

"I'm coming back to help."

"No stay there if she keeps trying then you can come back, but lets just give her a little time to adjust to me leaving, I still think this can work."

"No! We tried it your way, now we are coming back to fix your screw up. Moreover, before you say another word that message was from Carlisle. We'll see you tomorrow." Did she really just hang up on me?

How could I have screwed this up to the point that even my family was backing Bella? They were gone all of three days and were now coming back, I knew the moment Jasper snapped at Bella I had to do this and now I want nothing more then to take it back. I couldn't stand there any longer thinking about it, I had to stop Bella from going over that cliff. So at top speed I raced towards La Push, I knew I could beat that bucket of bolts to the treaty line. After running past her I positioned myself in her path knowing she wouldn't hit me, but when I saw the smile on her face a split second she jerked the steering wheel, I knew she'd hit the cliff wall to my left. Before she could take her next breath, I jumped on the door runner, yanked open the door and pulled her safely from the truck, landing on the grassy rode side. I was frantic about how this would have gone if I had gone through with my plan to leave her at the edge of the wood. I know I shouldn't have but I could help but smile at the fact she was fine.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME!" She screamed as she slapped my repeatedly. Yeah, that was going to hurt her in the morning.

"Bella, please you can't do this, it would kill Charlie to lose you!"

"It's not your business anymore, so stay away from me!" She was livid I could see it in her eyes.

"Bella…I can't leave until I know you won't try this again."

"Well, since my truck is now scrap metal, I guess I won't be trying to do this again." That is a relief!

"Good, I am glad you're not going to try to kill yourself again." My smile did not last long.

"Who said that? I said I would not be driving off a cliff again. Goodbye Edward." What?!

She started to walk away but I was not about to let her out of my sight. I followed her from a distance letting her know I was still there but giving her space. Of all the times for Bella to start acting like a teenager, she picks now. If vampires could faint, I think I would have when she stuck out her thumb at the first car to drive by, didn't you know the jerk actually stopped and picked her up! This girl was going to drive me insane; she threw every point of reason out the window today in the woods. At this rate, in one week she would be a prostituting junkie in Port Angeles or in the morgue! I ducked into the woods and followed the car until Bella was dropped off a mile from her house. After she shut her front door, I went into the trees behind her house so I could continue to watch her from a distance. I expected Bella to call Charlie about her truck but she surprised me again by calling a taxi to take her to the airport. Just maybe, she came to her senses and decided to visit Renee with the two round trip airline tickets Esme and Carlisle gave her for her birthday, but my stomach was telling me something different. It did not surprise me when my phone went off.

"Alice, where is she going?"


"Why would she go there?"

"The Volturi!"

My hands were shaking when I shut my phone. She would really go there and ask for death? I had to talk her out of this; I could not let her go there. I made my way to her window only to find it was locked, she had lock me out of her room. She jumped a little when she saw me sitting in the tree but quickly grabbed her suitcase and head for the stairs. By the time she made it out the door I had already paid the taxi driver to leave, okay she definitely did not look happy with me.

"You can't stop me from doing whatever makes me happy, so you might as well leave already. I am sure Tanya; I mean your distractions are waiting for you."

"Tanya is not my distraction and whatever I had planned can wait until you promise not to repeat today's performance." Snapping at her probably was not the best idea!

"I don't want to see around my house anymore, stop coming to my window, you are no longer welcome here." She flinched when I raised my hand towards her face.

"Please Bella, listen to me, it is better for you if we are not together, can't you see that?"

"I'm sorry, are you still here?" She sneered at me.

And with that, she spun on her heels and went back in the house, slamming the door in my face when I tried to follow her. It broke my heart all over again when I heard her stumbling up the stairs crying. Why can't she see I am only trying to protect her?


I can't stand it anymore, this afternoon he tells me he's leaving me, that I am no good for him and I was only a distraction, now he won't leave me in peace, to rid myself of the agonizing pain that ripples through my chest whenever I even think his name. If he wants to leave me so badly, then why is he still here? Does he just want to torture me? I tried to stifle my sobbing for Charlie's sake, but I think he still heard me, not that he will admit it to me.

It took two hours of gut wrenching sobs before I could finally fall asleep.