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Realistic Love

your no goodWhat if Bella did act like a 17 yr. old when Edward said goodbye? What if her answer to his request for a promise to not be reckless was NO? How far will Bella go to prove he cannot control her? Cannon Pairs V/H AU

Starts in the woods after Edward ends his relationship with Bella.

3. Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination, Stephenie Meyer's owns Twilight! Co-written with dazzleglo!

Realistic Love

Chapter 3

Edward’s POV

Spending the week watching Bella from afar was not one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. The first day back, she had to be led out of lunch by Emmett before she fell apart in the car. I was right behind them, but I kept my distance, I heard her as she tried to stop her pain by taking all the pills left over from James' attack last spring, but before I could make it into the house, Emmett was already in her room forcing her to spit them out. I almost went in after Carlisle gave her a shot of Valium, but his thoughts to me were clear, I was to stay away.

My family created a wall basically shielding her from me, blocking my efforts to make her ready for my departure. They had even gone as far as spending their after school hours in the soundproof music room at school. Why could no one see my side? Why couldn't they see I only want to protect the only woman I will ever love? They all seem to think because I love her more than my own life, I should stay and keep putting her at risk.

Although, Alice says that Bella's at risk from her own magnetic force that drags her towards danger that has nothing to do with me. I was pulled from my thoughts by Emmett knocking on Bella's front door. What was he doing here tonight?

"Hey Bella, ready for dinner?" Why is he taking her to dinner?

"Yeah, let me grab my jacket."

"So…where are we going for dinner?" Where is Rosalie?

"I was thinking about that place you like in Port Angeles; I know it's your favorite." Excuse me, how does he know that?

"So…what's tonight's lie for Rose?" Lie?

"Oh, I actually told her I was taking you to dinner in my attempt to try and cheer you up. She bought it hook, line and sinker baby." No way! He can't be trying to take my girl away from me!

Damn! I guess I should have thought about how much it would hurt just knowing she might find someone else, I mean I meant for her to, but now the pain is excruciating! I don't want someone else to be with my Bella, even if she is not mine anymore. How could Emmett do that to Rose? Has this been going on when Bella was with me? It took everything in my being not to charge up to the house and demand answers from both of them. The hole in my chest from Bella's absence was only made larger by her betrayal with the man I called my brother. I couldn't fathom how the woman I wanted to be my wife would want someone else. Just as I was about to follow them Carlisle's thoughts held me back.

"Hello son, we haven't seen you in a few days, are you alright?"

"No! I am not fine! I love her more than anything in this world and now she acts like I didn't exist." I growled out loudly.

"Isn't that what you wanted for her to forget you and move on?"

"I truly did, but now…I want nothing more than to take her back into my arms and love her forever, but…it's too late for that, she wants someone else."

"Edward are you thinking of staying and being with Bella forever, if she'll have you?"

"I would, but she seems to be happy without me and it hurts so bad, that she could throw me away so easily."

"I don't mean to point out the obvious, but didn't you do that to her first?"

"I was trying to protect her! She is probably seeing him for sex! God…the thought of someone touching her the way I want to, is killing me!"

"You may still have a chance to woo her back; maybe if you make it known how you feel about her, maybe she will see the light as you have."

"I don't know if I can, I think she hates me now."

"Edward why do think human love is different from vampire love? If she loved you completely a week ago, don't you think she might still love you completely, that she's just angry at the moment?"

"No … well maybe in that we mate for life and because I am not sure she really loved me to begin with…"

"There are many humans that mate for life and after one dies, the other soon follows. How can you think that she can’t really loved you, because from where I stand I see something completely different and believe me I'm not standing there alone. The way Bella looks at you is the same way I see your sisters look at their mates and Esme looks at me. Is it because she is showing an interest in someone else?" Are you blind son; do you really believe that; she only has eyes for you; for someone so smart you can be very dense. He thought the end to me.

"Yeah, she's definitely showing an interest in someone else."

"Edward not everything in life is as it seems. It can't be defined by either black or white; there are many shades of grey in between. However, if you truly love Bella with all your heart, you should be fighting to be with her and not running from her. Therefore…if you love her like you say you do, then it's time to show her and the world that you do. Don't let anything stand in your way, especially your pride. And a good place to start could be the talent show tomorrow night, just think about what I said, will you?"

"Yes, I will continue to think about it, but Carlisle what if I tell her everything and I was right about someone else?"

"Then maybe it's time to fight for what you want with everything you have. Goodnight Edward, Esme misses you, come home soon son."

My waiting time for them to come back was well spent in deep thought. Carlisle was right, I needed to decide once and for all, was I staying and giving Bella everything I had, or was I leaving? Moreover, was my attempt to leave her really, what was best for her?

Just as the wind shifted, I picked up a scent I had only encountered once before, but would remember for my entire existence. What was that redheaded witch doing in the woods around Bella's house? I left my perch in the trees and started tracking it; unfortunately, I did not get far. I lost her when she crossed the boundary line of La Push. This brought on an epiphany, Alice was right; if we were not here, she would have been able to get at Bella all too easily. I would have ended up leaving Bella unprotected and vulnerable to an attack. I was only putting her in more danger by leaving.

Once back on my perch, I saw Bella had returned home and was getting ready for bed.

After smelling Victoria around Bella's house, I was overwhelmed with the urge to be close making sure she was okay. I slipped out of the tree I was perched in and made my way to her window. She was lying in her bed curled up in a tight little cocoon of blankets, crying and whimpering.

I felt the anger in me multiplying, had Emmett hurt her? On the other hand, is she crying because she misses me? Tonight I was not going to obey Bella's request to stay away from her, I would remain in the tree at her window until morning, and tomorrow I would show her I never stopped loving her. Bella finally drifted off to sleep, but she was restless and even woke screaming from a nightmare, where she was begging me to stay with her. She would not have to beg anymore, this was my fault and I no longer had the strength to leave her. Carlisle was right, it's time to fight.

Carlisle’s POV

"Hi honey I'm home." Of course Esme knew I was home, but I just loved that phrase. And, in came the love of my life with the look in her eyes that I've seen in Bella's when she looks at Edward.

"How did it go?"

"It went as well as expected, but between our talk and Alice's jealousy plan, it's pushed him over to seeing the light. Good thing I was there because, as usual, Emmett went off script and I had to hold Edward back from ripping his head off."

"Glad to hear he's coming to his senses. While you were out, Charlie called me. He's beside himself, not knowing what to do for Bella and asked if I could speak with her, so I will speak with her after the talent show."

I grabbed Esme into a hug and told her "I love you so much."

Bella’s POV

Why we ended up at the Forks diner, I will never know. I know this was all part of Alice's plan, but I didn't see the point to it all. Edward had been very clear on his feelings so did she think we should prolong the inevitable. My plan still had not changed as soon as he was gone so was I.

"Emmett are you sure he didn't follow us?"

"No Carlisle is taking care of that; he's having a little heart to heart with the boy."

"He's not a boy! I don't get it, why is he still here? Does he like torturing me or something?" Does he enjoy my pain?

"I know Alice has told you this, but apparently you need to feel what he's feeling…so were having a special dinner guest join us shortly and you will see and feel everything for yourself. Ah speak of the devil and Jasper arrives." He looks better; Denali was good for him, thank goodness because the pixie seriously missed him.

"Good evening Bella, please excuse the intrusion." You could see how nervous he was, it reminded me of the first time I met him at the house.

"It's okay Jasper, please join us, I am glad you're back." At least Alice will be happy now.

"Thank you, but first I need to say something to you…I am so sorry for the night of your birthday. I knew you were coming, I should have hunted and been prepared for your safety, this whole mess is my fault. I am the reason you and Edward aren't together anymore." I wish that were true.

"Well…we all seem to differ on that point, Edward made it clear that I wasn't good for him and I was just a distraction to kill time. I thought he loved me even though I never understood why…" Just saying his name made me clutch my chest as a ripple of pain over took me. I saw Jasper wince as it happened.

"Bella, Edward hasn't explained to you about a vampire's temperament has he?" Hunh?

"No, but why should would that matter?" Just before he could explain, the waitress arrived and took our orders.

Sir, what would you like to order?"

"I'll have the steak, rare with a loaded baked potato and vegetable of the day. Oh, and I'll have the chocolate layer cake for dessert with ice cream and whipped cream." I had to pick up my jaw from the table!

She then turned to Jasper and asked what he wanted but Emmett jumped in and told her

"He'll have the same as me. Oh, and bring an extra fork for Bella to share our desserts." Is he nuts!

"Emmett, I can't eat my meal and both of yours." Hell I was barely eating now a days!

"Don't worry Bella, I have it covered." Did I really want to know how.

"Yeah, I'm afraid of that."

"So, that's what you're afraid of, not that you're having dinner with two very handsome vampires." Vampire’s were never my problem.

"Okay darlin, crash course…vampires mate for life, so when we find the one we love, that's it. We don't change again until we lose them, which is always in death." WHAT?

"So…you're saying you will never love anyone but Alice and you Rose?" Jasper and Emmett both grinned at this question and it made me think of my grandparents who were married for 60 years and how when my grandmother died, my grandfather also did a month or so later. I often wondered if he died of a broken heart.

"That's right and for your information; Edward was too far in love with you before that van almost hit you, to change that." No, he said…

"That can't be or else he would have never broken things off, he would never have denied my request to change me."

"Show her Jasper, she needs to know how he really feels." Emmett looked so cocky when he said it. And, of course, the waitress decided just then to deliver our drinks and left again with the promise that our food would not be long. Well this is turning into quite an interesting evening.

"Bella, can I hold both your hands so I can show you how he felt before you, with you and then the night I crushed your relationship?"

"I don't see how this will help, but sure why not."

When he took my hands in his, it was a good thing that I was sitting down when the emotions started to rush through me. The loneliness, despair, unhappiness and repulsion that Edward felt before me re-broke my heart all over again, he was miserable beyond description. Then in a heartbeat that all changed and I was flooded with love, acceptance, happiness and desire, I did not need to describe these feelings to myself they were a mirror image of my own. It was the last shift that surprised me, the heart breaking feelings of losing a loved one, the desolate feelings; it was like mine again, the feeling as if I were dead inside that could only come from the death of a true love. It was then that it started to make sense to me knowing the truth; I now knew he looked at our relationship as if I had died that night. He broke off our relationship because he did not want me to die, as he had feared when Jasper took a snap at me. But what he didn't realize was by doing that he made me want to die.

"You see Bella; he really thought he was protecting you from dangers like me. But now I know I can't push myself, I was trying to be like everyone else and hunt at similar intervals, however I realize that I need to accept that I may might never get to that point. So, from now on, I will be hunting as often as necessary to keep you safe and from that happening again. I don't want to put my family through this kind of pain ever again and, yes, you are MY family too."

"Yes I do see, but it doesn't make it hurt any less, he said all those things to me, he threw us away without even fighting for us."

When the waitress arrived with our food, we moved on to less pain filled topics of conversation. Until Jasper and I were both shocked when Emmett actually started eating the food he ordered, the faces he was making had us both in fits of laughter. You would have thought it couldn't have gotten any funnier, but yeah it did. It felt good so laugh, but it did not erase the pain. Although being with people, or should I say family that loves you unconditionally, does help ease it a bit.

Emmett’s POV

I picked Bella up at her house to go out for dinner and while standing on the porch, we discussed our plans so a certain someone could hear them; I swear I thought I heard some growling coming from the woods, good. Alice's jealousy segment was clearly working, so I decided to add some insult to injury and threw my arm around Bella as I walked her to my car. Probably a good thing Carlisle was there to stop him to have a father-son chat; otherwise I'd have been toast.

When we arrived at the diner, we were met by Jasper who was clearly nervous. Bella, of course, was very happy to see him and forgave him immediately. I, on the other hand, was going to torture him a bit this evening, nothing terrible, just some good ole fashion fun.

"Sir, what would you like to order?" Time to make Jasper squirm!

"I'll have the steak, rare with a loaded baked potato and vegetable of the day. Oh, and I'll have the chocolate layer cake for dessert with ice cream and whipped cream."

She then turned to Jasper and asked what he wanted, but his moment of indecision was going to be his undoing. I jumped in and told her "he'll have the same as me. Oh, and bring an extra fork for Bella to share our desserts." This Boy was going down!

"Emmett, I can't eat my meal and both of yours." Right, like you could keep up with me on a good day!

"Don't worry Bella, I have it covered." Bella’s scrunched up face was priceless.

"Yeah, I'm afraid of that."

"So, that's what you're afraid of, not that you're having dinner with two very handsome vampires." This girl has never had an once of fear when she should!

We explained that vampires mated for life and there was a moment of shock on Bella's face, but it was quickly replaced by some other happy thought. Jasper then showed Bella all the emotions Edward was feeling, I think she had a better understanding of things. However, I don't think she is out of the danger zone yet, she's going to need more help. Just then our food showed up, so it was time to get the show on the road and have some fun.

The look of shock and horror on Bella and Jasper's faces was priceless when I cut into the steak and started eating it.

"Emmett, what are you doing, you don't eat food." Bella whispered.

"We're having dinner with our little sister, so that's exactly what I'm doing; besides the rare steak isn't so bad with the blood around it. Hey Jasper, eat up man, you must be starving since you missed lunch." I made sure I said it loud enough for people to hear.

"Dude, I can't eat this."

"You can and you will, besides do you want these nice people to think there is something wrong with the Cullen boys? It would embarrass Esme and she'd be unable to show her face in town and how would it look that a doctor's kids behaving anorexic." With that Bella burst out laughing.

Reluctantly, Jasper started eating his dinner, but that wasn't enough and I couldn't help myself from stopping there. "So Jazz how's the steak, mine is excellent, I think we might want to get another one, especially since you didn't have lunch." I thought he was going to choke and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Bella, have a taste of it." I held out a piece on my fork.

"Wow that really is good, maybe next time we all come I'll get that too." Oh, I have to give the girl credit; she was getting good at this. Jasper was getting paler by the second; he looked like he saw a ghost. Now onto my next great idea.

"Bella, I was thinking that in the talent show tomorrow night, the three of us should do our own performance."

"What about Alice's plan with all of us doing something?"

"Not a problem, we'd do this in addition to that. I think it would be great if your brothers were able to do something special with their lil sis. Right Jazz."

"You're right Em, it would be fun to do it." Good Jazz is on board. "Okay, why not." Bella said.

"Awesome and I have the perfect 80's song too." Oh god, here comes rock god Emmett

"Hey guys, I love your idea Emmett and your outfits will be here in the morning." Alice chirped announcing her arrival.

“So what song did you decided on?"

"We're going to do Bon Jovi's (Can't decide one song or medley: Wanted Dead or Alive, Bad Medicine or You Give Love a Bad Name)."

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