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Realistic Love

your no goodWhat if Bella did act like a 17 yr. old when Edward said goodbye? What if her answer to his request for a promise to not be reckless was NO? How far will Bella go to prove he cannot control her? Cannon Pairs V/H AU

Starts in the woods after Edward ends his relationship with Bella.

5. Chapter 5

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Co-written with Dazzleglo!

Realistic Love

Chapter 5

Bella’s POV

The next morning when I awoke, I went downstairs to find everyone lounging about in their pajamas, even the guys, I thought I was hallucinating, but then again, one word came to mind "Alice," she didn't miss any detail.

"Morning everyone." God he looked beautiful in those pajama pants, they matched mine.

"Morning Bella, come on into the kitchen, I've made you pancakes for breakfast."

"Thanks Esme."

I was starving and didn't hesitate diving into them. It was a little distracting being in the same room as Edward, I couldn't help sneaking quick, little peeks at him and I think he was doing the same. Just as I was finishing my pancakes I heard this whooshing noise and a white blur going by right, before the crash. Esme ran out of the kitchen scolding Emmett. I was so distracted with Emmett flashing by me that I failed to notice Edward had come up behind me, until he spoke.

Edward’s POV

God! She looked sexy in that silk topaz night gown and just knowing she was in MY bed had me reeling with all sorts of thoughts. I wasn't sure how to start off, but Emmett's Risky Business attempt at sliding across the floor crashing into a table, gave me my opening.

"Morning Bella, I think we're going to be living with rock god Emmett for some time."

"I had no idea he was so into music," she chuckled shyly.

"Yeah well, I am sure Esme will ban him from it again shortly, otherwise we're going to need all new furniture." This time I chuckled with her.

"Did you sleep well last night?" She looked so cute curled up in my bed; I wanted nothing more than to join her.

"Yes, your new bed is very comfortable, a little big for one person, but very comfortable."

"Bella can I talk to you alone, I mean?" I held my breath while I waited for her to answer; she took a few seconds gnawing on that beautiful bottom lip.

"Okay," was all I got, but it was enough for me.

I let Bella lead the way, it gave me the best view of her backside, and she has a very lovely backside. She stopped short when we entered my room, probably deciding what we should do now. I slipped my hand in hers and led her to sit on the bed with me; the bed that I hoped desperately would be ours one day.

"Bella, I screwed everything up and I was wrong. I thought I was protecting you from my world, but I don't have a world without you. I made a decision for you about your life without even talking to you about it. There were so many other things I could have done to protect you, but I never gave them a second thought."

"Like what?"

"I could have taken you someplace, just the two of us, or we could have just stayed and I could have protected you here like my family has been doing."

"I see, but then what? You'd just sit back and protect me while I grow old and died of some disease. I am sorry Edward that's not an option for me, I won't let you love me when I am all wrinkled and sixty, and your still seventeen and beautiful. I am sorry, but I can't do that, it's creepy." I knew where she's going with this and I was hoping we weren't going to have this discussion.

"Bella please? Can't you see my side for one minute? I don't want to kill you, I'll be happy loving you until the day you die and then I'll follow you in death."

"No Edward, I can't let you do that! I won't let you do that. If you don't love me enough to want me for an eternity, then I will live out the rest of my life, however long it is without you. I love you with everything I am, but I won't be teased by a few years, only to have to tear myself away from you when I am too old for you."

"Bella, please I love you and I want to be with you forever, but I won't kill you."

"Then we'll ask Carlisle to do it, if you can't or is it that you don't want me for eternity?"

"I don't want you to live this kind of life…," I should have kept my mouth shut.

"I see well it was very nice to speak with you now if you wouldn't mind leaving, I need to get dressed." Boy, I just can't stop screwing this up.

"Bella - please, don't shut me out."

"I don't have to Edward, you did that all by yourself. You made your decision about my life again without me having any say in what was going to happen."

"No it's not like that, I love you so much and I will not let anyone change you!"

She didn't say anything as she slipped her pants on under her night gown and grabbed her bag before walking out the door. I managed to mess it up again. Why couldn't I just tell her the truth that I wanted her forever even if it meant changing her? Why did I have to keep trying to force her to stay human when she didn't want it? I tried to follow her, but she just kept walking away from me. Without as much as a goodbye, she was gone from my life again.

"EDWARD, what have you done!" Alice screamed in my face.

"I just talked to her that's all, but she didn't really like what I had to say. Why what did you see?"

"She's cutting us all out of her life! I wish that was the worst part, but I see her searching out Victoria!"

"NO! She can't do that!"

"I am sorry Edward, I think it's time I talk for the family."

"Carlisle you wouldn't do that to me, how could you?"

"I warned you when we came back Edward, and I meant it."

Bella’s POV

How could I be such an idiot to think he would change his mind about wanting me forever? Stupid vampire! I can't believe he had me so angry that I actually left without saying goodbye to anyone. When I felt the breeze blow by my face I knew it was a vampire, but which one?

"Are you leaving us Bella?" He sounds really upset.

"I am sorry Carlisle; I just can't take his rejections anymore. If he really loved me like he says he does, he would change me so we could be together."

"What if I were to tell you the decision really wasn't his to make."

"What do you mean? Who's decision is it then?"

"It amazes me that no one ever thought about or focused on Alice's visions and the fact that she saw you as a vampire before Edward even met you or made any decisions about you."

"Then who did?"

"I did. I told Esme that if Edward ever found someone he loved, I would turn her for him. You see Bella; I love Edward like any man would love his biological son. And, as a father, I would do anything to make him happy, even if he didn't know it was for his own good."

"But, he doesn't want me with him forever."

"Bella stop being naive, he loves you more than he loves himself. Edward is the first to admit that he is a selfish person, because he is, however, the only exception to that rule is you. He can deny you nothing. Of course, he won't admit it, but trust me here, he will turn you and if he doesn't, I will do it for you. You are my daughter now and everyone in this family was heartbroken when Edward made us leave. We went against his wishes and came back for you. We as a family cannot live without you and I firmly believe that you feel the same about us. Before we came back an agreement was made between the five of us, that if at any time your life was in jeopardy, the first one who found you would change you."

"Which five?"

"Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, Alice and myself." Wow, I never expected Rose to agree too.

"So no matter what Edward says, I will be with you all, forever?"

"Yes it's a promise, so now that that is no longer an issue, will you give Edward a chance to make things right between you two?"

"I suppose if we don't have to fight about that anymore, there really is nothing standing in the way of us trying to be together. I make no promises that I can keep his attention, but I will try to forgive him. But make no mistake about it, he is going to have to work on proving he wants me back, I can't trust much that comes out of his mouth these days."

"He'll pick you up tomorrow at nine for your first date as a reunited couple." The boy really needs to get his act together.

Edward’s POV

I was pacing the floor waiting for Carlisle to return. How could he go against my wishes? What is he telling Bella? Just as I was becoming frantic, I heard him approaching.

"Carlisle, what happened?"

"Well it seems Bella thinks you don't want her and that's why you won't change her."

"I can't believe she thinks that, I want her with every fiber of my being and more than anything in my entire life. I'm just afraid she doesn't fully comprehend the decision."

"After speaking with Bella, I can tell you she most certainly does comprehend the decision. She's a very smart girl and it's time you have faith and trust in her. Besides as of right now the topic of changing her is off the table and it's time for you two to move forward in your relationship, taking one day at a time."

"How do I start?"

"You will be picking her up tomorrow morning at nine for your first date as a reunited couple, so between now and then, I suggest you come up with something fun, relaxing and romantic to do. Talk to your brother's if necessary." Don't mess this up, her life is hanging in the balance, he thought to me.

"Thanks Carlisle, I really do appreciate you doing this for us." It's what any father would do for their son.

Bella’s POV

After speaking with Carlisle, I felt so much more relaxed. I was also getting very excited about our date tomorrow. I wondered where he was going to take me. Well, to tell the truth, going anyplace with Edward was going to be enjoyable. Since I couldn't sleep due to my excitement, I figured I might as well pick out something to wear tomorrow and for the first time I was happy that Alice had restocked my closet with so many nice things. I finally fell into a fitful sleep and was up early getting ready. Luckily I had just finished dressing when I heard the knock on the door. I flew down the stairs only tripping once.

"Bella, you look beautiful." Damn, why does he always dazzle me with that smile.

"Thanks, so where are we going."

"Seattle. I thought we'd see the sights."

"Really, I've only been there once and it was just to go to the hospital. Don't ask."

"Okay, but I have to ask is there any place you've been that you haven't been to the hospital?" With that we both laughed.

When we arrived in Seattle - in half the time it would take normal people to drive I might add - we parked the car and walked hand in hand down to Pike's Place Market. We walked around the market, stopping to watch the fish guys tossing the fish as people order them; he bought me these mini donuts that were made fresh and boy were they delicious. I was amazed at all the different types of vendors under one roof, selling everything from fruits and vegetables to handmade jewelry and crafts. We even stopped at the original Starbuck's for coffee. It was a lovely day walking along Puget Sound and just when I thought things couldn't get better, they did.

"So Bella, I was thinking that since we still have plenty of time, would you like to go to the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project. They're right next to one another and we could walk from here or take the monorail."

"It would be a lot of fun, how about we walk there and take the monorail back?" I like this new Edward.

The Space Needle was amazing; I think we could actually see Forks from there. I did see several cruise ships leaving port on their way to Alaska. I was having such a good time and we were both feeling so relaxed. The Music Project had a little of everything and had several interactive displays, so I decided to go outside my comfort zone and he was coming with me.

"Edward, let's go."

"Did you want to leave; are you not enjoying the museum?"

"I'm having a great time. I want us to try that display over there."

"Seriously? Okay." I like this new Bella I am be coming.

"Yup, never more serious in my life."

It was such a blast, I can't believe he agreed to it, but I wasn't going to question it further. When we were finally on our way home, I turned to him and said, "I had the most wonderful time. Do you think we could come back again some time?"

"Most definitely and maybe next time we can take the ferry over to Victoria and have tea at the Empress Hotel."

The drive home was uneventful until we arrived back at my house.

Edward’s POV

I was racking my brain trying to decide where to take Bella on our date that would be fun and romantic all rolled into one. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't hear Emmett and Jasper come up from behind tackling me to the ground.

"Somebody's distracted. So dude, what's got you so distracted that we could sneak up on you?"

"I was just thinking about where to take Bella on our date tomorrow." Should I have even told them? Should I be afraid, if I was smart I would be, but I needed help.

"Hey, we can help you with that problem, right Jasper."

"Sure, we take our wives on dates all the time." Jasper said.

"Okay, but nothing crazy or weird." Why am I asking Emmett? What is my life coming to, am I that desperate? I think I've truly lost my mind. Just then I saw Emmett elbow Jasper. What was that all about?

"You could take her out for a nice candlelit dinner, but you'd have to eat too, no saying you're not hungry, it would make her uncomfortable to eat alone."

"Emmett that is classified crazy." Why were the two of them laughing hysterically?

"Not really, we did it." WHAT!! Just then I saw the whole thing play through Jasper's mind.

"Jasper, you guys didn't."

"Oh, we so did, it was gross, but we all had fun and now I can laugh about it." Now I've seen it all.

"So anyone have any realistic ideas."

"I've got it. Take Bella to Seattle for the day and do some touristy things."

"Emmett, that's a great idea. Thanks." Why do people think he can't have great ideas?

I arrived at Bella's and knocked on the door. I admit I was nervous, but thanks to Emmett's idea, I had a great date planned for us.

"Hello Chief Swan, I'm here to pick up Bella for our date." Be nice to the boy; be nice to the boy for Bella's sake, he chanted in his head.

"Edward. Please come in, I'll call her." If he hurts her again, I'll shoot him and bury him with the fishes, Billy will help me.

Before he could even turn to call Bella, she came down the stairs.

"Bella you look beautiful." God she looked so hot in that short black skirt and emerald green v-necked sweater. And she was dressed this way just for ME!

"Thanks, so where are we going."

"Seattle, I thought we'd see the sights." I hoped she liked this idea.

I felt relaxed once she said that it was a great idea. We arrived there in no time and parked. We walked to Pike's Place Market and she was amazed at the diversity of what was there. We even stopped at the original Starkbuck's. I then asked if she wanted see the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project which I definitely wanted to see, but it was up to Bella. I was so happy when she agreed. While we were at the Music Project, she turned to me and said:

"Edward, let's go."

"Did you want to leave; are you not enjoying the museum?"

"I'm having a great time. I want us to try that display over there."

"Seriously? Okay." I would have never thought Bella would want to rock out on a stage to a bunch of screaming virtual fans, but then again, she always seemed to surprise me.

"Wow that was fun; I think Emmett would be proud and a little bit jealous of us." Then we both started laughing. I like this new Bella.

On the way home we talked about all the things we did during the day. It was the perfect day, but I still had a surprise up my sleeve for when we arrived home. I pulled up in front of Bella's house, shutting the car off, I turned to her. I lifted her chin to me and placed a searing kiss on her lips which caused her to twine her hands into my hair pulling me closer. When she needed to breathe, I moved my kisses down her neck that elicited a delightful moan. Just then I saw the curtains move.

"Bella, we have an audience."

"I don't care." I was going to stop us, but then she did the unexpected, kissed and licked me behind my ear. At that point, I lost all train of thought and went with the flow. When we finally came up for some air, we noticed the porch light flashing on and off which caused us to begin laughing.

"Bella, I think you should go in before Charlie comes out and shoots me. But before you do, I have something for you." I pulled the small wrapped box from my jacket.

"What is this?"

"Open it."

"This is beautiful, where.. when did you get it?" It was a delicately woven gold bracelet with a small crystal double heart hanging from it that I had admired at one of the craft tables.

"I bought it at the market while you were looking at the flowers. I noticed how you admired it and thought it would make a perfect memory of our day together. I know it's not a lot, but…,"

"It's perfect, I love it and I love you."

"I love you too, always and forever."

A/N HEA? Not yet, but they are on their way to a great adventure.