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The War of the Worlds

[banner removed by admin, please keep banners within 300px by 150 px] I wish I could tell you that the world is a wonderful to live in…but I’d be lying. Unless you think living in a world where the Vampires are at war with the Werewolves. Not many humans are living free, never mind living a wonderful life. Those who don’t live locked up under vampire rule are either hiding or are in the resistance. My name is Isabella Swan and I am a human.


2. Chapter 2

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The World at War

Chapter 2

Edward’s POV

I couldn't believe it when I heard Carlisle's SUV approaching; they shouldn't have been here yet! By my calculations between bathroom stops, food breaks and general travel, they shouldn't have been here for another two hours.

For months I have been waiting for this moment, ever since I saw Alice's vision of her. I knew the moment I saw her heart shaped face, sparkling brown eyes and luscious brown locks of hair, she was the one for me. It could not have happened soon enough for me, after spending a century alone and many failed attempts at trying to find a mate, I had all but given up.

She wasn't the first human we had bought in our attempts, but from the moment I laid eyes on them I knew there was nothing; no feelings, no spark, just disgust. So when Carlisle informed me he was going to find my mate and that was that, I was horrified by the fact that I would no longer have a choice in who I was going to spend an eternity with, but the moment he decided to do it Alice had the vision that would change my life.

Unfortunately, we would had to wait for the auction. I was getting increasingly more impatient with each passing day. I made sure every detail was perfect for her arrival from decorating the bedroom we would share; to a fully stocked closet of everything she might possible want or need. I even hand selected her personal attendants who would attend to her every need; they were informed she was to want for nothing.

By the time the day arrived, I was practically jumping out of my own skin. I am fairly certain I looked like a madman when she walked through the door. I wanted to tear the damn cloak off her when she walked in hooded. Why were they hiding her face from me? Was she the wrong girl? I had to know, I was in front of her before I realized I had moved.

"So this is her? The one from your vision?" I held my breath hoping my fears were wrong.

"Yes it is and she is quiet lovely. Carlisle paid more then usual, but she will be worth it." Money means nothing when it comes to getting my mate!

"We shall see, what's her name?" It would have been nice if the vision came with her name.

"Her name is Isabella." Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman.

"Isabella, remove your hood," it came out calm and cool, but I was anything but that, I wanted to see her now!

The moment her hood slid down to her shoulders and revealed her face, a breath hitched on my throat. She was even more beautiful in person. When she peeked up at me through her long lashes, I thought my dead heart would beat again. I was caught off guard when Carlisle brought up a memory in his mind of her standing naked in front of six men. I was furious that they had looked at her. SHE IS MINE! And no one will ever see her like that again! I was too infuriated to speak at that moment, so I snapped my fingers to have her led away before she could hear me lash out. The minute the door closed to our bedroom I snapped my head to Carlisle.

"What the hell was that? Are they barbarians?"

"I'm sorry Edward that particular town runs their auctions differently then we're use to, I didn't have a choice. This is the one that had the girl in Alice's vision."

"Wait…what are we missing? They didn't touch her did they?" from Esme's thoughts, she was worried Bella was raped before the auction.

"No, not like that. They just examined her like a horse for Christ sakes," I ground out through my teeth.

"Oh! The poor thing, she must have been so embarrassed, I never liked Aro."

"How did you get back so quickly? With all the stops it should have taken you longer," that's when Carlisle's thoughts gave me the answer.

"What do you mean you didn't feed her? When was the last time she ate?"

"We don't actually know that answer, actually we didn't talk to her at all," Jasper finally joined the discussion.

"So…let me see if I have this right you, didn't feed her, you only stopped three times for her to use the bathroom, you didn't speak to her and she spent the last twenty-four hours with her hood over her head!" I pinch the bridge of my nose if frustration.

"So…what did she think of us?" Alice the always hyper little fairy inquired.

"I don't know, I can't read her mind, but she probably thinks we're the barbarians now," for a moment I wondered why I couldn't read her thoughts.

"It's because she's a mental shield. I didn't know about that until the auction began, but it changes nothing, I told you already Edward, this is it, make it work, she's yours like it or not," I just nodded and made my way to the bedroom.

I liked it and I was looking forward to spending an eternity with her. I never admitted that to anyone except for Jasper, he already knew I loved her. I told him mostly because it would do no good to hide it since he was an empath. He could read my feelings whether I liked it or not, he could tell. One good thing about confiding in Jasper, he wasn't much of a talker and when he spoke it was usually something that needed to be said.

When I reached the third floor I discovered I was really nervous. I wasn't sure what I was doing here or how I was suppose to proceed, luckily Carlisle decided to join me so he could tell me in his thoughts what I should do.

The minute I walked in and saw her glorious body wrapped in lilac colored satin I froze. Never in my life had I ever had a physical reaction to a female, but in that one second that all changed. I wanted to rip that infernal dress off her body and ravish her, claiming her once and for all.

I never even realized I hissed until Carlisle smirked in his thoughts, telling me he was right in his choosing of my mate. Then she did the unthinkable she tried to remove her dress. I didn't want Carlisle to ogle her again. She's mine, only I get to see her like that!

Luckily I had enough time to stop her before anything was revealed. The moment I put my hand on her bared shoulder I could feel the electricity running between our flesh. It was absolutely the best feeling I have ever had. The downfall to that was it didn't help the physical reaction I was having at that moment.

Carlisle pointed out in his thoughts that I should be watching her body language, that's when I noticed, she had started hugging herself tightly. My eyes were now paying attention to her details, I noticed she was about to say something and as much as I wanted to hear her voice, if she would have spoken, I wouldn't have the resolve to not take her right then and there. I stopped her in her tracks by place two of my fingers under her chin and popped her mouth shut. I almost chuckled when her teeth clanked together, she just looked so cute.

I even thought it was cute when her stomach growled. Damn, she's been here for an hour and already she's turned my insides into mush. Before I had a chance to lock my lips to hers, I dashed from the room with Carlisle hot on my tail.

"Feed her now," I said as I passed Angela and Jessica, her personal attendants.

"Carlisle, what the hell am I suppose to do?" I desperately whined.

"Edward calm down, its normal to feel this way. She's a beautiful young woman and she's yours now, so your body wants to be with her."

"But we haven't even gotten to know each other yet. I can't just walk in and pin her to the bed."

"Then get to know her!" he demanded before he left me alone with my thoughts. Since I couldn't hear her thoughts, I listened to her words as she talked to her attendants.

"Mister Edward would kill us both if he saw you on the floor; do you want us to die?" WHY is she on the floor?

"No, never…but I don't think you have to worry about that…he doesn't want me." HOW could she possibly think I didn't want her?

"Apparently, you didn't see how he looks at you. I have never seen him stare at anyone before." I had to admit she was right; I never bothered to look at anyone very closely.

"Angela is right, he doesn't even acknowledge humans around him, but you're different. And did you hear him hiss when he saw you?" how could she miss that, the whole house must have heard.

"Yes I heard him, but he didn't even bother looking at me after that except to stop me from…." I could hear a little sniff, I finally figured out what I've been missing. She mistakenly took my need to keep her for myself as rejection.

"He has instructed us to call you Mistress Isabella so you're definitely staying," she would never be leaving my side if I had anything to say about it.

"That's because his father said he was taking the choice out of his hands, you see - he is stuck with me, whether he wants me or not." She was right I didn't have a choice in my fate, that was sealed the day I saw her in Alice's vision.

"Please sit on the bed and eat your dinner, if he comes back and your not happy, it's our hides on the line," she had better be smiling when I get back or so help them!

"Please leave, I'll call you when she needs you in the morning," I instructed the staff.

It took all my strength to ease slowly into the bed. "Isabella, please look at me," I asked trying not to give away my feelings yet.

"I'm sort of new at this, so forgive me if I do this wrong," I couldn't fight the urges anymore; I needed to feel her in my arms. I needed to smell her delicious scent. I swept her against my chest reveling in the euphoric bliss that only she could provide.

I finally worked up enough guts to ask "Do you want me to kiss you, Isabella?"

When she didn't answer me, I was worried that she might not want me to, but I asked again when I saw her biting her lower lip. I wanted it so bad I could almost taste her, "Isabella? Please answer me; do you want me to kiss you?"

"Yes…I do," the moment these words left her pink pouty lips, I had begun my journey to the ultimate treasure. Just lightly brushing them sent shock waves down my spine.

God help me, all I wanted to do was kiss her forever, but the more I brushed against her lips the fewer breaths she took until she stopped entirely "Breathe Isabella," I whispered hoping I had not suffocated her. The minute she took a breathe, her heartbeat started racing like it wanted to break free of her chest.

She whimpered the moment I pulled back to allow her more air. "I know…I feel the same way," I whispered before kissing her again. This time I wanted so much more, the minute my tongue traced her lower lip she moaned softly against my desperate lips. I didn't miss my chance to slide in my tongue allowing me to fully taste her. When her tongue slide against mine for the first time, I honestly thought I would lose my mind. Her tongue let me lead in a delicious dance of exploration that I could never grow tired of.

Feeling her tiny hands wrap themselves in my hair only spurred me on to deepen the kiss further, but when she started tugging lightly on my unruly locks, I could not suppress the purring sound that erupted from deep within my throat. Why did the mood have to be ruined at that very moment? It was all I could do to throw myself out of bed and against the wall.

"Did I…do something…wrong," she choked out.

"No, don't move, I'll be right back," I growled out in my agitation.

The moment I flashed into the living room Jasper was explaining the situation to everyone. Normally if a wolf was around the house Jasper and Emmett would hit the flood lights and take a few shots at him with a shotgun to scare him off, but this one isn't biting.

"So why is he still here Edward?"

"I think its for Isabella. He smelled her here and now he wants her for himself!"

"Don't worry Edward, no one is going to take away Isabella, she's your mate. We will protect her with you," Jasper tried to reassure me.

"I just found her after waiting so long, I cant let her go now, the bond has already formed."

"Don't worry son, we'll stop him. Now lets go get rid of this mutt so you can return to Isabella for your first night together."

"Esme will you sit with her so she wont be scared? She doesn't know what's happening."

"Of course son, I'll keep her safe."

The minute Esme left for my bedroom, we all went into the yard to eliminate the problem that was keeping me from the only place I wanted to be. It only took a few minutes to track his scent, but his thoughts were his undoing as he started taunting me with thoughts of taking Isabella and defiling her before killing her.

That wasn't the best idea to do on my honeymoon night. The entire fight lasted three minutes, but watching his thoughts made taking him down much easier. The three of them pinned him down while I ripped his throat out. He never knew what hit him.

Thankfully everyone else took care of his body so I could return to Isabella. I was sadden to hear from Esme that she had cried herself to sleep. Her night never should have ended with her thinking I had rejected her and I wouldn't let it.

"Isabella are you okay?" I whispered as I joined her in bed again.

"Hmmm yes…" I felt bad about waking her, but she needed to know it wasn't a rejection.

"I am sorry I had to leave, we had a wolf at the gate. Can you forgive me for leaving?" I purred into her ear while nuzzling her hair. She stiffened when my words sunk in.

"What? Is it gone?"

"Yes…he's gone, he'll never be able to hurt you," I wish I could have spoken about the rest of them, but that would be a fantasy.

"I'm scared…" she whimpered, so I pulled her back into embrace.

"I've got you now, you are safe, now try to sleep," she contently sighed into my neck as I held her tight.

I never wanted her to be afraid of anything again, but it was an unrealistic hope. We were after all…at war with the wolves.

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