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The War of the Worlds

[banner removed by admin, please keep banners within 300px by 150 px] I wish I could tell you that the world is a wonderful to live in…but I’d be lying. Unless you think living in a world where the Vampires are at war with the Werewolves. Not many humans are living free, never mind living a wonderful life. Those who don’t live locked up under vampire rule are either hiding or are in the resistance. My name is Isabella Swan and I am a human.


4. Chapter 4

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Disclaimer I do not own Twilight but Stephenie Meyer's does!The War of the Worlds

Chapter 4

Bella's POV

"Hey…come here and give us a hug!" Edward suddenly crouched, snarling and growling at everyone.

"Emmett back away from Edward now!" Alice ordered.

"Hey Edward - chill man. what's your problem?" he held his hands out to surrender.

"Emmett, you really need to back off, his emotions are all over the map," I probably should have been scared, but I wasn't.

"Edward son, please, you need to relax. I don't need your gift to see what's going on here. No one is going to take YOUR Isabella away from you. She is yours and only yours. So, why don't you take her back upstairs and we'll see you later." This seemed to calm him slightly, but I giggled when he turned and threw me over his shoulder before sprinting back up the stairs.

"MINE!" he softly growled as he pulled me into a very deep kiss which set my stomach ablaze.

"Only - yours," I panted out when he broke it off to move on to my neck.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled softly as he moved back up my neck and across my cheek.

"Don't be," it was my turn to capture his lips with mine.

The minute he ran his hand to the tie on my dress, I gasped, giving him the opportunity to plunge his tongue deeply into my mouth. His taste was beyond exquisite. With one tug, my dress opened, exposing me to him for the first time. I couldn't help but wonder what he thought, but I didn't have to wonder for long.

"Mine…beautiful…mine…need…mine," okay I do not think he wants to send me away, that is a good thing.

The feel of his icy fingers along my stomach did nothing to cool me off. When he pulled me against him all I could think was he was wearing way too much clothes. I made sure he knew that when I started grunting and tugging at his shirt. Thankfully, he got the hint and in one swift motion it was gone. I couldn't control the shiver that ran down my spine when he slipped my wrap dress off completely leaving my in nothing, but bare skin. Something was wrong; I knew it the minute his head snapped towards the door.

"What is it?"

"A complication, put your dress and cloak back on," as quick as I could I did what he said, but I couldn't help noticing he was growling under his breath.

Without another word, he just grabbed my hand and led us down the stairs back to the living room. By the time we entered the room he was not hiding his growls anymore and I finally knew why because sitting on the couch was Master Aro and the man who tried to buy me first, James.

"Good afternoon Edward, it's been quite a while since I've seen you last."

"Hello Aro, it has been a while. How can we help you today?" I could see he was trying his best not to openly growl at them.

"Aro stopped by to ensure we were happy with our recent acquisition," Carlisle calmly stated.

Edward's POV

"Yes...quite happy, thank you for asking."

"So you've had no problems? I know Carlisle didn't give you a choice in the selection. Is she acceptable?"

"She's perfect; the only problem we have encountered is too many interruptions." That comment brought out James' true thoughts. They were here hoping I had not claimed her as mine.

"Edward calm down, growling is not necessary. They're not going to take your Isabella away, right gentlemen?"

"Of course not Carlisle, like I said, we were just stopping by to check on the happy couple. It would have been terrible if he was not happy with your choice. I would have offered him another choice if he wasn't, that's all," right and then he would sell Isabella to James for fifty gold bars.

"Well - that's not necessary because I am overjoyed with Carlisle's choice in my mate. The whole family couldn't be happier with her, and I would never want someone else," it was hard not to want to rip James' head off as he ogled MY mate, she of course had taken up her defensive position hiding behind me with her hood still up.

"Isabella, please remove your hood, we need to make sure it's you, since part of the agreement Carlisle signed specified you were to be purchased for a mate and not a worker." Aro was hoping that maybe I had beaten her so he could break the contract under the pretense of saving her.

I could tell by the way she was hiding she was afraid of Aro, but I couldn't tell why. James hissed when she slipped the hood of her cloak off and revealed her beautiful face to them. His thoughts were about to send me over the edge as he started thinking about how she looked naked at the auction. Aro's thoughts were only of disappointment that he could not use his backup excuse to remove her from our house.

"Well that's very good, she looks wonderful as always, but I do have to ask my brother to join us for just one moment to read the relationship, then we will be heading back to Seattle to check on another couple there," Marcus stepped into the room like he knew he was needed.

"Hello, please excuse my intrusion, I promise this will be quick and painless," his thoughts caught me by surprise you could actually see the strands that bonded Isabella and myself.

"So Marcus, how is the happy couple doing?"

"Honestly Aro, I have never seen a couple so connected already, there is no separating them now. They are a completely bonded couple, and even Bella is too connected to leave him."

"Bella?" Why did he call her Bella?

"Yes, she prefers to be called Bella. I'm sure she has told you that already."

"Yes of course, but I am surprised you know that."

"I was her teacher in 'how to please a vampire mate' class," thankfully from his thoughts the students were never touched and they never touched anyone either.

"Well, thank you for your very excellent teaching of her, she will always make me happy, but if you don't mind Bella and I were in the middle of something that we need to finish," and fast before anyone else tries to come between us.

I could not wait for her to walk up the stairs; I need her away from them and in my bed NOW. Carlisle thankfully, was walking them out to their car when I slammed the door shut.

"Why?" I sighed out.

"Why what?" she whispered.

"Why didn't you tell me you preferred to be called Bella?" I tried not to sound as frustrated as I felt.

"I just didn't think about it, I don't care what you call me as long as you call me your mate," she whispered while chewing ferociously on her lower lip.

That one small act coupled with her words were my undoing, before she could blink her cloak and dress where back on the floor where they would stay until we were done. No more distractions, the house could fall down around us and I would not let it derail me.

The minute I had her in my arms the world just felt right. Feverously, I attacked her lips, which thankfully, she returned with just as much enthusiasm. When her tiny hands started fumbling, again at my shirt I ripped it off in my feeble attempt to help. Honestly, I want my clothes off as much as she seemed to. The sounds of my snarls started to fill the room when she started undoing the button and zipper on my jeans.

She definitely caught me off guard when she dropped to her knees during the removal of my pants and boxers. The feeling of her hands on my manhood had me shaking, no one has ever touched me there, and after today, no one other then Bella would.

This girl would always amaze me, I could see her leaning in, but before I registered what she was doing, she had pulled me into her warm mouth. I could not stop her now even if I tried. There was nothing to compare the feeling to, it was beyond heaven, but just knowing this is what she wanted to do, kept me riveted where I stood. So there I stood with my head tilted back, eyes closed, panting with my hands intertwined in her long, soft locks of hair until I couldn't stop myself from growling out her name "Beellllaaa!" as I released myself for the very first time in my life.

She never had the chance to stand up before I swept her up and on to the bed. I was still desperate for her and needed to claim her forever. Even after what she just did to me, she looked so innocent as I hovered over her.

God the feeling of her messaging my scalp with her fingernails was enough to start the playful snarls from me, but then she started tugging and I had no choice, but to give her the kiss she was heatedly in search of. Finally it was my turn to get to know her body and that was definitely something I was eager to partake.

I started at her neck slowly and gently continued my journey south to her peaks. In return, I was graced with the sounds of Bella's sighs and moans. That is definitely something I could spend a lifetime listening to, but it paled in comparison to the groans from her precious lips when I pulled her mound of flesh into my mouth and started suckling. Her taste was indescribable; I could only imagine that the moisture from her heat source must taste even better. I was going out of my mind when I finally released her other breast, which I made sure had received all the attention it needed.

"Bella, please - tell me - you took - care of - your hymen." please God let her have followed that sacred rule.

"Yes - I did it - myself - last week. Please?" I could not stop myself from sliding in just an inch at first before pulling back and sliding in two inches.

I knew the moment I started to enter her she had never been touched and I would be the only person to ever touch her again. Slowly, I inched my way in stretching her to accommodate my size. This continued until I was completely engulfed by her intimate walls.

"So tight…mine…forever," was about the extent of my last coherent spoken thought.

"Oh…so good…so big…yours…always," apparently Bella was suffering from the same affliction as I was.

Between her pants and hips grinding against me, I was on the edge of oblivion, but when she lost it, so did I, as we screamed out each other's names. For the first time in my life I felt like I was free falling, it was a sensation I wanted to experience everyday for the rest of my existence. A whimper escaped her when I pulled out to lie next to her. I knew how she felt because I ached to be back in her too. Nevertheless, I had promised my sisters to take fifteen minutes off between each act to make sure Bella was not hurt and for her comfort I could suffer through it.

Alice's POV

"Alice…what are you doing sitting here on the second floor stairs?" Jazz asked as he took a seat next to me.

"I am guarding the third floor because in two minutes Jessica is going to try to disturb the happy couple and I'm not going to let that happen again."

"Do you know why she's trying to sabotage their mating?"

"No - do you?" What does he know that I don't?

"Yeah, she is still lusting over him and she is jealous that Bella has his undivided attention."

"Have you told Edward this?" he will definitely flip if he finds out about her doing it on purpose.

"Nah, it can wait I think. From the amount of love and lust coming down those stairs, I'd say waiting is in order."

"You can say that again, she just blew his mind," I couldn't help but giggle when he stared back at me gapingly.

"Alice, you can't say that stuff to me right now, it's taking every ounce of my control not to jump you right here on the stairs," owww maybe after Jessica leaves I will let him! At least she was punctual.

"Good afternoon Jessica, where do you think you're going?"

"I am delivering Mistress Isabella's lunch tray."

"Right now would not be the best time for that, why don't you just leave it with me and I'll leave it by her door."

"But Mister Edward wouldn't like that Mistress Alice," as if on cue you could hear Edward's growl "Beellllaaa!" throughout the entire hallway.

"Yes, I see it is a bad time. I will just - leave it here, with you. Thank you," I have never seen her run that fast as she made her getaway.

"Why Alice, I think you scared her, that or Edward did," he chuckled with me as I led him to our room for a little afternoon frolic.

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