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A fallen angel

Caderina finds one day that her parents where angels and that she is one too.She has now fallen from heaven and lives with the cullens trying to figure out her destiny.

My first story hope you like it :)

1. Chapter 1: Finding

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Caderina screamed as she fell from heaven,her wings as a good angel where clipped and she was now a creature of the shadows.She awoke with a fright the dream she had so many times only got more real but at the same time seemingly a surreal blur.

"Cade?" Nessie knocked on her door and the small five year old girl with such a brilliant mind made her smile.

"Hey Ness come on in baby" She smiled and sat crisscrosed patting her lap for the five year old to come sit on.Nessie saunterd over her curls bouncing with the buoyancy and life of each of her steps.

"Cade are you alright?" Nessie was to smart for her own good and Cade smiled because she knew the small hybrid vampire/human was only caring for her.

"Yea im alright Ness just had a bad dream" She smiled reassuringly at the small bundle in her lap.Nessie was like the daughter she couldnt have the little darling angel that she had always wanted.She was having maternal feelings again,She longed for children but her body could not oblige her wish.

"Okay well im here if you need a snuggle toy" Cade laughed and gave the gorgeous child a hug thanking her.Nessie left her room and she stood of her bed stretching her lengthy body and pulling the scrunchie out of her long black her that cascaded down her back like a waterfall.

When she was done with her shower and her teeth brushed she went to her closet which was stocked thanks to Alice.Cade looked around for a while and finally setteld on a pair of black skinny jeans and a red cleavage reavaling camisole.She then pulled on her black leather jacket and walked downstairs getting a catcall from Emmett who then got smacked by Rosalie.

I walked into the kitchen to see Nessie sitting at the table arguing with her father over eating fruit rather than yesterdays leftover chicken.Cade laughed at this and kissed Nessie's head as Edward gave in.

"Oh youve got a little lawyer on your hands edward" She smiled as she hugged him and he groaned.

"Dont remind me" he smiled as Bella walked into the kitchen and he walked over giving her morethan just a peck on the lips.Nessie jumped into my arms putting her hand on my cheek she showed them kissing and her disgust.This made Cade laugh and Bella and Edward stop there make out session mid-kiss.

Cade smiled and put Nessie down to eat her chicken she walked back outside to wait for Theo.As he pulled up in his black Lamborghini she smiled and got in looking at her gorgeous boyfriend she kissed him and smiled.

"Hi there" he smiled and backed out speeding up Cade laughed loudly as the exhersion hit her.

Cade turned to Theo and smiled at him as he stopped the car in front of a large adobe brick building."Where are we?" she asked a huge smile on her face.

"Youll see" he smiled mysteriously and waggeled his eyebrows making him look like a devil in vaudeville.

Cade rolled her eyes and got out as he opend her door.She smiled at him and twined there fingers together as they walked towards the building.Once they where inside Cade gasped,It was in the exact same format as the place they had first met.The roses where laid in the exact same way and the crystals layed on the chandeliers as if on vacation and realaxing beside a pool.

Theo turned to her a huge smile on his gorgeous face "You like it?" he asked her as he squeezed her hand.

"I love it!" she smiled and kissed Theo smiling brightly as he turned on the song they had danced to all night once and swept her off her feet.

When Cade got home Alice was already sitting on the porch squealing and the second she got out she was pulled into a VERY tight embrace.She hugged her back an immaculate grin on her face as she hugged the small pixie like vampire in front of her.

"He is sooooo sweet" Alice said for the 100th time,literally.

"Yes he is,and he is my sweet" I smiled and turned to her as I headed to my closet I came out in a silk nightgown that I hated more than words could explain but that she loved.

As Alice left I smiled at her and said goodnight falling asleep I thought about my Theo.

I woke up to Emmett bouncing on my bed to wake me. "Dont make me get a bucket" he threatend.Cade groaned and looked at him.

"your a pain in the ass you know?" she said it more as a question though retorical and very sarcastic.