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Never Death Do Us Part

NOTE: This story contains no adult content. It's just because I used the word "hell" (in the appropriate context, not as a profanity) that it got labeled as such.


1. Prologue (part one)

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August 2, 1892

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I stroked my wavy, blonde hair that fell to my shoulders. I carefully placed the veil over my head. I could feel my stomach turn upside down. My white dress stood out in the darkness of the room.

“Elise Ann Garrison, Elise Ann Wright,” I pondered the names aloud.

Marriage was something I had wanted as a child, but now I was not quite as sure about my future. I dearly loved William and wanted to be with him forever, but still…I couldn’t help but wonder if I was doing the right thing. I shoved the question aside and rose to my feet. I had happier things to think about. William had just come back to Shellings. He had been on a business trip for over two years. We had planned everything for the wedding right before he left. I hadn’t seen him yet. He wanted to make the wedding even more special.

I walked over to the window. It was nearly dark. William wanted to have the wedding at twilight. It suddenly became colder in the room, but I figured that it was probably just from the windows. I turned around slowly only to see a pair of red eyes staring at me intensely. Only as soon as I noticed the intruder he lunged at me with great force. I felt frozen, trapped, gazing at his gracefulness.

My attacker tackled me. He grabbed my arms and pushed me out the window. I fell, head first, towards the hard ground. I struck the packed dirt road forcefully as my body landed in a heap. I felt the breaking of bones on impact. Blood trickled slowly from my face as I struggled to identify who had pushed me. He landed only a split second before me. The man or whatever it was came at me with amazing speed. This time he pinned me to the ground. His harsh movements hurt my fragile body while I lay helpless on the ground, giving no effort to move.

I saw his eyes again. They were scarlet red. I turned away from his perfect, but vicious face. He leaned down toward and whispered in my ear, “It’s too bad I have to destroy you on your wedding night. William was a fool to believe that I could control myself tonight. Your scent is so sweet, and the smell of your blood is more powerful than other humans. I’m surprised your precious William could control himself.” His grin was evil and twisted, confusing me even more. He brushed his fingers across my face where the blood seeped out from my many cuts.

His cold breath swept swiftly over my face. He leaned in closer, taking deep breathes and smelling what seemed like a perfume to him. I turned my head face sideways away from his eyes. He leaned back and I thought he was going to release me, but instead he lunged forward toward me, towards my neck. Before I could scream I felt something like little daggers sink into my skin. Whatever they were, they made my neck sting like a thousand needles. At first it was my neck, and then the pain quickly spread to the rest of body. The pain kept me from uttering a sound. I felt my jaws clenched as I stared straight ahead wondering if I had died and gone to the firey place itself. Was I dead? I couldn’t tell, but I could see another shadow come forwards towards me and my attacker.