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Never Death Do Us Part

NOTE: This story contains no adult content. It's just because I used the word "hell" (in the appropriate context, not as a profanity) that it got labeled as such.


2. Prologue (part two)

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August 2, 1892 (part 2)

The figure moved out of the shadows to where I could see that he moved as gracefully as the attacker. I could tell that my attacker sensed something, but continued to suck the life out of me. The figured walked into the moonlight. I couldn’t focus on his face because of the excruciating pain that claimed my nearly lifeless body.

Suddenly the figure jumped on my attacker knocking him yards away from me. The one who had attacked me rose to his feet and scanned the premises for his own attacker. He quickly found his target and rushed toward him with great speed. The figure reacted just in time and grabbed him by the neck and held him tight. I could see that these were no ordinary men; they were something much stronger, faster, and smarter. Though the fight was entertaining, I could not keep myself from letting out a bloodcurdling shriek of pain. The figure became even more enraged and beat my attacker furiously. The figure then stopped and held his victim to the ground.

“How could you John?” The figure said out loud, he looked hurt. John had obviously been a friend of the figure.

“AH!” My pain washed over me worse than before. I could not bear it. I wished I would have died there and then. It felt like a swarm of killer bees had gone mad inside of me.
I could not stand to watch as the figure destroyed John, but I didn’t have to. The excoriating pain burned even more fiercely and my vision became blurry from my many tears. I closed my eyes in hope that it would help, but nothing made the pain go away. I could feel hands picking my body up and gently holding it close. Wherever the person took me I didn’t care. I just wanted the pain to stop.

When my rescuer finally stopped running, he laid me down on a sofa in some place I didn’t know. I opened my eyes once more to see a face. I recognized the face, but I couldn’t think of who it was. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything at the moment.

The person looked at me as if he knew me. He picked up my aching hand and held it up to his face. He held my hand tightly, but gently. I stared upward towards the ceiling. My heartbeat raced. I could feel the fire pumping through my veins. I gasped for breathe. I closed my eyes tightly shut. I kept myself that way for quite some time. Then the pain increased, moving to every part of my body. It strangled me, twisting me into a dead lifeless skeleton. At least, that’s how I felt. It was a battle between me and the pain. I fought hard, but I was no match. Pain hit me with everything it had. When I thought I had finally lost, it stopped. I had won.