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Hiding Bella

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] I found a secret hiding in the Alaskan wilderness while on summer vacation. Now I need to keep that secret safe and protected. But what affect will it have on me? What will happen if its exposed? What will I sacrifice to keep it safe? AU,REG PAIRS


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


God it feels good to have the breeze blowing through my hair. I just feel so free when I am running. It has always been one of my favorite things to do besides playing music. However, I have not done that in awhile. I cannot believe they did it again! Every summer we come to visit our cousins the Denali's, but they are really not related. We just share a common lifestyle. Why do my brothers seem to take offence to my current status as a virgin? Okay, I said it I AM A VIRGIN! Well, they seem to think it is unnatural for someone my age to have never had an interest in anyone single either male or female. I have never had the desire to enter into a relationship with anyone sexual or not.

Needless to say, my dear brothers have decided it was time for me to lose that status. Not going to happen and I just proved it to them. They concocted a plan with Tanya, she's one of the Denali's to seduce me and when that failed, they moved onto plan B. They figured if they held me down for Tanya, eventually I would stop fighting and relent. Yeah right! Not in this century! I am saving myself for marriage. At least I think I am. After half an hour of wrestling with them, I finally broke free and not a moment too soon. Tanya was about to plant a major kiss on my never been kissed lips. As if, I would let that happen!

Therefore, I took off running; thank god, I have always been the fastest out of them all. Now I have no intention of going back until we are due to leave. I will run around these woods all summer if necessary. That is when the weirdest thing happened, I came across a familiar scent, and it was Eleazar from Denali. But what was he doing way out here. Hunting? Maybe, so I decided I had better be polite or Carlisle would not be very happy with me. For all intensive purposes, Carlisle is my father and head of the family. As I followed Eleazar scent, I started to pick up another scent, not one I recognized. It was delicious, but not in the edible way. I tried not to think about it and only followed Eleazar's, but they kept crossing paths. That was until I came across a clearing. Funny thing about that, I have seen maps of the area and never saw this place before on any of them. There was Eleazar standing near a log cabin talking to a small female. He turned quickly when the breeze shifted my scent towards him. He did not look happy.

"Edward… I know you're here."

"Hello Eleazar, it's a pleasure to see you again."

"What are you doing out here?" Who are you hiding behind your back?

"Running from my brothers and Tanya again and you?" Like every other time.

That is when the softest sweetest voice came from the small female hiding behind him. It was weird, I have always wanted people to be afraid of me and leave me alone. But not this one, I wonder why that is?

"Is he a vampire too?" She knows?

"Yes Bella, he is, his name is Edward."

"Is he dangerous?" Why would I be?

"No, he won't hurt you."

"Oh, hello Edward,” seeing her peek her eyes around his shoulder was so cute.

"Hello Bella," Did I just say she was cute? Hunh, I guess I did.

"Bella, will you take everything inside, while Edward and I take a walk?”

You could see she didn't want to, but she grabbed the two sacks from the ground and headed for the door. It was not until she turned and looked back did I get a chance to see her fully. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She had long flowing mahogany hair and whirlpools of melted chocolate brown eyes. Moreover, it was her scent, I found in forest. It was truly amazing; it was like standing in a meadow fully in bloom with wild flowers. I was brought out of my thoughts when Eleazar grab me by the elbow and started pulling me away.

"How much have you figured out yet? Or did Carlisle tell you everything?"

"Not much, I know she's not human or vampire. Carlisle knows about her?" He never said anything about her.

"Yes, he does and he's the only one outside of the Denali's that does." How is that possible?

"I thought you were mated with Carmen? So, what, is she your girlfriend on the side or something?" Why else would he hide her out here?

"No! She's my daughter." Excuse me?

"That's not possible. Vampires cannot have children. And she is only what 17 or 18? You've been a vampire for more than 300 years."

"Well from what Carlisle has been able to ascertain, vampire males can mate with human females." WHAT? NO WAY!

"So, you’re saying she ½ human and ½ vampire?” Is it really possible?

"Yes, she is. To make a long story short, during a fight with Carmen I went out and this woman I had met a few times hit on me and I made love to her. When I went home and begged Carmen to forgive me, she did and she knows I only love her. About month later, the woman showed up at my door looking very pregnant. I, of course, did not believe her and I asked her leave. Two weeks later, someone left Bella in a basket with a note on our doorstep. That was sixty years ago." Sixty years they have been hiding her.

"And you haven't seen Bella's mother since?"

"No, the note said she died giving birth and had asked that Bella be left with me since I was her father."

"Eleazar, I'm sorry if me finding all this out makes you unhappy. I really was just stopping by to say hello and Bella seems so very sweet. I think I would like to be friends with her, if that is okay with you. Nevertheless, you must know, I would never tell anyone what you just told me. I will keep yours and Bella's secret."

"Bella has been sheltered from the outside world for so long that it's made her lonely and fearful. She used to visit us once a week, but then she stopped. That is why I come here to check on her. She reminds me a lot of you really, always preferring to be alone. I don't know if she'll accept your friendship, but it would be nice if she had someone besides me in her life." It would be nice for both of us.

"I won't hurt her, but I feel this draw of wanting to get to know her. It is nothing I have ever encountered before. So with that being said, if she's interested in getting to know me as well, then I think we could both use a friend outside of our families." All I can do is hope.

"Agreed, but if she is not interested in being friends with you, you will leave her alone. She decides right?" I could never force myself on her.

"Agreed, Eleazar regardless if I hang out here with Bella or she sends me away, will you give Carlisle a message, please tell him I'll be back when it's time to leave?" I wanted to add and will miss them, but held that back.

"I can do that Edward; now let's go back so I can introduce you properly."

We were back in the clearing a few minutes later to find Bella pacing in front of the cabin door. When she spotted us, she bolted inside. Watching her creep out the door then sprint to her father's side had me entranced, she was so graceful and shy. She was also much faster than I imagined. I thought her human side would have slowed her down, but it did not.

"Bella Swan, I would like to formally introduce you to Edward Cullen, he's Carlisle's son."

"Hello again, Edward Cullen." God her giggle is adorable.

"Hello again, Bella Swan."

"Edward is hiding out from his brothers and has asked if you wouldn't mind him hanging around here till he's ready to head back to Denali. Is that okay with you?"

"Okay," she squeaked out as her eyes lit up.

"Good, if you decide you don't want him around for any reason, please just tell him to leave and he will. Now, I've got to head home, I don't want his family to think I'm being rude."

She just nodded and waved goodbye as he left, leaving us alone and feeling a little awkward.


"Hey dad."

"Hello Bella, how are you?"

"I'm fine, any new books?" Please, please, please.

"Why, yes as a matter of fact, and a few other surprises I think you might like." Yay, I love surprises!

"Um… dad who's that?"

"Get behind me Bella!"

"Edward… I know you're here." Who is Edward?

"Hello Eleazar, it's a pleasure to see you again." My god his voice is so beautiful.

"What are you doing out here?" I hope he is not here to take me away.

"Running from my brothers and Tanya again and you?" Why is he running from them?

"Is he a vampire too?" He smells like one.

"Yes, he is Bella, his name is Edward."

"Is he dangerous?" Would he hurt me?

"No, he won't hurt you."

"Oh, hello Edward," I peeked out and could not believe my eyes he was so beautiful.

"Hello Bella," His voice even makes my name sound pretty.

"Bella will you take everything inside, while Edward and I take a walk?” Guess I do not have a choice here now do I?

I did not risk looking at him again until just before I went inside. He was magnificent to look at with his bronze hair was in total disarray, chiseled jaw and cheek bones and butterscotch colored eyes like all the Denali's and Carlisle. He reminded me of a Greek God from all the books I have read. As I emptied the contents of the two bags my dad brought, I could not stop thinking about Edward. Why was he here? Was he Volturi? Would I see him again?

Being alone for 55 years will make you a little lonely and skittish, but something about him said he would not hurt me, but then again how would I know. He is the first person or vampire I have ever met. The Denali's are family and Carlisle is my doctor, so would that make Edward a friend?

I heard them coming back to the clearing, but all of a sudden, I was feeling nervous about what they had said on their walk. Why did they even have to take a walk? Was it something about me? The nerves got the best of me and I dashed inside. It was not until my dad called did I venture back outside.

"Bella Swan, I would like formally introduce you to Edward Cullen, he's Carlisle's son." Oohhh

"Hello again Edward Cullen," I couldn't help but giggle.

"Hello again Bella Swan," His voice again, god I could get use to hearing it all the time.

"Edward is hiding out from his brothers and has asked if you wouldn't mind him hanging around here till he's ready to head back to Denali. Is that okay with you?"

"Okay," I squeaked out.

"Good, if you decide you don't want him around for any reason, please just tell him to leave and he will. Now, I've got to head home, I don't want his family to think I'm being rude."

Wow, did I just hear him right; Edward would stay here or at least around here? That was definitely not something I was expecting to hear. I just nodded and waved goodbye, I really did not know what to say. Therefore, I just stared at him hoping he would say something. When he did not, I spoke up.

"So… Um… Can I show you around?"

"That would be very nice. I promise I won't inconvenience you in any way."


He followed me into the cabin and I pointed out the kitchen where the water spigot was located. I didn't have modern plumbing, just a pump in the kitchen otherwise; there was only a table with an oil lamp on it, two chairs and some shelves to hold my dishes, cookware and food.

Then I pointed to the bathroom that contained only a toilet with a washtub. It was all I really needed. Not to mention it was not as if I could hire a plumber or anything. I showed him to the living room, which was basically modest; all it had was a couch, two chairs, two small tables with oil lamps on them, a bearskin rug on the floor and a fireplace to heat the whole cabin. On the mantel were a few frames with pictures of the family in them. He turned to see the only area left.

"Um… yeah, that's my room." Okay this is embarrassing; I had a man looking in my bedroom.

"Do you like to read?" My secret is out now.

"Yeah,” It's a little hard to miss that, my bedroom is basically a bookstore with a bed in the middle.

"Bella, are you afraid?'

"No," I was not, but I was embarrassed. I did not know how to have a conversation with people, even my father.

"Do you always speak in one word answers?" As much as possible.


"Well, how are we going to get to know each other, if I'm the only one doing all the talking?" Good point.

I just shrugged. Honestly, I did not know if he really wanted to know me. I guess I would have to work on that.


Oh my god, I want nothing but to hear her talk and all I get is less than a total of three words in responses. I have even tried to read her mind, but all I get is nothing, it is like hitting a brick wall. Her mind is a total void to me and this has never happened in my entire existence.

"Bella will you just sit with me and tell me about yourself?"

"I don't know what to say."

"Just start at the beginning."