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Hiding Bella

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] I found a secret hiding in the Alaskan wilderness while on summer vacation. Now I need to keep that secret safe and protected. But what affect will it have on me? What will happen if its exposed? What will I sacrifice to keep it safe? AU,REG PAIRS


2. Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight! Stephenie Meyer's does!

Hiding Bella

Chapter 2

Bella’s POV

"Bella, will you just sit with me and tell me about yourself?" I would rather just listen to your wonderful voice.

"I don't know what to say." Honesty works best right?

"Just start at the beginning," He prompted.

Wow, starting at the beginning is never as easy as they say it is. Especially, when you only get monthly visits from your dad and one or two visits from your doctor a year.

"What did my dad say?" Maybe…he told him enough I hoped.

"Just that he met your mother one night and six weeks later you showed up in a basket on his doorstep with a note." Okay, so that is not enough.

"Ok that's right, it's the beginning."

"Bella would it be easier if I asked you questions instead?" God, he is so beautiful.

"Yes and no. I can do this," At least, I hope I could.

"I was born in Alaska on September 13, 1949 to Renee Swan, that's all the note said. At first, he did not believe I was his until he called your dad. Then, of course, it was hard to deny once he saw my teeth."

"What's the first thing you remember about your childhood?"

"All of it. See when I was a month old when I started crawling, at three months I was walking and by six months I was talking."

"Is that when you first met Carlisle?"

"Yeah, my dad was worried about how quickly I grew, so he asked him to come see me.

Carlisle calculated I'd be full grown by the time I was six and he was right."

"So…you haven't aged since you were six? When did you move out here? And how is it I've never seen you until now?"

"The family built the cabin in the spring of 1950; I spent that summer you were here, here. They took turns on coming out to stay with me, so I was never alone and we repeated this until I was six, then I just decided not to come back that fall."

"Why didn't you want to go back?" Ever hear of the ugly duckling?

"Because, I'm the dirty little secret that no one wanted around…"

"Bella, I'm sure that's not true." I wish it were not.

"That's not how Tanya sees it. I overheard her saying it," She can be a real ass sometimes.

"Did you tell Eleazar?" Are you crazy! As if, I want to hear him say it too.

"No, I just ran back here and stayed away." And I never looked back.

"So, you only heard Tanya say it, then how do you know the others feel the same way?"

"I guess I don't know for sure, but how…never mind it does not matter. I'm going to make dinner."

"You eat food?" Duh ½ human!

"Yes and blood too, my body requires both. Can we take a break from all this for a while? Why don't you tell me about you for a while?"

"Sure you eat and I'll tell you about me, but one more question. Did Carlisle tell you anything about us?"

"No, he just always said he had to get back to his family, but never explained more."

Thank god making food takes my mind off things, because I had quite enough with the visit down memory lane. It was much more pleasant listening to him tell me about himself and his family. I could listen to him talk forever. I never realized how much I missed being with someone else.

"So…for today, I'll start with the personal part, okay?" I nodded as I started my sandwich.

"I was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago. In 1918, I was dying of Spanish Influenza when Carlisle found me and turned me after my parents died. I have been with him ever since. My favorite things to do are running, playing piano and reading. I live in a family of seven vampires where everyone has a mate except me. See that is why I ran from my brothers. They thought Tanya could be my mate," that would figure. There is no doubt that she would go for him he is gorgeous after all.

"Is she your type?" Of course she is! How could she not be, look at her for Pete’s sake?

"No, she's definitely not my type. Honestly, I do not have a type. I've never met anyone that I've wanted to get to know, never mind mate with." WHAT?

Edward’s POV

"Is she your type?" God no! But you…on the other hand, I would have to say yes.

"No, she's definitely not my type. Honestly, I do not have a type. I've never met anyone that

I've wanted to get to know never mind mate with." Until now, that is.

Did I give her too many hints that I am untouched? I wonder if she has figured it out yet. I find myself totally in uncharted territory here. I keep thinking of all these things that I have never thought about anyone before like: wanting to hear her talk, wanting her to know everything about me, wanting to make her safe and thinking how she's so pretty. These thoughts were foreign to me, since I spent my entire life hiding from people. Truth be told, Bella had done the same with her life.

"Bella, if it's not too personal what are the differences between you and me?" I had to know.

"You mean like being a hybrid? Or like a boy and a girl?" I think I am good on the sexes.

"Hybrid speaking, of course."

While she ate her peanut butter sandwich, she went in to detail. I know I was pushing for the information a bit too much, but I could not help myself.

"Okay, so you've seen the speed already, you know about the food, I have the same hearing, vision and taste of scents, my skin is as strong as yours, and the strength is too. I guess the differences are that I have a heart beat and my blood is a mixture, it's combined with dormant venom, so I can't turn anyone."

"What's the bloodlust and being around humans?" Could she leave if she wanted to or worse had to?

"Don't know. I've never encountered anyone." Really?

After dinner, we decided to sit around and read a little in front of the fireplace. It was not cold enough for a fire, but it added light to the cabin. She had a great selection of books to choose from, so I easily found one I have never read. Watching her read on the couch made it hard for me to concentrate on my book, every move she made had me captivated, even the smallest thing, like biting her bottom lip. Oh my god, that simple innocent act made me want to bite it for her. Hey…wait a minute, did I really just think about kissing those perfect pink lips. Ah, yeah, I did! It was cute when she would peek up over her book. I tried to pretend not to see it because I really wanted her to keep doing it. Just admitting that had my stomach all a flutter. What the hell was this girl doing to me? Never mind, I do not care; I just hope it never stops. Just when I decided to ask her another question, I found I could not.

Apparently, hybrids sleep, go figure. The poor thing must be so uncomfortable in that position. I had to fix that she needed to be comfortable. Okay, correction, I needed her to be comfortable. She flinched a little when I gently scooped her up and carried her to the bed. I think it is because she is not used to being touched or maybe she felt the same electrical charge that I felt when our skin touched. Yet another question for tomorrow. The great thing about how the furniture was arranged it enabled me to sit on the couch pretending to read, when all the while, I was just sitting and staring at her angelic face while she slept. She caught me by surprise; I thought she caught me staring at her, when she said:

"Edward." Then "Don't leave Edward."

Awe, she talks in her sleep and she is dreaming of me? Really? Why would she think I would leave her? Yep, more questions for tomorrow. The next thing I knew, I was kneeling next to her bed just inches from her face, letting her scent saturate me. I could not stop myself before I kissed on her forehead.

"Sleep well, my love," I whispered before returning to my perch on the couch.