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Hiding Bella

[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] I found a secret hiding in the Alaskan wilderness while on summer vacation. Now I need to keep that secret safe and protected. But what affect will it have on me? What will happen if its exposed? What will I sacrifice to keep it safe? AU,REG PAIRS


6. Chapter 6

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Disclaimer: Way to go Stephenie Meyer's who owns twilight and too bad I don't.

Thanks Dazzleglo!

Hiding Bella

Chapter 6

Bella’s POV


"Edward??" I called again, hoping I was wrong.

Oh... no... he's gone again. Where did he go? He said yesterday that he wouldn't leave. God, I was so stupid to hope he really meant it when he said he loved me. How stupid could I be?

Wait... I can smell him... with someone else? I scrambled out of bed and rushed to the door in time to see him walking out of trees with his arm around a very beautiful auburn haired female vampire. You can imagine the shock I felt in seeing this woman with Edward. I really don't remember how I ended up on the couch crumpled up into a ball.

"Bella, what's wrong? Are you okay? Are you ill?" His face said he was actually scared.

"No, Who is she?" God, I sounded so whiny.

"Bella, that's my mother. Carlisle and Eleazar told her about us and she wanted to meet you." Ooohhh, boy do I feel silly.

"I'm sorry, I thought…"

"Bella, I told you and I'll keep telling you until you believe it, I love you."

"I love you too." I whispered and smiled.

"Just come meet her okay? She already loves you." How can she, she doesn't even know me yet?

I just nodded, as I wasn't sure if I trusted my voice not to crack. Dragging my feet the whole way, I found myself holding my breath when Edward opened the door to reveal his mother standing on the porch. Before I could blink I found myself on the receiving end of a bear hug. I have to say, it felt good to be held in that way. It felt like she really cared about me. I haven't had a woman hold me like that since the last time I saw Carmen, all those years ago, before I ran away from Denali, the day I overheard Tanya.

"Oh Bella, I am so happy to meet you!" God she has a beautiful smile.

"It's nice to meet you too." Oh... she's so nice.

Edward’s POV

Watching two of my three favorite women in the whole world hugging gave me such an indescribable feeling of joy. When I heard Esme approaching earlier, I admit I was freaked out. I wasn't sure why she'd come all the way out here, until I heard her thoughts of the directions Eleazar had given her to find us, not me, but us.

Carmen, Eleazar and Carlisle took her out hunting and told her everything about Bella and our feelings. She couldn't stay away when; her first born son had finally found his mate after 109 years of loneliness. She had only recently thought maybe Carlisle turned me when I was too young and would never be able to find love.

"Edward she's so beautiful and sweet! She is definitely a treasure. Don't let anything happen to my new daughter. Don't worry we'll take care of telling the family when the time comes. Okay?"

I nodded, so she knew I heard her thoughts. I was worried about telling the family, not because I was ashamed about Bella, but was ashamed of how my family might treat her. My family could be a bit brash. Emmett would make it his life's mission to embarrass her constantly. Alice would pick her wardrobe apart and drag her kicking and screaming to the mall. Rosalie yeah, what can I say she's just a bitch.

"Esme, this is MY Bella. Bella, this lovely lady is Esme, my mother."

"Welcome to our family Bella. You're very beautiful." Her compliment caused Bella to blush and all I could think was, God do I love the way she does that!

"Thank you." I could see in her eyes she was scared. Duh...she doesn't know what she's supposed to say.

"Esme, Bella's a little shy when it comes to talking to people, but we're working on that. Right Bella?" Please don't push her.

"Bella its okay, I know you're not a big talker. Carmen told me so many wonderful things about you already. So, only talk when you want to." Reassurance would definitely help.

"Edward I meant it, she loves her like her own flesh. She would love to come on my next visit." Esme thought

All I could do was shrug my shoulders. Honestly, I didn't know if Bella wanted her here after the Tanya conversation.

"Bella, Carmen would love to visit with Esme next time. Are you up to that?"

"I don't know if she likes me enough to visit me." What exactly had Tanya done to my

"Bella... honey, Carmen doesn't like you dear, she loves you very much."

Esme spent the entire morning walking with us around the house, clearing and the garden. The garden was her favorite. She left when it was time for Bella's lunch. After lunch we

encountered another issue.

"Edward, I - um - need to take a bath. And umm…,"her blush was adorable.

"Bella, I can make sure I don't see anything, I can wait outside, I could lay on the couch or in bed reading. Whatever makes you happy? I could go shopping for some clean clothes." I could definitely use some," I chuckled at the end.

"When will you be back?" As soon as possible.

'Two hours at most, can I get you anything special?"

"No, I don't think I need anything. But, I will miss you."

"And I will miss you as well, but I understand your need for privacy, so it's okay."

I was off and running before Bella poured the first pot of water into the tub. She's so uncomfortable about her beauty. I wish I could do something about it. I ran through the local Wal-Mart as quickly as possible. I grabbed some clothes that I knew would piss off Alice. I grabbed a few things for Bella, some food for her dinner and a few extras from the make up department even though I don't think she needs any, but the sales lady suggested them. I was back at the cabin in exactly two hours.

When I came through the door I froze, poor Bella was just getting out of the tub and was only wrapped in a little white towel. I quickly spun on my heels to avoid staring at her perfect body. Instead, I dug into one of the bags I just brought back and pulled out a pink fuzzy bathrobe. I took a few steps closer and wrapped it around her. I love doing little things for her and seeing her blush over something so small made feel proud to call her mine.

Keeping myself busy was the trick in order not think about her sensual form. It was a true act of control not to sweep her off to the bedroom, but I had morals to maintain. I wonder, do you think she'd marry me right away? Wait did I just say I wanted to marry Bella? Yes I did! Hunh, who would have thought. Tonight was the best, we were just lying on the couch together and snuggling; now this is truly Heaven.

Esme’s POV

"Could we talk to you all together, please?" Eleazar asked.

We decided as the parents to reign in our children, before they would be allowed to meet Bella. We didn't want anymore hanky panky going on with Edward. It was also decided that Eleazar would decide what to say about Bella and Carlisle, Edward. We began the family meeting when they were all assembled.

"Okay guys, I want any future plans of deflowering Edward to end now. He is taking his own road in that department, but you have caused enough damage on that front. He has decided not to comeback, until it's time for us to leave. Now Edward has found his own mate and he won't bring her here for fear of you hooligans. He has bonded with a wonderful girl, but because of your actions, you may never get to meet her, if they choose not to return to Forks with us."

"Wait, are you saying, Eddie boy popped his cherry!" Someone slap Emmett please.

"If you speak of his mate like that again, I will rip you to pieces myself!" Eleazar, seethed.

"Wait - I don't understand. I thought we were going to make sure he ended up with me."

"Well, that isn't happening Tanya dear; we've been telling you that for decades." I chuckled.

"So who is she?" chirped Alice, I could see she was thrilled." Wait, why can't I see her?"

"Her name is Bella…," Eleazar was cut off by Tanya.


"Tanya! Please they found each other and fell in love, that's not going to change. AND IF YOU CALL MY DAUGHTER A HALF BREED AGAIN! I'll end you!"

I don't think he meant for it to come out that way, because all my children gasped at this admission. We let Tanya storm off it would be easier this way. Eleazar went into explaining everything about Bella, including why she was hiding from us for so long. All my children sat quietly not wanting to be the recipient of his wrath.

"Carlisle and I have met her and she is the sweetest, loveliest and quietest woman I've met, she absolutely perfect for him." I said while Carlisle agreed.

"And, if and when they are ready to meet you, we'll let you know. But until then, they are off limits, so don't go looking for them. Your reception will not be a welcoming one. Right now they are very skittish of us trying to ruin what they have together. If you push them they will probably run and will most likely stay away from us and I for one will not lose my first born and my new daughter!" demanded Carlisle.

We ended our evening with everyone agreeing to keep Bella's secret and that they would wait for them to come to us, when they were ready.

Alice’s POV

"So Kate, give me some more details on Bella, for her to captivate Edward so deeply, she must be absolutely wonderful." YAY!

"She really is everything they said about her. Tanya just has an issue with her. It's less about her being a hybrid and more about jealousy. Tanya is stunningly beautiful, but personality wise Bella is a shinning star. You'll see when you meet her." I can't wait!

"Yeah, if we ever get the chance, it's not looking good so far thanks to my brother the moron and my husband the ass. Honestly, I can't see Edward's decision yet."

"Well, that might be because she's a shield or it could be because she's a hybrid. I know my ability doesn't work on her and I'll bet Edward's doesn't either."

"Are you serious? Wow, if that's true I can understand why he fell for her. The constant onslaught of people's thoughts sometimes wears him down. It would be a relief for him that's for sure." And make him a little overprotective I bet.

"There is just something about her; she's shy and quiet, yet openly independent and strong. You know I really miss her?" What?

"What do you mean you miss her?"

"About 40 years ago she stopped coming here and hasn't been back since. Eleazar is the only one, apart from Carlisle, who's allowed to see her. The fact that Esme was permitted to go see her comes as kind of a shock. Well Alice my dear, I am off for a night hunt, I'll see you later." What happen 40 years ago to make her run from her family?

I can't help but wonder about this woman who will make or break our family. Truth be told, it's not her doing; ultimately it all hangs on our behaviors, not hers. So the question is if I can't see her future, how can I help Edward protect her?

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