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The Singer Connection

singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!


1. Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyers! So I don’t own it!

The Singer Connection

Chapter 1


My name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I am attending Forks High School as a junior this year. This is not my first time attending High School in fact it my tenth. God I hate high school! My ‘family’ is quite unique. You see my parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen, two brothers Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen and two sisters Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale are Vampires. Taking that into consideration, you’ve probably already guessed were not really related, but we do feel, act, love, depend, share emotional bonds and live together as a family.

It’s March and mid way through the term. As usual I am scanning the thoughts of my fellow students, making sure no one has become aware of my families secrets. The only thing on the minds of the students today, is the arrival of a new student; Isabelle Swan, she is the daughter of the Chief of Police. That’s defiantly someone I will have to seek out later, and ensure her father hasn’t said anything about us. Since that is one of my jobs in our family and I take my job very seriously. I caught a few glimpse of her through the minds of the students that she’d met and she looked nice enough, pretty and mature for her age, but surprisingly quiet. I didn’t have chance to see her myself until lunch. As I watched her eating with Jessica Stanley and the others at her table, I tried to peek into her mind. It made no sense that I could clearly see into Jessica Stanley’s, to her right and Mike Newton’s to her left, who are apparently filling her in on my family but the center where she sits, is a total void to me. How is there nothing coming from her mind?. In my 87 years of mind reading, I have never encountered a mind, I couldn’t read. Maybe her mental voice is too low? Or I’m just not close enough? I’ll have to wait until I’m closer to her and try again.

Well, luck would be on my side when Isabella Swan walked into my Biology class and the only seat available was next to mine, so…it looks like she will be my new lab partner. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try and see into her mind more clearly. Just then the strangest thing happened. As she walked past the fan on the teacher’s desk it blew her lovely hair and her scent my way, as she handed in her form from the office to be signed. I can not believe the scent that hit me like an eighteen wheeler! I froze in my seat and grabbing my stool to anchor myself, I could not move if I tried. It was the most beautiful scent I have ever encountered. Not the I want to eat you kind of smell, no…it’s the I want to roll myself up and never leave kind of scent, and more then that its attached to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! The glimpses from the students earlier did not do her justice by any means. I could not find a single flaw in her, not that I would even want to try to.

I watched her trying desperately to read her mind as she made her way to the seat next to me with no luck. With each step she took towards me her scent only got stronger. This floored me, my hands that which were clinching to my seat were suddenly on the lab bench in front of me, reaching out to her without me even realizing it, until it was too late. Lucky for me, she suddenly tripped over another student’s bag, giving my hands the opportunity they were desperately seeking. As I quickly caught her and steadied her with shocking results I might add! Literally I felt this shocking feeling run through me and it was a magnificent feeling. We both gasped and separated immediately. Honestly though, I wanted more. I could help but wonder if she felt it too or if it was just a reaction to the coldness of my hands. I decided to try to speak to her.

“Hello, I’m Edward Cullen, you must be Isabella?”

“Um…Bella,” she stuttered out.

“Bella, that’s a beautiful name. How do you like Forks so far?” Her voice is as pretty as she is.

“Thanks, its ok, better then I thought it would be.” Awe, I like to see her blush.

I couldn’t help it, I was starring at her but she wouldn’t take her eyes off her hands, which were sitting on table in front of her. Just then as the teacher called class to order, she peeked up at me and all I could do was get lost in her gorgeous brown doe orbs. They defiantly would have taken my breath away, if I needed to breathe of course. Vampires don’t need to breathe but we do need to if we want to speak and for hunting, otherwise it’s just to look more human., I was bombarded with an on-slaught of new emotions, I have never in my very long life experienced. Most of these emotions I have seen in others, but never in myself. They were all there, all at once desire, jealousy, protectiveness, caring, need, and the most pronounced one was love. So, for the next hour I was trapped in her eyes, feeling after feeling rushed over me and yet…I couldn’t look away. No matter how hard I tried, she had me locked into her eyes. Did she even know what she was doing to me? What would all these feelings that I was experiencing do to my family? This would definitely cause much discord amongst my family members and possible cause us to leave. I can’t let that happen, no matter how much it hurts me, I can survive, but I can’t hurt my family and definitely not Bella! I decided then that I would have to leave and spare all them the pain, but where could I go that Alice won’t see me?

As the bell sounded marking the end of class, I immediately tore my eyes away from her and ran for my car in an attempt to distance myself from the girl and the feelings she seemed to awaken inside of me. My siblings were already gathering at my Volvo. I threw my keys to Rosalie without a speaking a word and headed to the closest tree line. I ignored the spoken and mental calls from my family, as to what was going on with me. Once inside the trees and away from human eyes, I set off running as fast as I could with no direction in mind. I could still hear Alice screaming in my head.

“Don’t leave us Edward please!!!” So, Alice had had a vision of me running, I could only hope she would understand.

I just kept running trying to figure out what was really going on with me and these strange feelings. That’s when a new development began; this strange pain began to engulf me and the more distance I put between myself and Bella, the worse the pain got. All I could feel besides the pain was a pull on my soul, pulling me back to Bella and it was refusing to relent. That made no sense to me. Why did these feelings start so suddenly? Why were they getting stronger? What was I suppose to do about them? Seems all I had were questions and no answers. I thought about calling Carlisle since he was a doctor, my sire and mentor, to see if he had any answers, but honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It wasn’t just the fact I was embarrassed for what I’d let happen, it was also because I was afraid of what problems this would cause for the family. We worked very hard on our cover stories in order to remain in an area for as long as possible. If this new development caused us to relocate, the family would not be very happy with me. I had been running for an hour and was well into Canada, when the pain became too overwhelming for me to go any further. I sank to my knees and did the only thing I could do.

I released a growl like I had never produced or heard before, it screamed of pain, lose, need, and desire. The pressure finally become too much to bear, all I could do was collapse to the rich green forest floor and let the pain take me. I don’t know how long I’d been lying there. All I did know was I could see is her beautiful face, pale skin, brown lively eyes, mahogany colored hair all etched in my mind. All I could hear was her lovely, low, caressing voice, even her heavenly, florally scent was forever etched there in my mind. It’s all I can allow myself to have and protect those I love the most, my family and Bella. She’s a human, she’ll probably forget me by the time she’s home in her warm bed. I could live with that as long as she’s happy, I can live with the pain for both of us.

It was just me, my pain and my visions of Bella lying on the forest floor, when suddenly I felt the presence of two vampires enter my mind. They were members of my family coming at me fast, all I could hear were their urgent thoughts about Bella being rushed to Forks hospital, where Carlisle will be attending to her. This sent my mind into a frenzied panic. She needs me and I can’t even move. I have to get to her! I have to see what Alice saw! That was all I could think about. I knew from the thoughts in their minds and eyes as they found me curled in ball on the forest floor, they were shocked that I was in such bad shape and that they had never seen anything like it before.

“Alice, please show me?” was all I could manage to beg of her. Thankfully, she didn’t need to be asked twice. I watched as she replayed her vision of Bella.


Bella was in pain, whimpering my name as her father rushed her to ER. It was clear that she was in the same pain as me, only she’s human and couldn’t control it. Carlisle was talking to her father then he asked him to leave. She was begging Carlisle to get me to stop the pain. He let her know that I was coming and it would help both of us. When I walked in the room and crawled into her bed, you could see from our faces that the pain was leaving us both.

End vision

It’s killing her to be away from me. It’s my fault she’s suffering and I had to fix it before it ate her alive. “Please take me to her!” I screamed, now that my pain was coupled with Bella’s.

Thankfully, Alice brought Emmett with her, in her search for me. Because honestly, I couldn’t walk for the life of me. It was strange to me, to be carried by my brother but in this case I was still grateful. Even if he’s not as fast as me, at least we were racing in the right direction. I listened in on Alice’s phone call to Carlisle explaining to him what needed to be done. I suddenly appreciated my siblings even more than I had ever thought possible. The only one in my family not currently working on our yet unexplained pain was my sister Rosalie, who was slightly concerned for me, but not a bit for Bella. Jasper and Esme were already at the hospital awaiting our arrival.

I couldn’t help but notice my pain was slowly decreasing as we got nearer to the hospital. Just as we arrived I could see Bella through Carlisle’s eyes, she was still withering in pain but her screams were now whimpers. It would seem the pain was directly connected to our distance apart. What had I really been thinking when I ran? Now, I was able to walk in on my own accord. The closer to Bella’s room I got, the better I felt. I knew the moment I smelt her scent where she was and I wanted nothing more than to be there with her, to heal her pain. I knew from Alice’s vision all I had to do was hold her and honestly… I was anxious to hold her and never let her go. I know she knew when I entered her room, I could tell she sniffed the air, and then her eyes flew open as I slowly climbed into her bed. I held her and said “I’m sorry, It’s going to be alright,” over and over again.

The pain was all but a distant memory now; instead it was replaced with comfort and happiness. Still too many questions remained to be answered. Can she ever forgive me? Can she truly love me as I love her?


My name is Isabella Marie Swan but I preferred to be called Bella. Only dad and Police chief Charlie Swan calls me Isabella. I’m seventeen years old. Yesterday I arrived in forks Washington to live with my dad. I wasn’t really looking forward to moving to forks it’s been several years since I even visited Charlie here. Usually he would spend two weeks in the summer in Phoenix, where I lived with my mom Renee and her new husband Phil. One good thing about Charlie he doesn’t hover, he’s quiet like me. Sometimes I worry about him always being alone but I guess that’s another thing we have in common.

So, why am I in Forks to finish off my high school career? Renee’s new husband Phil is a minor league baseball player and he travels a lot which means either my mom would have to remain at home with me or leave me to my own devices. Neither idea made her very happy. So, I have banished myself here to allow them the freedom to hit the rode. I have always been more like the parent when it comes to my mom, so leaving her was like leaving a daughter to be with her new husband. I guess that’s why she always says I was born at 35 and getting older every day.

My first day at school was pretty much going to be nightmare, I was ready for it. At least I didn’t have to drive in with Charlie in the police cruiser, since he was nice enough to buy me an old 53 faded red Chevy truck from his friend Billy Black. Billy lives on the La Push Reservation. In a small town like Forks finding the high school was fairly easy enough. So, I made my way to the building that housed the administration office to receive my new class schedule, a map and a form to be signed by each teacher. The secretary Mrs. Cope was expecting me; apparently Charlie had not stopped talking about me since he’d heard I was coming to stay.

My morning classes were fairly uneventful, since only two teachers actually expected me to introduce myself, god I hate that! Being the center of attention was never what I wanted be. Being as uncoordinated as I was, tripping and falling were more then enough of an attention grabber, so I needed no help in that department. I was a little surprised when two students did manage to introduce themselves to me, the first was Jessica Stanley, the second was a boy named Eric Yorkie. Both seemed nice and I found myself lucky enough to be invited to eat lunch with them, at least I wouldn’t be alone, so that’s always a good thing.

Lunch was okay, honestly…sitting there listening to the local gossip was not my thing, but it was still better then eating alone. I did however get Jessica to tell me about the beautiful bronze haired boy that entered the cafeteria after we were seated, he and his siblings apparently are spoken about quite a bit, because of the fact they are absolutely gorgeous including the boys. I did find out they’re all adopted and dating each other with one exception of the youngest and in my opinion the most beautiful of the boys. From the tone of Jessica’s statements about Edward, I’d say she at had had a large crush on Edward and I don’t think she was very happy about his lack of interest in her. I did however notice that whenever Jessica spoke his name he would look to our table, like we had call his name but since we were halfway across a crowded cafeteria that would be impossible.

To my surprise when I walked into my next class Biology, I discovered that Edward Cullen was in the class with me. The moment I saw him I could feel the blush rushing across my face. Then nothing could have prepared me for his reaction, he froze and just stared at me, I really can’t explain the look on his face maybe horror or bewilderment? After having my form from the office signed, I headed to the only open seat available next to the one and only Edward Cullen. Unfortunately, my klutziness caught up to me and I proceeded to trip over the girl’s bag in front of my new seat. As I braced myself for the impact that never came, I was shocked to see that Edward had managed to catch me. Great another blush coming my way! Could I embarrass myself anymore in one day? As soon as I was in my seat safely, I was treated to the loveliest voice I have ever heard, it was as smooth and soothing as velvet.

“Hello, I’m Edward Cullen you must be Isabella?” Wow. Even his voice is beautiful.

“Um...Bella,” great add stuttering to my faux pas’s.

“Bella, that’s a beautiful name. How do you like Forks so far?” Did he say beautiful?Great another blush, can you die if you blush too much?!

“Thanks, its ok, better then I thought I would be.”

Luckily the teacher was quick to start class, so I decided my hands were suddenly very interesting, I was trying to avoid anyone including him, from seeing my embarrassment. After a few minutes of listen to the teacher, I decided to sneak a closer peek at Edward, only to get caught in his eyes and held hostage, I just couldn’t look away. As I sat there staring back into to his very black eyes, a rush of emotions and feelings started flooding me…it was beyond explanation. It was even beyond love at first sight. It was as if my world had suddenly shifted in a split second and the only thing that mattered was him. I wonder if he felt them too? The acceptance, protectiveness, security, desire, need, awe, caring and most of all love were all wrapped in one. The strangest thing was also accruing it was like a transfer of knowledge, for some reason I could tell he wasn’t a normal human boy. The longer I stared into his eyes the more I seemed to understand. What he really was with his pale skin tone, the fact that he wasn’t blinking, the purplish circles under his eyes, the chiseled features of his face, the coldness and hardness of his skin, his glorious scent, and I knew he could hear us talking about them, were all screaming vampire. This caught me off guard because I wasn’t one for believing in the supernatural, but there it was a belief that this boy was not just a boy by any means. I was over whelmed with this sudden pulling feeling, I just wanted to reach out and touch him, telling him “its okay I know what you are.” I wanted to tell him that I didn’t care what he was, but he bolted from the room as soon as the bell rang.

The moment he left the room I felt a new wave of emotions; loss, abandonment, fear, and rejection, I couldn‘t explain where they were coming from. Then suddenly the pain began, it was like someone stuck a knife in my chest and kept twisting it, making the hole bigger and bigger. By then time I reach my truck the pain was so bad, I could barely breathe right. I was mumbling the whole way home, calling for Edward to make it stop. Reaching home was no help either, I barely made it up the stair in time to collapse on to my bed and still the pain just continued to grow, then suddenly it stopped growing instead it remain at a steady pace. It was unbearable, all I could do was scream and call out Edward’s name begging for him to make it go away. I don’t know why, but I knew he could fix it. I just didn’t know how.

Charlie arrived home shortly after six pm and was horrified by the scene in my bedroom he was frantic, but I refused to leave my room. So, I screamed all night until my voice was hoarse. At five am I finally allowed Charlie to take me to the ER, but I wasn’t really sure what to tell them. I really couldn’t explain the pain or the emotions and I couldn’t tell them it was because he left. It didn’t make sense to me, never mind anyone else. As I laid there in agony, I could hear Charlie talking to the doctor explaining as much as he could. The doctor had a very smooth and elegant voice but it wasn’t until he asked Charlie to leave the room, did I see the resemblance. There was no mistaking it; this was Edward Cullen’s father.

“Isabella, can you hear me my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

“Yes, ask Edward to make it stop!” please, please, please!

“He’s on his way, the family is bringing him here as we speak, but he’s in just as much pain, this isn’t his fault, please don’t blame him” No, he doesn’t deserve to hurt too!

“I don’t blame him and I don’t want him to hurt either,” was all I could chock out.

“Is the pain getting any better?”

“It’s starting to ease slightly,” Thank god!

“Well, that’s good…hopefully, if I am right Edward’s is too,” I hope he’s right. I love him so much even though I can’t say how, I don’t even know him.

“Please tell him… I’m sorry for whatever I did to make him leave, I didn’t mean it,” I cried out.

“You didn’t do anything wrong Isabella. I’ll explain everything, once you’re both together.”

All I could do was whimper in pain while I waited for Edward and hope his father knows what to do. As I was lying there feeling somewhat better, I was never so happy to smell such a wonderful scent that had arrive in my room. Before I could even open my eyes, I knew Edward had finally arrived. Even just having his scent in the room was making me feel better by the second. To my surprise, he seemed to know what he had to do to heal us both. As he climbed shyly into my bed, I could feel the pain rapid leaving and it was being replaced with a feeling of comfort and relief. His strong arms just wrapped around me, holding me and whispering to me over and over again that it would be ok and honestly, I believed him.


I was preparing to finish up my shift at Forks Hospital when my cell phone went off; I was a little surprised it was from my daughter, Alice. My children never called when I was working, so I knew I needed to step out and speak with her. She had had several visions that involved my youngest son Edward and Isabella Swan. The first was Edward staring at a young girl in class then it shifted, then Edward was fleeing into the woods near school, another shift and Edward was laying in the forest after he growled in pain and another shift to Chief of police Charlie Swan bring in his daughter in from unexplained pain. The last shift was to Edward holding Isabella in her hospital bed as I explained about vampire singers to my family. Suddenly, all the earlier visions made sense. Edward had found his singer. Because it was such a rare occurrence, I had never explained it to my family, well that was about to change. I along with my wife have been increasing worried as the years pasted that Edward would never find love. After 87 years destiny has decided to take over and made a girl he couldn’t resist.

As we watched Edward and Isabella clutch on to each other, I knew it was time to explain, but where to begin? I guess from the beginning is best.

“Alright first Edward are you and Isabella feeling better?”

“Yes and please, call me Bella,” she replied as Edward just nodded.

“Okay, then this is going to be new to all of you because it is not a common occurrence.”

“Bella, our family is not what it seems.” Bella cut me off by stating “I already know”” you’re vampires,” she whispered the end.

“How is it you’ve come to know this?” I asked. Had he told her?

“It came with everything else; I can’t explain it just was there,” Well, that is interesting.

“And are you afraid? “Asked Edward with worry written all over his face.

“Not of you, I am just scared that you’ll disappear again,” softly replied Bella.

“Okay, the facts about our species can wait for another day but today everyone needs to

know what’s happening right now, The Volturi call this La Tua Cantante.”

“English please?” asked Emmett.

“Edward, Bella is your singer, everything about her sings to your soul as everything about

yours sings to her as well. It’s involuntary, unstoppable and irreversible,”

“So…what? He loves this human girl?” Rosalie asked heatedly as she suddenly appeared in the doorway.

“Yes, I do! I love Bella!” Edward snapped back at Rosalie.

“I love you too, Edward,” Bella softly whispered in Edwards’s ear causing them both to sigh and smile.

“So, what are all these things were feeling?” Bella inquired softly.

“Well, I have met a couple in Italy that had experienced this so, I can tell you what they told me, they told me that it started with each others scent. They both said the desire to be near each others scent drew them together. Then once they touched they felt this electric or shocking feeling, and they couldn’t be away from each others touch without being in constant pain. Finally, when they stared into each other eyes there was a rush of emotions, bonding their souls together as one, forever.” I paused in case anyone had a question but no one said a word.

“They were just like Edward and Bella, one mate was a human male and one mate was a female vampire. When he asked the female to turn him she did and last I knew, they were living out there existence quite happily. Simply put, you and Edward are truly in love in everyway possible, it’s more than soul mates, its destiny.”

“So we’re mates right now, there’s no ceremony or process for this to happen, it’s already done?” Bella asked curiously.

“No Bella, no ceremonies and yes…we are a bonded mated pair for the rest of our existence,” Edward answered lovingly.

“Oh…well, that’s a lot to take in since, I really don’t know anything about the man I’m in love with.”

“I agree with you but I know what I’m feeling and my feelings are as real as yours are.”

“So that means, all these feelings and the pulling and pain won’t go away?” Bella asked without looking away from Edward.

“No…the only thing that will change you both now, would be if one was to lose the other.”

“But Bella is human, she’ll grow old and die or worst die suddenly, what will happen to Edward?” Asked Jasper, speaking up for the first time today.

Edwards head snapped to Alice when her face went blank with a new vision.

“Bella will become one of us, I don’t know when or how, but I’ve seen her and Edward together and happy,” Alice chirped.

“Will you turn her is she wants you to?” You could hear the concern in Esme‘s voice.

“Only if she wants me to, I will not force her and only after she knows everything about us,” Edward spoke as he ran his finger across Bella’s cheek.

“And if she stays human, then what?” Seethed a now shocked Rosalie.

“Then I spend the rest of her life loving her as a human!” Snipped Edward in return.

“Enough! We need to come up with a strategy for now, as Edward has stated we will educate her in the future for her to make her decision, when it’s the right time. For now, we need to find away for these two to be in constant contact, any ideas?”

“Well…they both said each others scents helps, so today I’ll go shopping and get Bella some clothes that she can wear and give to Edward, so he’ll have her scent with him at all times and since we donate all our clothes after one or two uses, he can give them to her so she’ll have his with her.” Alice happily suggested.

“Good, that’s a very good start,” I was pleased with my daughter the shopaholic’s logic.

“What about you changing Edwards’s class schedule to match Bella’s as close to possible?” Leave it to my son Jasper to be the strategic one.

“Yes, excellent idea Jasper, I’ll see to that when I leave here this morning,” I shouldn’t have a problem with that.

“How come she just can’t come hang at the house after school? Doesn’t she need to know all about us anyways?”

“Bella, do you think you’d like to spend time with our family as Emmett suggested?” Edward asked but his eyes begged.

“Yeah, I guess that’s okay but I still have to spend time with Charlie, so you’re welcome to come to my house sometimes. If you want too, I mean…” quietly answered Bella.

“I want to,” Edward simply said bringing another smile to both their faces.

“Okay, so that just leaves the time when Bella’s sleeping.”

“I could enter her house after Charlie’s asleep and remain in Bella’s room until Charlie wakes and slip out before he see’s me. If Bella’s comfortable with that of course,”

Edward suggested sheepishly.

“I trust you Edward, are you sure Charlie won’t see you?”

“I’m sure, Charlie won’t know and it will give us time to become more familiar with each other.”

“Alright then, let’s get this plan in action, I’ll get Bella released to Charlie, we’ll say it was a famine issue. I don’t think he’ll ask for more information. Alice get to Bella’s house get some of Bella’s clothing for Edward. Edward you’ll need to go introduce yourself to Charlie as Bella’s boyfriend then be ready to go, wherever he ends up taking Bella.”


It’s been an hour since Dr. Cullen has started examining Isabella and honestly, I’m losing my mind. I just wish I knew what was going on. I could see Dr Cullen’s son wes looking better, he didn’t look much better then Bella did when he arrived earlier, though he still looks pained.

“Good Morning chief Swan, I am Edward Cullen.”

“You’re Carlisle’s son, right?”

“Yes sir, I am also a friend of Bella’s from school.”

“Is that why she was asking for you earlier?”

“Yes sir, I told her about my father being a doctor and she hoped he could help her.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Sir, I was hoping you would allow me to date your daughter.” Humm…

“Well Edward, I am glad you asked me first but ultimately, its Bella choice, so if she chooses to date you, I will grant you my permission. And you can call me Charlie.”

“Thank you, Charlie.”

“I see your father is coming, he must be done with Bella.”

“Good morning again Charlie, I have good news Bella’s doing great, once we went thought her symptoms it was a simple feminine problem, nothing to worry about I assure you.”

“Edward, would you please go sit with Bella, while Charlie and I talk?”

“Of course I will dad.”

“She’s doesn’t have something catchy right? It’s not a STD or anything?”

“No Charlie, Bella’s still a virgin but don’t tell her I told you since, I’ll be her new doctor and her privacy is very important to her.” THANK GOD!

“So…it’s the other kind of girlie problems, hunh…is there anything I need to do? Cuz honestly Doc, those are kinda outta my area of expertise.”

“No, Bella will call me directly, if she has any further problems but if you find her like this again please call the number on the back of this card., ah… here they come now.”

“Bella, how are you feeling now?” Well she looks better anyways.

“Much better, thanks for all your help and the information Doctor Cullen.”

“Well okay, so let’s get you home, do you need me to stay with you?”

“No, I think I’ll be fine, it’s not like there’s anything you can do. If I don’t feel well again I’ll just call Dr. Cullen.”

“Okay, well…we should hurry; I need to get to work quickly.”

“Charlie, I could drop Bella off for you on my way to school, it’s really no problem if you’d like. And…it would also give me a chance to talk to Bella about our earlier conversation.”

“Yeah…well, if it’s okay with Bella.”

“Sure, Edward can drive me, no problem, see you for dinner okay?”

“Okay Bella, call me if you need me.”

“Come on Bella, let’s get you home.”