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The Singer Connection

singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!


2. Chapter 2

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Disclaimer Stephenie Meyer’s owns twilight! I own nothing!

A/N found my inspiration from Justin Bieber’s song “Onetime” my heart edition

And Mitch Hansen band’s song lullaby (found on you tube ‘Robert Pattinson singing lullaby”) which I own no rights to either!

The Singer Connection

Chapter 2

Bella’s POV

After all the introductions were made and paperwork handled we were ready to leave the ER at 9 am. I have to say, the Cullen family scene in the parking lot, was nothing less than a frenzy. Everyone was confirming their next destinations and while even though I was watching and listening, I couldn’t make out anything they were saying. They spoke quickly in whispered voices that I couldn’t hear. They were also quickly switching cars around, this is when I was placed into a silver Volvo to wait for Edward. I watched in amazement as they all flew out of the lot heading in different directions.

To say the drive home from the hospital was quiet would be a vast understatement, since neither of us spoke a single word. I know I had so many questions running through my head, but I couldn’t begin to figure out where to start. His silence really wasn’t helping either, but I suppose…he was probably thinking the same things I was.

It’s not everyday you find yourself permanently bonded to a vampire or a human in his case. So…what do we do now? God, I hope he has more of a clue on how to proceed than I do, because honestly, I was at a loss here. I guess it’s best to follow his lead and hope his family will help us get past this awkward stage, we found ourselves in.

So far, I have to say they’re definitely trying to be supportive except the stunning beautiful blond Rosalie. I don’t think she like me very much, they were trying to make this all work without revealing their secret.

I found myself worried; What if they find this is too much of a burden? What if they don’t like me? Too many what if’s to even go there. God, a person could go crazy thinking about all this! ‘Have a little fate Bella’ was all I could manage to chant in my head. When we pulled up to my house, I found a new question that I couldn’t help vocalizing before I could stop myself.

“How did you know where I live?”

“Bella, when we move to a new home, we always make sure we know where the important houses are…and how to get into them,” I was a little shocked by his tone it was almost as if he was amused, if that’s possible. I guess he though I should have already known that.

“And…you think Charlie’s house is important why?” I asked warily.

“Because, he’s the chief of police and they are known for bringing their work home with them,” I could tell he was nervous but I still didn’t know why.

“So…who else makes the important list?” Curiosity was getting the best of me.

“Well…the Chief of police of course, all local law enforcement and the police station, the local hospital and the morgue, just in case one of has to fake our own death, of course the high school, principal’s residence and the Mayor’s office and home.”


“Because, they are the ones most likely to be the first to discover who we really are, and if we need to leave quickly, we simply remove the evidence and are gone before they have a chance to expose us,” as the fear griped me, all I could think was, ‘would they leave me behind?’

“Oh…have you had to do that before?” was all I could manage to stampper out, staring at my hands trying to avoid his stunningly beautiful face.

“Yes, but we would rather move on before it gets to that point,” Oh no, they would leave my behind. Even though I didn’t know him, I did know I loved him completely already.

“Wh-what would happen to me if you have to leave suddenly?” I couldn’t hide the fear in my voice this time.

“Bella, I would never leave you behind again, I will never make that mistake again,

Please know this, from today on your place will always be by my side,” I couldn’t help but believe him, the way he spoke with such conviction.

“Okay, so your family is in action getting everything set up, so what do we do now?” Please tell me you have the answer.

“Yes, our family is in action. So…it’s time for you to stop stalling. We should go inside and just spend time getting to know each other, the old fashion way, by talking. Okay?” Did he just say our family? I love the small chuckle he voiced it sounded like brass bells chiming. Damn, he’s right, I am stalling.

“Yeah, I’d like that and I’m sorry for stalling, it’s just the nerves and all.”

As I prepared to get out of the car, he quickly made his way to my door, to open it for me. I was amazed at how gentlemanly he was, he even extending his hand to me, to help me out. Which I willing accepted and the comfort and completeness that came with it. The electric current running through us was beyond words, I never wanted him to let go.

Happily, he didn’t even when I used my key to open the door he never let go and never moved from my side.

Once in the door I followed him to the couch and got comfortable at the far end and waited for him to sit, giving him as much room as he needed. I didn’t want to force him to sit next to me, if that wasn‘t his choice. I knew this was going to be a long talk and I wanted him to feel free to distant himself if that’s what he needed. I was glad when he chose the seat next to me, allowing our legs as well as our hands to feel the current. It seemed he enjoyed the current as much as I did, at least I hope he did.

I suddenly found myself searching out his eyes, which I had avoided since the hospital. Only to see they weren’t black and unmoving anymore, now they were the most beautiful colored butterscotch that I had even seen. But there was more locked in them, there were all the emotions I was feeling shinning right back at me from awe, devotion and love. I wonder how much history those eyes have seen? How could I not love him, really? It just wasn’t possible; I was hopeless in love with the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

Edward’s POV

After leading Bella to the couch, she sat at the far end. I don’t know if she was trying to shy away from me but I wasn’t going to let that happen, I wanted her close to me, where she should be.

Finally! She looked at me! The one thing I’ve been patiently waiting for since leaving my family at the ER. God, they’re the most beautiful chocolate brown colored eyes I have ever seen. And the feelings swirling around in them, were mirroring my own.

I don’t know why God has sent me this angel; I’m grateful for the gift and will cherish her forever, if she’ll have me that is. But…I couldn’t wait to hear her sweet voice again, so I guess I’ll have to start and hopefully she’ll follow.

“Bella, where would you like to begin with your questions?” It came out as a whisper.

“Could you start at the beginning, where and when this happened to you?” Yes! Finally my angel speaks.

“The beginning it is, I was born in June 20, 1901. I was the only child of Edward Sr. and Elisabeth Masen in Chicago. In September of 1918 the Spanish Influenza outbreak arrived. My father fell ill first and passed away, followed by my mother a few days later. But before she died she begged Carlisle, who was our attending doctor, to do all he could to save my life. Since he had been hoping to find a companion, see he was lonely for a lot of years, so he decided to turn me and we’ve been together ever since. He’s been my sire, my father and best friend for 87 years.” Those were all the human memories, I had left to share.

“I’m so, so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you to remember all that,” The sad look on her face said it all, she really meant it.

“It’s okay Bella, really it is. I have had a lot of years to come to terms with it. Please don’t feel like you can’t ask me something, because honestly, there is no question I won’t answer for you.”

“How do you honestly feel about the Singer Connection between us, and please be very honest?” She asked as she looked away, as if she was afraid of what I might say, I could see her doubt written all over her face. I couldn’t let her continue to doubt needless so I put everything on the line, being totally honest, and hoped she’d see that I meant it.

“Bella, I have been without a mate for 87 years. I was the only member in my family without a mate. I was even convinced that I was complete the way I was and that I would always be alone. I also believed that I was not capable of loving anyone outside my family. However, still I wasn’t happy; I rarely smiled and laughed even less. I have never been in a relationship with anyone in all my 104 years. That all changed when I looked into your eyes and you set my soul ablaze. Suddenly, I was filled with emotions. Emotions I had only seen in others. I won’t lie it freaked me out a lot. That’s why I ran; I thought I was protecting you and my family from the problems this was bound to create. But…I was wrong…this isn’t a problem, it’s a salvation. I was running in the wrong direction, I should have been running into to your arms, not away from them. I for one think… this is the best gift I have ever received and I wouldn‘t change it for anything.” Please believe me.

Okay time to spill it all. I needed her full attention, because if she rejected me I knew, I wouldn’t be able to say it again. So gently I slipped to floor on my knee’s placing myself between her knee’s and I placed my hand gently under her chin and guided her face up, so I could see her magnificent face looking back at me. Dear Lord! Please let her feel the same way. I prayed. God…don’t flaunt the only thing I have ever desired at me, only to rip it away from me! Please!


“Bella you are my air, I can’t breathe without you,”

“You are my one and only forever,”

“You are my life; I can’t go back to being alone,”

“Your fight is my fight,”

“You’re the only one who will make me happy,”

“Your compassion humbles me,”

“I’ve never wanted to be with anyone until I met you,”

“My world, is your world,”

“Your world, is my world,”

“I will give you everything you ever want,”

“I will be at your side for all eternity, if you’ll have me,”

“You are my one heart,”

“You are my chosen one,”

“You are the only one for me,”

“Your pain, is my pain,”

“I will protect you with my own life if needs be,”

“I love you more than anything else in this world and I can’t live without you,”

“Will you have me as your mate for all eternity?”

“Edward that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, and…yes Edward, I will have you as my mate for all eternity. I just wish I could explain as well as you did, just how deep these emotions are imbedded into my soul, so you could see that I feel the exact same as you do.”

“I do.” Yes! She’ll have me!

I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, as the relief rushed over me, no longer fearing she didn’t feel the same. As I leaned in still holding her chin in my hand and I granted my lips their one and only wish, to be one with Bella’s. It would seem Bella had the same desire, as she reached out and tangled her small fingers in my hair, trying to bring my face closer to hers. This I had no desire to fight. Just as my lips reached hers the current flowing between us, suddenly surged as our lips made contact for the first time sending me instantly into a heavenly blissed state. Slowly and gently we moved our lips in a perfect rhythm. The taste of her lips was better than anything I have ever tasted or even could have imagined. I have waited for this moment for my entire existence and now I never wanted it to end. But I must let it end, I may not need to breathe but Bella does.

The fact that her heart sounded like it was trying to beat its way out her chest and her labored breathing. Were clear signs it was time to break off the kiss, it left us both breathing haggardly, but I don’t release my hold her face. I just wanted to stare at her forever. After a few moments she asked a question that I realized was left unanswered by my family.

“Edward exactly what does it mean to be a mated bonded couple?”

“The human equivalent would be a married couple, we live our lives together, hopefully…happily forever, you see vampires only bond once.”

“Are saying we’re married?” She croaked out.

“Yes and no, in the vampire world there is no ceremony once the bond is made, it’s unbreakable. Even after the loss of a mate we are unable to bond with another. But vampires do also get married like Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and even Carlisle and Esme have all been married several times, usual after we change identities.”

“Oh…okay, I got it.”

“Now…Bella, we should take a break you look very tired and you haven’t eaten anything yet today, so may I suggest you go and grab lunch. While I go prepare your bedroom window for my visit tonight, then we can let you take a little rest before we begin again.”


Bella’s POV

I showed Edward where Charlie stored his tools and I set off to make a sandwich. I had barely finished making it when he arrived back stating the job was done. After downing a glass of milk and my sandwich, I laid on the couch with my legs across his lap.

I didn’t sleep instead we continued talking, this time we covered my family. When Edward finally received a call from Alice the petite, adorable, pixie faced, dark spiked hair beauty letting him know all action plans were in place and would start tomorrow morning.

Shortly before six he said Charlie would be home in five minutes so he had to leave, but he said he would back once Charlie was asleep and with that I received one more kiss and his sweatshirt with his scent on it. I took my hoodie with my scent in and gave it to him hoping it would ease the pain of being apart. It works to a small degree but the further he was from me the more the pain crept back,

luckily…he wasn’t as far away as before, so we still could function some what normally. But the pulling sensation was ferocious, I just wanted to run to his house and throw myself in his arms.

Dinner was easy, pizza from a local shop, so with no clean up, I could escape to my room quicker. Charlie was happy to see me feeling better, but I could tell there was something he wanted to discus, but wasn’t sure how to ask so I helped him out a little.

“Spill it dad.”

“I was just wondering if you and Edward had a chance to talk regarding the conversation we had at the ER?”

“We did.”

“So are you seeing him now, like steady?” Yeah, you could say that and more!

“Yes, I have agreed to that, does it bother you?”

“No… I just wasn’t sure if Renee had a chance to discuss… boys with you yet.”

“Ohhh yeah…‘that talk,’ your good dad, mom took care of that, I’m all set.” And I wouldn’t tell you even if she didn’t.

“Okay, then, well I’m gonna go watch the game.” I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Okay goodnight dad, see you tomorrow” Time for my escape.

“Nite Bella”

I had just made my way to room after completing my nightly routine and was in bed waiting for Edward to return, when my mom called, I kept it quick and promised to call her in a few days, when there was more to report.

Before I could even hit the end button Edward was sitting on the edge of my bed. Okay, boy in my room - yep, that’s a first for me, boy in my bed most definitely another first. Edward adjusted the blankets, climbed on top and waited for me to make the first contact, so I scooted into his side and buried my head into his chest, where I remained for the entire night, sleeping soundly, saturated in his touch and scent. This was the first night of our regular routine.

Edward’s POV

So much for me always being in control of my life. This precious, fragile, little, human girl now with her head nuzzled on my chest, where my beating heart once was, and her hand laying cross my waist had changed everything. She has sent my life spinning out of my control and yet…I can’t say that it bothers me in the least. I would never complain about her intrusion in my life, quite the opposite. I welcome every new experience I will have with her and be grateful for it. I don’t know if she can hear me now, since her breathing is now slow and steady and her heartbeat has slowed as well. I’d say she‘s sleeping, but I can’t help but sing the song, I wrote for her with my guitar, while I was waiting for my time to come back, its simple named “lullaby”. I am going to sing it to her until she wakes up. I hope she likes it. Just once I wish I could read her mind, see her dreams but nothing, her mind is still a mystery to me,

Bella gave me one of her first gifts for tonight; she spoke my name so caressingly, as it rolled from her lips. It would have made my heart skip a beat, if it was beating that is. Bella doesn’t disappoint, for the remained of the night she spoke to me two more times the second time was my name again but the last time, she said “Edward, I love you.” I would have cried if it weren’t physically impossible.

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