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The Singer Connection

singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!


3. Chapter 3

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The Singer Connection

Chapter 3

Edward’s POV

The time to leave my sanctuary of Bella’s embrace has arrived, Charlie is starting to wake up and in order for our plan to work; he can’t find me in his daughter’s bed. Even if I am full dressed and on top of the covers, no father or cop is that understanding. As I stroked my angel’s face lying beside me, I can’t help but think I am the luckiest vampire in existence.

“Bella, I have to go now,” I whispered well below Charlie’s hearing range.

“Humm, What?” She mumbled so softly back.

“I have to go now,” ‘Against my will’ I wanted to add but refrained.

“Wait, no, what you mean go?” her whisper was laced fear.

“Charlie’s waking up and he can’t find me here. I’ll be back with my car to drive you to school. If that’s okay with you?” Please say yes.

“Oh - okay, I’ll be ready,” she was more relieved this time when she replied.

After brushing a kiss on to her forehead, I was out the window and sprinting across the yard. As I crossed the tree line I opened up my run to full speed, flying through the forest was always one of my favorite things to do normally but I don’t seem to enjoy it as much, when it’s taking me in opposite direction of Bella.

Even covered in her scent, the pull and pain continued to grow in small amounts but still growing none the less. I dashed in the house and up the stairs to my room to change. Just as I finished putting on the clothes Alice had laid out for me, I noticed that Alice had apparent been a busy little shopper. Since my black leather couch was now covered in shopping bags for me to deliver to Bella later.

Listening to Alice’s thoughts as she approached my room, she was thrilled about getting to know Bella better since she’s has had another vision of Bella.

“She’s going to be one of us and she’s going to be my best friend,” she chirped happily with a soft grin on her face caused her eye’s to light up as she replayed the vision in her head.

I had never realized until just that moment that Alice has never really had a friend at all, only members of our family, Bella wasn’t just coming into my life, she was coming into all our lives; she would be Alice’s best friend and sister, Carlisle and Esme’s new daughter and little sister to Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. Rose was the only one not jumping for joy about our newest family member and my long awaited mate. I could only hope with time she might grow to at least tolerate her, as she does with the rest of us. Rose never wanted this life for herself and has always wished to be human again, so me mating with a human was causing her to have envy issues.

While I was at Bella’s watching my only reason for existing sleep, my siblings had decided Rose, Emmett and Jasper would ride in Rose’s M3 to school and Alice would join me and Bella in the Volvo, giving Alice her first chance to talk with Bella and start the friendship she so desperately wanted.

Carlisle was also worried that if she was overwhelmed by us, she might become afraid and shy away from us, that was something he really wanted to avoid and I agreed. I don’t want my angel fearing me or any other family member for that matter.

The moment I reached the first floor Alice was ready to leave, with a new sweater in her hand for me to wear over my grey button down shirt. So I would have something to leave with Bella this evening in exchange, I would take something of Bella’s. With that were out the door and at Bella’s in just under four minutes and it couldn’t come quick enough for me.

It seems in just the thirty-six hours since I meet my angel, I’ve become total addicted to her, and she is my own personal brand of Heroin. And, I really needed my fix. I pulled up just in time to see her shut her front door and watched her come down those stairs, it was a glorious sight. She breathed my name as I met her on the walkway; quickly I scooped up her hand in mine and released a sigh in process. I walked her to the passenger side of the car opening her door and helping her take her rightful place in my car and by my side.

I was quiet on the drive to school, wanting the ladies to have a few moments to speak with one another and begin their friendship. I can’t say I was very surprised that they were hitting it off just fine without any intervention from me. With Alice’s hyper and bubbly personality and Bella’s sweet and caring nature, you could see these two were indeed going to be best friends.

Upon our arrival however, Bella became instantly silent and a look of panic swept across her face. I quickly tried to calm her down; realizing one of her biggest fears was engulfing her. She did not like to be the center of attention and well… arriving to school with any member of the elusive Cullen family will only guarantee that.

“Bella love, look at me, don’t look back at them. Just look at me and I promise, it will fine, we’ll just walk right past them like their not even there. Okay?”

“Yeah, I guess, I just feel like a freak show on parade, like their all just waiting for the next time I fall on my face or any other part of my body for the matter. Which in my case is unavoidable since, I’m so klutzy and I can’t seem to make it a single day without something jumping out and tripping me?”

“You won’t have to worry about that with me around. You know that right?”

“Yes, but you can’t always be there, so it will still happen,” I had to suppress a slight chuckle; she was so damn cute when she pouted like that.

“Come on Bella, we’re going to be late if we don’t get moving,” I placed my hand in the small of back to guide her towards our first class.

Thankfully, Carlisle was successful yesterday in shifting my classes to match Bella’s. Honestly, the more physical contact I had with my love, the harder it was to let go of her when I had to. Luckily, our morning classes went by in a bliss filled, electrically charged blur, I had to admit by lunch all I wanted to do was pull Bella into an embrace and wrap myself in a blanket of her scent. But, that would have to wait until after school. I instructed Bella to join my family at our table while I went to retrieve our food from the line.

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the thoughts of Jessica Stanley before she had a chance to pounce on Bella in an attempt to dig up the newest Cullen family Gossip. Poor Bella, she looked like a deer caught in the head lights of an on coming car.

“Hey Bella, saw you drive in with some of the Cullen’s today, so are you like friends with them now or what?” Even with a smile plastered across her face her thoughts were vulgar at best. Wonder what she had to do for that honor, something trampy no doubt.

“Yeah - I guess you could say that.”

“So, come on dish, what are they like?” she has to tell me I’m her friend too, right as if.

“There’s nothing to dish about Jessica, they’re just like the rest us,” Awe, she’s protecting us.

“Yeah, if by us, you mean totally gorgeous and dating our siblings,” by that I mean gross.

“Jessica their adopted and not really related so there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But, still it’s weird,” maybe she’s just as weird as they are.

“I don’t see anything weird about it,” That’s my girl!

“So are you and Edward like dating or something now?” she had better say no, I saw him first and its not even like she’s a pretty as me.

“Something,” vague works.

“Hi, Bella are you ready to join us or are you waiting for Edward?” Chirped Alice.

Uuggg saved by the freaky little pixie.

“No…I’m ready, Jessica I’ll see you later okay?” yes you will, and you will talk!

“Thank you Alice,” I whispered too low for anyone other then a vampire to hear.

Her reply was a simple nod with a smile for me to know she’d care for Bella until I got there. As they approached the table I heard the thoughts of Jasper warning me of Bella’s changing emotions.

“Edward its amazing to see how closely linked your emotions are. I feel the same pain and feelings from you as I do from her.”

“Is she afraid?” I whispered back.

No, no fear just longing, anxious and abandonment.”

I simply nodded as I was returning with our lunch tray. Alice had re-introduced everyone by the time I reached the table. After placing the tray on the table I addressed Bella’s needs.

“Bella did you miss me? Jasper said you were feeling uncomfortable.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist. Hoping the feelings and pain would be replaced by completeness and comfort that our connection provided.

“Yes, but it goes away when you come back, so I fine now. How did he know?”

“Bella, everyone in our family has strength, each one is different, and no two are ever the same. So, Jasper’s strength is reading emotions.”

“And yours?” speaking low enough so the neighboring tables couldn’t hear her.

“Bella, I can read the mind of everyone in this room with one exception, yours.”

“Is there something wrong with me?” she whispered so low that I almost missed it.

“I tell you I can read minds and think you there’s something wrong with you,” I couldn’t stop the chuckle this time.


“No Bella, there’s nothing wrong with you, now please sit and eat your lunch with me.”

Lunch went better than expected with just a few glares from Rosalie, everyone took turns asking questions, telling stories and laughing. It was a great thing to see. I don’t think I have smiled and laughed so much in my whole existence. I know I’ve never been this happy without a doubt. Our afternoon classes were as good as our morning classes, basking in my Bella’s presence was exquisite.

That afternoon after our homework was done, we found ourselves on the couch snuggling together. I found myself struggling with the desire again to taste her sweet lips, as she laid snuggled into my side with her head on my chest, she started running her hand through my hair lightly scratch my scalp, I didn’t even bother trying to suppress the low moan like growl that she was causing to escape from low in my throat. This small act was all it took before I found myself pulling her on top of me and trying to get as close as possible. The change in our position allowed her the opportunity to move her other hand into my hair and began tugging lightly in her own attempt to get us even closer. I was not going to fight her since I wanted it as much as she did.

Soon, I found my hands running slow laps up and down her back exploring the marvelous curves found there; even through her shirt I could feel every slight variation in her muscles. Soon her breathing took on a new rhythm and her heartbeat started accelerating, I found myself leaning my mouth to hers placing a soft gentle kiss on her lips. But the longer we kissed, the more passionate it became and soon a new feeling in the pit of my stomach began to grow.

It was then I started fight my own morals that I’ve lived with for over a century. I needed to stop this soon or I wouldn’t have the strength or inclination to stop it later. It nearly killed me but I did manage to remove my lips from her mouth instead placing small caressing kisses across her cheek to her ear. She whimpered slightly at the removal of my mouth but slowly her breathing and heartbeat returned to normal.

“Bella, there’s something I need to ask you, please don’t be upset with me, okay?”

Running my hands through my hair trying to find the right way to ask my question. I decide there was no right way to ask it.

“Bella, how many relationships have you had before now?” I dreaded her possible response.

“Um - do you mean like boyfriends or the physical kind?” This caused her to blush.


“Well, um… you need to understand, I - um… really didn’t - um… socialize a lot, um… so none,” listening to her stutter this out I was pleasantly surprised to hear, she was a virgin like me.

Bella’s POV

Holy cow! Did I just really admit I was a virgin to Edward? He must think I am a total freak. Truth be told, I had never even had a crush on someone before Edward. Just thinking about that now had my blush working overtime trying to cover my entire face not just my cheeks.

“Bella, please don’t be embarrassed because honestly, I have never been interested in any type of relationship with anyone either. In fact our kiss was my first ever other than my family’s that is,” Seriously? With a face like his, how can he possibly be as untouched as me?

“Edward, that was my first kiss too, I‘ve never even been on a date before.” I might as well make my embarrassment complete.

“Bella, I’ve got to leave now, I’ll see you at bed time.”

“Did I do something wrong?” I had to know.

“No love, you didn’t do anything wrong, it just Charlie will be home in five minutes.”

I couldn’t help but grunt when he untangled us and left my touch. I didn’t like the feelings of being separated. Now…I would have to endure hours of waiting for his return. After a minute of our nightly exchange of shirts, he was gone.

Tonight, I was going to treat Charlie to a home cooked meal instead of the diner, so I set off for the kitchen and started cooking. When Charlie arrived moments later, I was surprised he was in such a good mood, apparently he and Billy Black had arranged some sort of game night for the up coming hockey game on Saturday night. He did ask if he bought snacks, if I could set up a spread for them, which of course I agreed.

After dinner was eaten and dishes cleaned, I decided to head upstairs early and lounge in the bath doing all the little extra things in the tub that I didn’t do on a daily bases.

Charlie turned in early and I went to unpack the bag Edward brought me from Alice, I admit she had no idea of what my fashion type was, because half of what she sent, I would never wear. Just as I was placing the last few items in my closet I found myself on the receiving end of a wonderful cold embarrass, which could only come from the one and only person I would want to touch me.

“Edward!” Trying to keep my voice as low as possible.

“Bella,” he sighed in my ear. God did he know what that did to me? Probably not.

“Bella, would you do me the honor of joining me on a date this Friday evening?”

“Oh, okay what do you want to do?”

“It’s a surprise but you will need to wear one of the dresses Alice sent you.”

“Edward, I’m not really good with surprises or dresses for the matter,” his eyes were locked on my lip which I was nibbling nervously on.

“Well…Bella, life is a surprise, so you will deal nicely I’m sure. Now, lets get you to bed, I’ll sing the song I sang to you all last night, but sadly you missed it, since you were sleeping.”

The song Edward wrote and sang for me was beautiful and touching. A lullaby just for me. I had no problem falling asleep in his strong arms. It was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.

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