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The Singer Connection

singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!


4. Chapter 4

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The Singer Connection

Chapter 4

Edward’s POV

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s only been five days, since I met my singer and mate Bella Swan. They have been the best days in my long life with the exception of my run to Canada, in a stupid attempt to protect my family and new found love. After leaving Bella off at her home with my sister Alice, who insisted on helping Bella get ready for our first date. This will also be a first date for us as individuals. I am determined to make it the most memorable day in her life, I’ve spent the last two days planning it and Alice assures me it will be perfect. Now, I just need to keep myself here at home instead of running back to my true love, trying my hardest not to give into the pull of our connection, which has become very difficult to do as time goes on.

As I entered the house from the garage, I could hear Carlisle calling me to his office to join him. Hopefully, he’s discovered some new in sight into me and Bella’s connection.

“Hello Carlisle,” he put up this finger asking me to be patient.

“Edward, please join me on this call, Edward, please say ‘hello’ to Sebastian,” I cocked my head to the side in an attempt to ascertain why I was here.

“Hello Sebastian, it’s a pleasure to speak to you today,” curiosity racing through my brain.

“Hello Edward, Carlisle says you have recently found your Singer.”

“Yes, that’s correct,” I confirmed cautiously.

“Edward, Sebastian is part of the couple I spoke to you about,” Carlisle informed me.

“Oh, thank your for speaking with us, we were hoping you could help give us a little more information,” You could hear my gratitude in my voice.

“I don’t mind in the least. I will share as much as I know, so…would you rather I give you the whole story or would you like just to ask specific questions?” I gestured to Carlisle to take over from here.

“The whole story I think would be best,” replied Carlisle.

“Okay, one day when I was out for a leisurely walk along a local river, I came across the most euphoric scent, I have every come across in my life. I couldn’t help myself but to follow it, when I finally found the source, it was coming from the most beautiful woman my eye’s have ever seen, so I stop and started speaking with her. The moment she looked into my eyes there was this sudden rush of emotions and feelings, but I also recieved the knowledge of who and what she was and it seemed my fear was changed as well, I didn‘t fear her but I did fear losing her. I couldn’t look away it was like I was locked in place,” He took a moment before continuing before starting again.

“Angel’s experience was the same as mine except she only feared losing me too. All we can figure is that it was needed for the singer to be able to connect to the vampire, but that’s a best guess. The need to be physically connected began almost immediately after and when we weren’t connected or the distance was too great the pain of being separated became overwhelming. This continued until we claimed each other by being intimate for the first time. Then it shifted slowly so we could be apart for short periods of time. But still as of today we cannot bear to be completely separated for more then two days without touching each other or being surrounded by the others scent. We have been together now for over a century,” He sighed, recalling I sure his memories of the past.

“I’m sure you’ve discovered the electric feeling that runs through you when you touch each other, well…I can tell you that it doesn’t go away, if anything it magnifies after her transformation. May I ask how long ago you found your singer?”

“Five day’s why?” I inquired.

“Because simply, the part of the connection that needs to touch will continue to grow the longer you resist, the only other singer pair I have ever met said this was a big a problem for them. Because of the times when they met, you were not allowed to be intimate before marriage. So…they fought it to the point that he snapped and turned her while he…raped her, she of course forgave him, but it still haunts their memories. So, it would be in both your best interest not to wait on claiming each other physically. Especially if your going to wait on turning her. How close is she to her next cycle?”

“What cycle?” Okay, now I’m confused.

“Her menstrual cycle,” And how would I know that?

“I have no idea. Is it important?”

“Well yes, you see her scent is pulling you hard now, and it will be overpowering during her cycle and no matter how much distance you try to put between your bodies, it will take over on its own and you will search her out no matter how much you try to prevent it.”

“So, you are saying…I need to make love to her before she starts her next cycle?” Did I hear him right?



“Yes, otherwise you will not be able to claim and transform her gently, make no mistake about the connection it will know when her cycle begins and it will force your hand to claim her. Even after the first time her cycle will call to you until she is transformed. The connection is more than just the attaching of the souls, it an attachment of every sense you have, you will smell and hear her from further away than anyone else. I know for us we can even feel if something isn‘t right with each other.”

“Sebastian, we’re running under the assumption her cycle has begun but what if it hasn’t, can the intimacy be postponed?” You can see this was worrying Carlisle greatly.

“Being a doctor you know the problem with that, if she hasn’t begun her cycle there is no way to predict when it will start. So you risk the chance of violence, also there’s no saying the connection won’t force her cycle to begin more quickly. Like I said, the connection is a total package deal. It connects you physically, emotionally and mentally.”

“Sebastian, we are very grateful to you for all your information it will be really helpful in how we are to proceed from this point.”

“Yes, Thank you very much,” Now, if I knew what to do with this information.

“Good luck to you both and if I think of anything new I will contact you.”

I waited for Carlisle to disconnect from the call. I was totally lost in my own thoughts; all I could manage to do was stare at my father hoping he had all the answers. But, from the look on his face my hope were fading fast. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it took a full five minutes before we were ready to speak again.

“Look Edward, I know your virtues are fighting against the connection, it can’t be easy. But, I think its time for you to put you virtues aside and worry about Bella’s safety. So, I would suggest that you slowly work up to the big event. Each day add something sexual in, there’s so many little acts that can lead you to the ultimate act. I think we should go hunting this weekend just the guys. We can give you all the information and suggestions to make it easier, we’ll leave tonight after your date and come back Sunday night. I’ll call Alice and have her talk to Bella today about her cycle so we can start planning the event.” God, my family is actually going to plan the loss of our virginity.

“It’s just really embarrassing having the whole family involved in losing my virginity. I always thought I’d get married first and then fumble my way through it. Its one of the reasons I block people’s thoughts when sex is on their mind. And, what’s Bella gonna think about all this, it’s going to freak her out. What if this alone makes her leave me? I don’t want to hurt her, if Sebastian’s right and she runs, the connection will force me to chase her and claim her. I mean…I could lose it and turn her right away. I don’t want to force her to do anything. I raked my ringers through my hair tugging on it, all I can think about is my sweet angel may hate me because of this.

The thoughts were making the pain of being apart surge to almost panic. I need to see Bella now! I need to feel her close! As I raced through my preparations and got ready as quickly as possible, all I could think about was the phone call and hope she understands when we talk on Sunday night about it. I will not be having this conversation tonight. I will not ruin her first date. And with that settled, I was out the door and on way to my Bella. The drive went quickly as always but, I just needed to be with her as soon as possible. From Alice’s thoughts I could tell she was ready but I refused to look through her eyes, I wanted to see her beauty for myself.

It wasn’t until I reached to knock on the door that I noticed I was nervous about this evening, up until now…there had been no expectations. After I ran my fingers through my hair trying to calm myself, I knocked and was floored when Alice opened the door revealing a very stunning Bella standing on the bottom step.

Her blue sapphire dress was satin with a lace halter top bodice and God help me, it was clinging to all the right places. She was carrying a matching wrap and a small clutch bag and wore matching ballet flats. I gently handed her a single long stem red rose, which Alice placed in a vase for her. After saying our quick goodbyes, we were on our way to Port Angeles for dinner.

The ride only took about an hour, which was quite short. I think we were both nervous so instead of talking, we just held hands and stole quick glance at each other. I picked a restaurant across from the waterfront hoping for a romantic walk after dinner. We pulled into the parking lot and parked, one nice thing about this restaurant it was never crowded. I opened her door, helped her out, and pulled her into my embrace, so I could nuzzle my head in her hair. Just taking a moment to calm myself worked by the time I looked into her heavenly eyes I felt complete.

Bella’s POV

As we walked into restaurant, I couldn’t help but see the beautiful décor, it rang of elegance. I couldn’t help but notice the hostess was practically falling over herself when she noticed Edwards’s beauty. Of course, there is a downside to noticing that it made me want to fight her off for what was mine. And he is mine! Edward didn’t even seem to notice the way she was batting her eye lashes at him trying to gain his attention, he just keep his hand in the small of my back and stared at me with a look of awe on his face. I’m pretty sure my face wore the same expression.

After he gave his name the hostess looked at us sadly, but I didn’t know why until she led us to a room upstairs. Then I understood, Edward had reserved a private room with just a formally set table in the middle, set in the back wall was a fire place with a fire already going, giving the room a warm glow to it. On the mantel a cd player was playing Clair de Lune, De Bussey. Edward lead to us to the table and pulled out my seat, placing my wrap over the back of my seat before taking his own seat.

“Edward, this is very beautiful but you really didn’t have to do all this, it too expensive,” I didn’t like him throwing away all his money on me. It wasn’t necessary.

“Bella money is never something you have to worry about, really - me and Alice always make sure there plenty of money in all our accounts, that’s just one our jobs. For 85 years I have bought myself very little mostly music and cars. Now, I have someone to spend money on and I am going to, so get use to it, because you can’t stop me from treating you the way you deserve to be treated. So, no more talking about money, this is our first date, so just relax and be happy. Please?“

“Okay, but what can I give you in return to make you happy?” I was too embarrassed to admit really I had little money or processions to give him.

“Bella, please look at me, I’ve waited for you for a very long time. I don’t care about material things. The things I want from you, to make me happy can not be bought in a store. I want to see your beautiful face always, I want you to hold me in your embrace, I want to hear you say you love me, I want to spend the rest of my existence with you whether you’re human or vampire. I want to love you always, and I want to know that I am making you as happy as I am.” Just hearing this made my cheeks blush. I could give him all that.

When the waiter arrived we made our dinner selections I found myself surprised, Edward had actually ordered a drink and a meal. This surprised me because he doesn’t eat or drink. I knew he knew what I way thinking because the moment the waiter left he shrugged his shoulders and said “for appearances.” I found myself getting nervous when he stood up silently and pulled me up with him, taking me into his arms and started swaying to the music.

“Um - Edward, I can’t dance.” You know the whole two left feet deal.

“You can with me,” Gently he lifted me and placed my feet on top of his.

He was definitely graceful enough for both of us. Slowly we circled the room, with me in his arms. And this is how we remained until our dinner arrived. My meal was mushroom ravioli with broccoli for the side and it was delicious. We skipped the dessert. Edward had his wrapped to go for Charlie and paid the bill. I wasn’t allowed to see the bill of course but once it was settled we made our way outside.

We left his car in the lot and walk down the road a bit until we reached the waterfront. It was much colder near the water, so Edward tightly wrapped me in my wrap and we walked just talking and holding each other close. Before we turned back Edward pulled me in to his embrace and placed the sweetest kissed on my lips, it was slow and loving. Once back to the car I knew it was time to go home, but I was dreading it. I knew once he dropped me off he would be leave for a hunting trip with the boys. I couldn’t help but be sad. This would be the first time we would be apart since we connected.

Alice had left several scented items of Edward’s at my house earlier and took enough to help him make it through the weekend at least that was the hope. The car ride went by too quickly and by the time we pulled in front of my house, I was fighting to keep my tears from falling. I needed to get in quickly; I couldn’t let him see me fall apart. He felt bad enough about leaving. I had to make it as easy as possible. So, I quickly kissed him goodnight, wished him luck and literally ran in the house, shutting the door quickly, leaving him standing on the porch. I threw Charlie’s food in the fridge and ran for the stairs, almost falling down them twice, since I couldn’t see through my tears. I didn’t even bother changing I just collapsed on my bed and sobbed myself to sleep.

When I finally woke Charlie had already left to go fishing. My emotions were off the map and all I wanted was Edward, so I wore a white button down shirt from the plastic bag Alice had left and put on a pair of sweat pants. I didn’t care what I looked like. I moved around the house cleaning, doing laundry looking like a zombie from a cheap horror flick and finally once the table was set for tonight I headed to my room. I sat in my rocking chair staring out the window for an hour, and the next thing I knew I could here several male voices coming from downstairs. It was then that Charlie called up the stairs.

“Bella, come down and say ’hi’ to everyone.”

“Okay,” was all I could choke out.

Just as I expected, in the living room game night had begun, in attendance was Billy Black, his son Jacob, Harry Clearwater and his son Seth and of course, my dad. I made my way around the room saying ‘hello’ making sure to avoid touching any of them. Since I met Edward, I had developed a strong desire to avoid all male contact except for Charlie and Edward. After a few pleasantries were exchanges. I slipped back up to the sanctuary of my room and Edward scent. Where I hoped to remain by myself, but after a while I heard a knock on my door. Thinking it was Charlie, I opened it only to find an angry looking Jacob Black glaring at me.

“What’s up?” I said trying to remember to be nice.

“Who are you seeing!” he demanded.

“Uh - Jacob, that’s none of your business.” I was still trying to be polite.

“Which leech is it?” he fumed.

“I don’t know what your talking,” I do but I’m telling you pal.

“Yes - you do, his scent is all over you and in your room!” yes, yes it is.

“Jacob, please leave, I’m not comfortable with you being this close me.” NOW!

“Not until you tell me who he is!” Right, good luck with that one!

That was when he reached out to grab me and I lost it. I leaped backwards to avoid his touch and ended up falling over the rug on the floor, slamming myself to the floor and hitting my head off the leg of my desk. I froze as the room went black.

Charlie’s POV

Game night was going great until I heard screaming from Bella’s room, as I made my way up the stairs I heard a huge crashing sound. When I saw Jacob trying to enter my daughter’s room, well…I kind of lost it. It’s a dad thing. I pushed him out of the way and couldn’t believe the scene of Bella laying the floor her head in a pool of blood. Okay, I freaked out but who wouldn’t.

“Jacob, what the hell did you do to her?”

“Nothing! I was trying to talk some sense into her! When she refused to listen to me, I tried to grab her arm and she freaked out and scrambled to get away from me!”

“You have no right to try and touch her or tell her what to do for that matter!”

“Billy, call an ambulance…fast! Jacob go home and stay away from Bella! Now!”

All I could do was hold her little hand in mine as she was taken to the hospital. She didn’t come to until after we go there. I was never so scared in my entire life. Thankfully, they rushed her through without any delay. Finally, she started moaning Edwards’s name. That was something encouraging at least, as she slowly opened her eyes to search for me.

“I’m here Bella, it is okay, you’re safe, and we’re in ER.”

“Please tell me he didn’t touch me! Please?” She was begging.

“No Bells, I’ll never let him touch you,” I reassured us both.

“Good…that’s really good, so how bad is the damage,” You could just hear the relief in her voice.

“You have a concussion and six staples.” They’re going to keep you just a precaution.

“Um - Dad, who’s my doctor?”

“Oh, I forget her name. Do you want me to go ask?”

“No, that’s okay but you’ll spring my as soon as possible right?”

“You got it kiddo. Okay, so I’m gonna head home and clean up. I don’t want to leave all the blood on the floor, okay?”

I slowly backed out of the room to head home, grateful it wasn’t worse than it was. I thought about calling Edward for her but I know he was away camping, so…no phone reception. I decided to wait until morning to try.

Alice’s POV

“Esme, I just had a vision Bella’s in the ER. I have to get to her, Edward’s gonna freak, I’ll call you once I’m with her,” I was screaming. I just wanted to cry.

“Alice how bad did she look? Is she going to be ok? Should I come too?” Esme panicked she was already a daughter to her now. I know she wanted to go, but if Edward called in, I’m sure Rose would do more harm than good.

“No, I don’t want Rose setting Edward off, he’s already gonna be mad, that I didn’t see it coming. I don’t know why but when I was looking for her it was black. So I kept trying and then when I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I was going to check on her the vision hit me, by then it was to late. I don’t know what was interfering with my visions of her.”

“We’ll figure it out later just get there quickly! Call my right away.”

With that I was out the door and on my way. I reached the hospital quickly just in time to see Charlie leaving. It wasn’t until I was entering the door, that I caught a scent that could be nothing else but a wolf. Damn it! Why was there a wolf here? Focus Alice! Bella first, wolf second! The closer to her room I got the worst the wolves smell got and that sent a wave of panic through my entire body. There in front of Bella’s door stood the wolf, in human form of course, but still just as bad. It wasn’t until he opened her door causing the air to shift that he caught my scent. It was then that Bella let out a gut wrenching scream. So I confronted the wolf, forcing him to close her door.

“What the hell are you doing here? What did you do to her? I demanded.

“You’re the wrong leech!” he seethed.

“You get away from her or I’ll be forced to call my family and you don’t want that dog!

“No, it’s your family that needs to leave Bella alone bloodsucker!” he replied haughtily.

“Listen mutt, Leave now! She’s my family and I won’t let you hurt her!” I said trying not to be too loud.

“I’d listen to my sister because the rest of us aren’t far behind,” Is Rose really defending Bella? Well color me surprised I didn’t see that one coming.

He didn’t bother replying. He just stalked off and you could see he was on the verge of phasing to his wolf form. He was visible shaking.

“Thanks Rose,” And not a moment to soon.


“No problem Alice, she’s family now and Edward has never been so happy, so…I guess if it takes a new squirt of a sister to keep him that way, so be it.”

Together we entered her room but it broke my heart to see the fear on her face and hear her whimpers that were a mix of fear and pain. I curled up into bed with her and pulled her close to comfort her, as Rose seat next to the other side of her bed rubbing small smoothing circles on her back. I vowed to not move until Edward could take my place. Rose did take a step out of the room to call Esme, so she wouldn’t be upset any longer then necessary. She was back at Bella’s side before Bella could even miss her. I guess Rose really did care about Edward and Bella.

Edward’s POV

We hunted separately until Saturday afternoon leaving me feeling sloshy, but since I didn’t know when I would be able to tear myself away from Bella again, it was a small price to pay in order to take fewer trips away. Letting my animal instincts take over had at least made the pain more bearable but it didn’t affect my need to be close, the pulling sensation was only getting worse by the hour. When Carlisle returned it was time for the talk, I had to admit it was better talking away from the hearing of the women in my family. I was embarrassed enough doing it with the guys. So, let the embarrassments begin.

“Edward, I spoke with Alice while you were on your date, she has discovered that Bella has not begun her cycles yet. This is good news but the downfall is it’s rare for a female to make it past 18 before beginning them. So, it’s safe to say it will begin very shortly unless there is something physically preventing it.

“Are you saying there is something wrong with her?” I could hear the fear in my own voice.

“No, not at all, I’m sure her system is just waiting until its ready, that’s all,” Carlisle said trying to reassure me.

“Now…let’s get down to the business at hand, my suggestion would be to start with petting.”

“Like a cat?” Did he think she was my pet?

“Yes, sort of, I would start with her breast; you basically want to cup one the palm of your hand like this, now applying a small amount of pressure massaging them. You will know when you’ve done this correctly because her nipple area will harden. Would metal pictures work better?” Like I want to see my mother and sisters having sex! Hell no!


“Look bro, its simple lesson one, rub her boobs, put your hand down her pant and explore around, then let her do the same back. Trust me you’ll love it.” Only Emmett!!

“I can’t do this! You guys just talking about Bella like this makes me want to rip your heads off!”

“Edward calm down, remember what Sebastian said this is because of the connection, we don’t think or want Bella in that way. She’s yours.” Yes! She is mine!

“Brother, I see her like you see Alice, so no worries. Just know that when we make a suggestion, we are only visualizing us touching our own mates.”

“I know jasper, and I’m sorry for snapping. I know you guys are only trying to help me.”

Just as the torture of enduring every idea, suggestion and explanation was done. Carlisle’s cell went off. I could hear my mother explaining that Bella was rushed to the ER and before my head caught up with me, my feet were already gone. I never slowed down once. I couldn’t My Bella needed me now! I knew the rest weren’t far behind me, I could hear them, and they were just as panicked as I was. It took almost an hour to reach Forks but nothing would stop me. Once inside I went straight for Bella’s room. I entered quietly I could hear her softly breathing. Without a word Alice slipped out of her bed so I could replace her. Alice replayed her vision for me and finished with what happen once she arrived followed by Rose. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have my family. They would do anything for me, for us. Carlisle apparently kicked in to work mode and stopped at the nurse’s desk and retrieved all Bella’s charts and X-rays. The news was better then expected. She would be sore but fine. What bothered me more was the wolf. Why was he here? Why was Bella so scared of him? Did he hurt her or cause this?

“Bella, can you hear me?” I whispered trying not to scare her more.

“EDWARD!” she screeched as she grabbed my shirt.

“Yes, I’m here, your safe now. What happened? How did you fall?” I had to know.

“He was so mean, yelling at me, calling you names, he tried to grab me, and I tried to get away but I fell…,” she sobbed to me.

“Bella, who did this to you?” I ground through me teeth with my jaw clenched.

“Jacob Black,” but the fear of just saying his name spoke volumes.

“Did he touch you?” Now, I was livid.

“No, Charlie said he stopped him.” Thank God! Just the thought that he might have, had me wanting to kill him!

“It‘s okay now, were all here, your safe. Sleep now, we won’t let him near you.”

We spent the rest of the night, my entire family in her room. Protecting her, planning out a strategy and caring for her. We would never leave her unprotected again. Bella was restless as she slept. I sang to her trying to keep away the dreams of the big bad wolf.

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