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The Singer Connection

singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!


5. Chapter 5

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Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer’s owns Twilight! I can only play with it.

Does contain light sexual material

The Singer Connection

Chapter 5

Edward's POV

As promised I remained by her side until she woke. As much as I wanted and needed to be with Bella, I also had the urge to seek out Jacob Black with Jasper and Emmett, but Bella came first. My brothers and all of Forks P.D. were looking for Jacob. He apparently didn’t listen when Charlie sent him home, instead he ran. Carlisle who was just starting his shift came by with news from Charlie, apparently he had managed to pursued him to allow Bella to stay at our house, for her care and until Jacob could be found. This would definitely make all our plans easier to complete. Thankfully, Carlisle brought Bella’s release forms. She was happy to leave, clutched to my side safely with Alice and Rose at our flanks.

By the time we reached the house, Esme had transformed my room into our bedroom. By that I mean my couch was gone and replaced by a queen sized, black wrought iron bed. The bedding was a deep gem colored blue. A place we would call ‘ours’ and gone were the days of ‘mine‘. I couldn’t be happier with the change. I gently placed Bella into our bed and crawled in beside her. We were home at last. Bella finally slipped into a deep sleep after lunch and Rose took over as her guardian, so I could go down and check on the family’s progress.

The news wasn’t encouraging Jasper and Emmett tracked Jacob to the Reservation, where we couldn’t follow him. Charlie had been granted access, but Billy said he never came back after the attempted assault. Carlisle did ask the tribal council for a conference, but he still hadn’t heard back from them yet. So, now with the entire Cullen family back at the house, we could do nothing but wait, so I returned to Bella’s side.

Bella’s shy smile crept across her face as I approach the bed and Rose left the room to search out Emmett. I couldn’t help but return one of own leaning in to place a long awaited kiss on her lips. God it felt good to be with her like this.

I was caught off guard when Bella slipped her small hot soft hands under my t-shirt, but I made no move to stop her in her pursuit. In fact quite the opposite, I let my hands wander as well, but above her shirt. She moaned softly the moment my hand brushed over her right breast, causing a burning sensation deep in my stomach. When she started tugging on my shirt I allowed her to pull it off, so she could explore further. This time it was my turn to moan, I felt like my skin would melt under her hot touch. She shuddered as I slowly ran my fingers along her stomach under her shirt this time; she was so warm to my cold touch. Her breathing started to shift into pants. Her heart was again trying to beat its way out of her chest, but now, there was something new, a new scent was emanating from her. A scent of what could only be one thing - her arousal. This sent my hands in search of the curves of her breast. Her bra gave way so easily like tissue paper, allowing me total access to her. The burning in my stomach was growing and I found I was panting along with Bella. I quickly ended it before we could go too far. I had to remember Carlisle advice and take it one thing at a time, so I would not be overwhelmed. Bella was as unhappy as I was when I stopped our progress.

“Soon Bella, very soon,” I whisper softly in her ear.

“How soon?” she cooed back.

“VERY!” I chuckled to her.

“Not soon enough.” She pretended to pout causing me smirk smugly.

“Come on, let’s get you some dinner.” If I didn’t get her out of the bed, I’d end up going right back to her waiting arms.

I quickly put my shirt back on before carrying Bella down to the first floor. I admit I didn’t trust her to make it the bottom without tripping. She caught up quickly on the Jacob situation and in true Bella form, she was more worried about the family getting hurt then she was for herself. Only Bella could worry about the wrong things. She did take a few moments alone on the phone speaking to Charlie making sure he was safe.

After I took her to my piano and played her the lullaby I had composed for her. As I stroked the last few keys I could smell a hint of salt in the air. I was confused; I looked down at Bella seeing two lone tears running down her face.

“Bella what’s wrong, Love? I wiped away her tears.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Bella, each note is how I feel about you,” I said pulling her into my embrace.

“I just wish I had something to give you, to show you how much I love you.”

“Bella, you have given me the one thing that no one else could, a reason to live.”

In a split second I had Bella on my lap and my lips on hers. Moments later were back in our room resuming our exploration. This time both our shirts were on the floor and for the first time I could see her two beautiful breasts shining in the moonlight. I couldn’t help but stare at them adoringly. Cautiously Bella move her hands to cover them. This caused me to instinctively growl.

“Never hide from me, you’re mine!” Slowly she removed her hands back allowing me access again.

“Yes, I am…forever yours,” she purred softly, she need no apology from me, she understood.

That was all it took for my mouth to cover hers in a passionate kiss. Bella’s hands were buried deep in my hair tugging me closer so our bare chests were molded together. I groaned when she ran the tip of her tongue across my bottom lip. Quickly I slipped my tongue into her mouth and her taste was exquisite. The rhythmic dance of our tongues had Bella’s heart doing overtime, and both of us gasping for air. Just then I heard the front door slam open. The thoughts in the house were all panicked so I broke away from Bella quickly. I motioned for her to wait with my finger before dashing downstairs. Alice was sobbing on the floor while Jasper explained the situation. Apparently Jacob Black was waiting at Charlie’s and a fight broke out, Jacob phased when he was too close to Charlie.

I hadn’t realized Bella was listening from the top of the stairs until she cried out. I rushed to her side, catching her just before she collapsed. I carried her downstairs while she sobbed on to my shirt.

Carlisle’s call didn’t come for another hour. Charlie had died on the way to hospital before Carlisle could reach him and Jacob was back on the run. Jasper and Emmett were out the door again, hoping to follow his trail from Charlie’s house. Bella broke down and just cried for hours, shaking the whole time until she cried herself to sleep in my arms. The rest of the family was deeply saddened by the lost of a great man.

Jacob was now officially a wanted murderer.

Bella’s POV

When I woke up I desperately hoped last night was a nightmare. It wasn’t, my father was gone and it was Jacob’s fault. I wanted to blame myself but honestly, I couldn’t find anyway to connect his actions to anything I did, except for being happy with Edward. I mean really, I’ve seen Jacob once since my return to forks and he attacked me. Well, one thing is for sure, if I’d been home when he attacked, I’d be with Charlie in the morgue. Edward has been wonderful, making all the plans for the funeral and holding me together. I know he feels guilty for not being there to protect Charlie, but really the family was already all over the place trying to protect me and trying to fine Jacob. Carlisle called me and Edward into his office after lunch, to discuss a new problem. I now had no parental guardian.

“Bella, I called Renee for you earlier and told her about Charlie. She’ll be here in two days for the funeral. She said she would be taking you back to Jacksonville, when she left. I have asked her to consider allowing you to stay here with us. She said she would leave that choice up to you.

“Thank God! Can I call her now and tell her my decision?”

“Not necessary, she said you have until the day she leaves to make your decision.” You don’t Renee.

“I still want to call; I want her to know my choice.”

“Okay, Alice is going to take few pictures of you just in case,” Do I look like a model?

“For what?” This had better be good.

“In case…she forces you to go, we’ll need papers to steal you back,” Edward reassured me.

“Oh - okay, whenever she wants to is fine. What do I need to do for Charlie?”

“Nothing, it’s all set, the funeral is on Tuesday and we will all stand beside you to keep you safe. Also, I have heard from the Tribal Council. We have a meeting tonight at 11 pm at the border. Edward you will need to attend since it’s your mate being threatened, in fact Bella should be there too since Black’s now after Bella and he’s murdered her father.”

“Oh, no way! That’s not happening!” seethed Edward.

“Edward, calm down and listen to reason, first - I don’t feel comfortable leaving her here with just Esme for protection, also the Council will want to hear her side of the story and lastly, Jacob may show if she’s there.”

“Fine, but she doesn’t leave my side!” Edward growled.

“Agreed Edward, now - why don’t you take Bella upstairs until it‘s time go.”

When we reached our room Edward started pacing the room and pinching the bridge of nose, clearly he was frustrated. I did the only thing I could to calm him down, to stop his pacing. I stepped directly into his path and before he had a chance to object, I wrap my arms around his waist. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth. I got the response I was looking for. Edward reached for me pulling me tightly into his embrace and requested the removal of my shirt, which I was more than willing to surrender it.

As I scooted up the bed, Edward followed me like a prowling cat. I couldn’t help but giggle at this. He stopped his assent once his face is hovering over my breasts. I gasp as he took my left breast into his mouth, gently licking and kissing it while releasing a possessive snarl. He gently suckled it while massage the right one with gently caressing circles.

While he was distracted there, I seized the opportunity to rub his growing hardness through his pants with the palm of my hand. I couldn‘t believe I was doing it, but I did it anyways. Secretly, I kept hoping it was okay. And since he didn’t push away my hand or react horribly, I guessed it was okay. He mumbled my name over and over again like he was praying. I can’t believe I could do this to his body. Oh…the feeling of him through his pants made me want more, but when I slipped my fingers under his waistband he froze and grabbed my hand, stopping my movements. He adjusted his position so I had no access to his lower body. After sighing, I give in to his morals and didn’t push it, instead I opted to take a nap in his arms instead.

Edward woke me with plenty of time to be ready for our meeting with the tribe. The family was all in the living room waiting for us. Once Jasper had it all planned out, we left for the Border. The treaty was only explained to me over my dinner, so I still didn’t have time to analyze it properly.

Edward had explained that we would be running there. Yeah, me running through the forest at night. Right, who was he kidding? But the plan was for them to run and I got a piggy back ride Yay! God could Edward run fast, watching the forest fly by in a blur was nothing, I would have ever considered I would be doing. Yet, I was. It took only a few moments to reach our destination, but as walked out of the tree line, I found myself suddenly afraid as my eyes took in the sight before them.

The Tribal Council consisted of three elders and five wolves that were the size of horses for Christ sakes! It’s no wonder why Edward wanted me to stay home. Carlisle stood in the middle with Edward to his right and of me tucked into his side and slightly back, to his left was Jasper and Alice. Emmett and Rose were a few paces directly behind Carlisle. He was a very good diplomat as he got to the business at hand.

“Greetings and Thank you for meeting with us.”

“Evening, I’m Billy black, this is Harry Clearwater and Sam Uley and in the pack you have Jared, Paul, Quil, Embry and Seth. I don’t want to be rude but, we have been busy lately and we really need to be getting back quickly.”

“Well…yes, we do understand, My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is my family Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rose, Edward and Bella,” Pointing us out as he went along.

“What’s Bella doing here with your family?” Billy grumbled.

“She is Edward’s bonded mate.” Carlisle’s words caused Edward to pull me in closer.

“Well, I think this clears a few questions to Jacobs’s behavior,” replied Harry.

“How so?” inquired Jasper.

“Because Jacob is in love with Bella,” you could hear Billy’s voice crack. The protective growl Edward released had me pulling myself more into his embrace to ensure he knew I was his.

“But, he hasn’t imprinted, so he has no claim to her,” snapped Edward.

“Edward, I’m yours and I’m not going anywhere,” I spoke as I looked over to council.

“Sorry, but Edward and Bella share a special bonded connection even stronger than imprinting. One that neither can break, its call La Tua Cantante or simply put Bella is Edward Singer, every thing about her ensnares him and the same is for her. Neither can survive without the other. Other pairs have tried to and failed miserably. Vampires mate for life and in their situation the mates are even more protective than with normally bonded pairs. So now, how can we help Jacob see this?”

“I don’t know. Even I can see the difference just looking at them, but I don’t know if we can get him to see it. The Council and the pack have been trying to track him on the Rez, but he keeps slipping in and out before we can catch him,” answered Billy sadly.


“Bella, we’re all very sorry about Charlie and of course, for Jacobs attack on you. He’s very unstable right now and we are doing all we can to find him,” You could tell Harry already missed his friend.

“Thank you,” I chocked out trying not to cry again.

“So, the question remains, how can we get Jacob to stop? We can’t have him killing more innocent people, because eventually, he will come after Bella and most likely cause a war. We would really rather avoid that,” Carlisle spoke honestly.

“Agreed, we don’t want a war either. And even though Charlie’s death was an accident, we would like to prevent further accidents, but the problem remains, we still have no way of capturing him.”

“Is this something we can do together? Will you work with us?” Carlisle asked.

“This is something we will have to discuss and notify you of our decision. We’ll contact Bella at Charlie’s,” answered Billy.

“Bella is no longer staying at Charlie’s, Renee’s already approved her move to our home. We would prefer you go through us for any further communications,” Jasper demand lightly.

“Very well, give us 24 hours and we’ll contact you with our decision,” said Sam.

“All the arrangements for Charlie’s funeral are set. You are all invited to attend,” offered Carlisle.

“Thank you,” was said by the whole group.

And with that Edward lightly lifted me to his back and we were off and running. For this ride I found myself snuggling my face into his neck, placing small kisses up and down it. I could hear his excited snarls running together almost like a cats purr. I liked it a lot! And from the giggles coming from his family, they could hear Edward’s enjoyment too. Edward didn’t stop running until we hit the third floor and the door to our room. In a move to fast for me to see, Edward had me turned from his back to his chest and firmly in his embrace. I resumed my kissing only to add my tongue to the mix lightly licking from his shoulder to his ear, the taste of his cold, hard, pale skin was beyond compare. If he were food, I’d eat myself to death happily.

Edward continued our trip to our bed, crawling in with me still attached to his chest. This time, we were both tugging to remove each others shirts desperate in our attempts to get closer. I couldn’t suppress my own growls as I was pulling his shirt off, he of course, had it easier, simply tearing my shirt in two to remove it. This time he guided my hand to the outside of his jeans showing me what he wanted, he was so hard. This had me extremely pleased; I decided to do the same and guided his hand to my center over my jeans.

The pleasure that I was feeling had me breathless. I felt like I had an open flame in my core that I wanted Edward to put out desperately. The more this hand and fingers moved in small circles over my center, the more my hips followed. Edward couldn’t remain still either, the more my hips moved, the more he ground his hardness into my hand. Until there was no way we could stop. All I could do was pant his name as he groaned mine and then I couldn’t stop my screams as each wave of my orgasm took me one after another. Edward had reached his peak at the same time visually shuddering with each of his last few trusts before he arched his back, throwing back his head and released a feral growl, as he was overcome by his own orgasm. After a moment of panting he rested his forehead against mine and breathed

“I love you, Bella”

“I love you too, Edward”

God the way he held me that night made me finally feel like I was truly home and no one will ever take that away from me now. I would die to protect what is mine, Edward and all the Cullen’s were definitely mine. As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help but notice our connection was shifting again deepening even more.

B.Black’s POV

“Okay, quiet down you pack of mutts, let’s get this meeting over. First - what’s the news on Jacob? Any sightings?”

“No,” everyone answered together.

“Well, what about the offer from the Cullen’s? Can we trust the bloodsuckers?”

“I find myself believing them. I think they really are protecting Bella. And you can just see that love connection thing rolling off Bella and her mate Edward,” Seth softly spoke.

“Yeah, it’s worst than Sam and Emily” Everyone chuckled at Embry’s remark.

“Okay, okay, let’s have a show of hands who thinks we should accept the Cullen’s offer?” Sam was taking over the meeting.

“Okay, so it’s six for and two against, and the Council ratio of two out of the three is up held. So, I guess we’re doing it, but as the Alpha, I say we put some rules in place before hand.”

“Okay, Sam and Seth, you’re our contact with the Cullen’s, the rest will run patrols and the Council will have a list of rules or guides lines by 10 am for you to bring to the Cullen’s.”

“One suggestion, the Council should have an answer about Bella, she’s going to want to be one of them someday or if she‘s hurt by Jake it maybe the only way to save her,” I know my friend would want us to protect her and make her happy in life.

A/N Yay a truce! If the Cullen’s accept the terms that is.