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Praying for a Miracle.

Bella and Edward's first child is in the hospital for being injured by werewolves. Bella is praying for her daughter to get well and also going down memory lane.

Based off the song Streets of heaven by Sherrie Austin. I'm still deciding if I want to put that song in this story.

1. Chapter 1: Walk down Memory Lane.

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I rest my face in my hands as I wait for my daughter to wake up. Lily was laying in the hospital bed not moving and without her color her beautiful checks. Edward had gone hunting leaving me with our daughter. 'Its my fault God. I shouldn't have let her stay outside.' I thought. My other daughters, Marsha, Clara, Jana, and Anna, were home with the rest of my family. All of them were worried sick of Lily. The memory of this afternoon came back to me.


I came out onto the porch and saw Lily playing with her kitten. "Lily. Come inside. Its getting cold out." I call. "One minute mom." Lily called back. "Don't be to long." I call, turning. I came face to face with Jacob. "Jacob. What are you doing here?" I asked, backing up to the rail. "What do you think?" Jacob asked, with a sneer in his voice. I scream and start running for Lily. 'Get to Lily.' I kept repeating in my head over and over again. I heard Edward and Alice right behind me. A high pitch scream came.

"NO." I yell. Lily was lying on the ground with her face in the ground, unmoving. I took my seven year old daughter in my arms. Edward hurried over and took me in his arms. "I'm going to kill them." I cried. Alice screamed at the sight of Lily. "Call 911." Edward shouted, burrying his face in my hair.

End of memory.

I whipped my tears away as the door to the hospital room opened. Edward's strong hands came onto my shoulders. "You alright?" Edward asked. "No. I blame myself." I said. Edward took my face into his hands and made me look at him. "Its not your fault." Edward said, kissing me on the lips.


"Make a wish sweetheart." I said, standing with Edward's arm wrapped around my waist. Lily closed her eyes and then blew out the candles. Couple minutes later. Lily sat on Edward's lap, eating her piece of cake. I was talking to Esme as I ate.

End of Memory.

Lily and Edward were very close. The door opened and Alice and Jasper enter. Alice gathered me into her arms and Jasper put a hand on Edward's shoulder. "She'll be fine." Alice whispered. I trusted Alice when she said that. "How's my other girls doing?" I ask. "They are worried sick about their sister. They are sleeping right now." Alice said.


"Mommy. John's bothering me again." Lily said, crawling onto my lap. "That means he likes you, sweetheart." Edward said, with a smile on his face. Lily gags and curls up closer to me. I smile. Lily fell asleep in my arms a few minutes later. Edward came over, lifted Lily out of my arms, and carried her to bed.

End of memory.

"Bella. Your chair is floating in the air again." Edward said. I make the chair land gently on the floor. Edward came over, lifted me up, carried me to the rocker, and started rocking me. Lily was getting the color back in her precious checks. "She wasn't a vampire and they tried to kill her." I said. "Carlisle said they didn't bite her." Edward said. I smile.


I had a five minute old Lily in my arms. Edward was sitting beside me looking worn out after a long night. "Want to hold her?" I ask. "Of course I do." Edward said, his voice sounding tired. I handed Lily over to her father. Edward hummed the lullaby that he made for me and Lily fell asleep in his arms at last.

End of memory.

I go to the cafeteria for coffee. I sit at a table thinking about what just happened. Jessica hurried over with a smile on her face. She worked as a nurse here at the hospital. "Why are you here?" Jessica asked. "Lily's hurt." I explained. Jessica was paged and she hurried off. I put a hand to my face and closed my eyes. "Mommy." Jana said, running over to me. I gathered my youngest daughter in my arms. "Hi sweetheart." I said, kissing the top of her head.

Rosalie and Emmet came over with smiles on their faces. "She was the only one that couldn't sleep and wanted to come with us." Emmet said. "That's fine with me." I said, getting up with my daughter, who was 3 in my arms. I brought my coffee with me as we head for Lily's room. Edward was talking with Jasper and Alice, who just got back from hunting. Lily was still unconsious. "We can't find the werewolves that attacked Lily. They must have gone back home." Emmet said.

"Mommy." A weak voice said. I turned and saw Lily wide awake. "Lily." I said, hurrying to her side and so did Edward. "You look scared mommy." Lily said, touching my face. "You scared your daddy and I, honey. Jana and your other sisters were scared also." I said, when Jana came to my side. Lily smiled at Jana. "Sweetheart. Who was the one that attacked you?" Edward asked, taking Lily's hand. "Someone named Paul." Lily said. Emmet and Jasper left to find Paul.

Rosalie and Alice took Jana home for a good nights sleep. Two days later. Lily was brought home from the hospital. Esme made a good dinner for Lily. Lily gobbled the food all down. Lily's sisters were happy to have Lily back home. I guess that the werewolves will never be trusted ever again, after what happened to Lily.