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You Belong With Me

Short story based on the the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift.

This is just a short little story to get my writing flowing. I don't usually listen to country music but this song is so cute. So um... I don't own Twilight, dang.

1. Flagpole Sitta

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Walkin’ the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinking to myself
Hey isn’t this easy?

"Kill me," I groaned to Alice as we watched the game. I know this will probably sound cliché, stupid, and rather obvious but I was in love with the quarter back. Stupid right? Well it gets worse, he’s also my best friend. Since we were two. Sad I know.

"Bella," Alice sang, "You need to tell him!"

"It’s not that easy Alice, I mean what do I have that can measure up to that?" I said gesturing to the cheerleaders, and more specifically Tanya, the head cheerleader. They’d been together for nearly a year. And well she was… well if she didn’t have her looks there would be nothing to that shallow witch.

The last touchdown was of course made by Edward, and we were off to another completely depressing party. Ever since Sophomore year when Edward had made the football team I had been forced to go to every single after party. After I had made friends with Alice and Jasper I dragged them along with me. Alice went anyways, and I needed the moral support.

Now you may say that I didn’t have to go if I don’t want to, that Edward cant force me into anything, well obviously you’ve never seen his puppy dog eyes. They’re deadly!

Almost like he knew what I was thinking about Edward was suddenly at my side in the parking lot, his arm around Tanya’s shoulder despite the fact that she was trying to pull him towards his car.

"Hey Bella are you going to that after party?" He said smiling widely and looking hopeful. Really what does he have to look so hopeful about? He’s dating Tanya, why does he have to get my hopes up?

"Do I have a choice?" I asked readjusting my guitar case on my shoulder. Already knowing the answer.

And sure enough, he smirked as he said. "No."

"Well then I suppose I’m going. Em’s house again?"

"Yep I’ll see you there." He said grinning again and finally giving into Tanya’s pulls and walking over to his car with her. Just as I was getting way too depressed to move, Jasper came over and picked me up giving me a piggy back ride over to my truck.

"Thanks Jazz," I muttered. He just nodded smiling, he was Alice’s boyfriend, and my "older brother". The boy had a gift of knowing what other people felt. But he let the feelings affect him, which is why he’s with Alice, she’s always happy, and he loved being around her. Of course after a while of hanging out with us he fell in love with her and she him. It was really cute. Disgustingly so.

We walked over to Jazz’s car slowly, none of us actually wanted to go to the party, but we didn’t have a choice, not only because of Edward. There was Alice too. She was on the Dance team, which in my opinion is a fancier name for cheerleader, but if I say that she tears my head off. But being a member meant she had to show up and socialize. Not that she minded.

Which pretty much left Jasper and I in his car listening to music loud enough to cause permanent damage. Incidentally that was exactly what we were doing, Jazz was upside down his head by the pedals, and I had my feet sticking out of the window, taping my foot to ‘Flagpole Sitta’. Eventually Emmett came out of the house, bored at his on party, and sat in the car with us. Jasper slapping his hand every time he tried and fiddle with the radio.

"Where’s my sister?" Jasper asked after a minute realizing that Rose wasn’t with Emmett.

"She went home." he groaned, "Which is why I’m bored, these are technically all of her friends." We nodded. Emmett had always fit more with our group then Rosalie’s (Jasper’s sister). The only reason they’re dating is because they grew up in the same neighborhood. Emmett’s goofy balanced out Rosalie’s witchy-ness perfectly, and they were both the two most good looking people in the school. Actually they were perfect for each other, why hadn’t I noticed before?

"What is that god awful music?’ I heard someone say, I lifted my head up to glare at the offender, and was surprised to end up face to face with Edward… with Tanya right next to him. Dang.

"Harvey danger?" He asked.

"You know it." I replied, then whispering, "Why’d you bring her Ed? She despises me, and I’m not her biggest fan either. If she starts anything I promise you I‘ll be the one who ends it."

"Come on Bells, she’s my girlfriend." He said sitting on the hood of the car so I could lean back again and still see him.

"Not a very good one, Lauren would be better and you KNOW how much I hate her." I said shuddering at the thought of the bleach blond- there is no nice word for what she is.

"I’d no sooner date her then Jessica." He said shuddering. I laughed at him remembering back to last year, when Jessica had practically stalked him.

"’Member when she tried to cut off a piece of your hair to keep it!" I laughed.

"God, don’t remind me!" he laughed. I looked at him still giggling, and wished so much that it could stay that way forever, without Tanya interrupting, this was so easy.

But unfortunately for me, as the old saying goes, speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. In my case it was think but Tanya still pulled up in her shiny red Camaro. Despite the difference in the situation.

"Edward," she whined. "come on. Lets get away from these… people." She said the word like it was a curse.

Edward grimaced at me, then jumped off the hood, and walking over to her car. Not even correcting her. Honestly, I thought he might have at least stood up for Jasper! I looked over and sighed as I realized Jazz was asleep, in the same position as before.

As Edward and Tanya drove away, I sang along to the song, "Paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me. Just say you never met me." And went to get Alice.