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You Belong With Me

Short story based on the the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift.

This is just a short little story to get my writing flowing. I don't usually listen to country music but this song is so cute. So um... I don't own Twilight, dang.

3. Jamie All Over

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You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesn’t get your humor like I do

As the last bell of the day rang, I walked out of English with Edward both of us carrying the mountain of homework we were assigned.

"So I’m coming over to-" Edward started but was cut off as his phone rang. He rolled his eyes at me smirking slightly, digging the phone out of his pocket. I heard Tanya yelling at him as soon as he picked it up. "Tanya, Tanya calm down." He said, walking away to deal with her.

I looked around and saw Alice ahead of me in the hall way. I rushed to catch up with her. "There has to be a rule about how much homework teachers are allowed to assign." I said as I caught up, walking with her to Jasper’s car, he was giving me a ride anyways. I was trying to shove all of the papers, into my bag, but failing terribly, they were hanging into the bag by a thread.

The thread snapped and the huge packet we’d gotten flew away. "Crap!" I yelled spinning around but not chasing after it. That would just cause more trouble.

Somehow luck was with me and the paper flew right into the path of a really good looking guy. "Hey I think this is yours." He smiled walking up and handing the paper to me.

"Thank you so, so much." I said struggling to take it from him.

"You look like you need some help, here." He said holding my bag for me as I shoved the papers in. "So, Mr, Marcus' class huh? I had him last year his packets are killer."

"Yea no kidding." I agreed, "Thanks again." I said.

"No problem."

"Hurry up!" Alice shouted from Jaspers car. I turned and looked at her, holding up a finger, then turned back.

"I have to go." I said apologetically.

"Oh, well maybe I’ll see you around sometime?" He asked, I nodded walked back towards Alice and Jas. "Hey, wait! What’s your name?" He called as I was opening the car door.

"Bella. Yours?" I asked putting one foot in.


"I’ll see you around Austin." I said smiling, getting in and closing the door. Still smiling.

"Wow Bella he was a hottie!"

"I know." I smiled even bigger.

"Well what’s his name? What grade is he in?"

"His name is Austin, he’s a Senior."

"Bella! Ohmygosh, that was Austin Walker!" Alice squealed.

"I’m guessing that I should know him." I said sarcastically, hoping Alice would get to the point.

"Well of course! You only watch him play football every weekend!" Alice said, exasperated.


"Yeah he’s like Edward only for defense, the best and most recognized guy." Alice said as my phone began to ring.

I answered her as I searched for my bag. "Well I don’t exactly pay a whole lot of attention to the football games do I? Hang on sorry Alice, Edward sent me a text."

"Yea alright." Alice said.

E: Hey, I’m still coming over to work on that packet right?

B: Yea

E: Alight, hey who was that guy you were talking to?

B: Austen. Alice says he’s on the football team?"

E: Oh, yea he’s cool. So I’ll tty in a few?

B: Yea, see you then.

I put my phone away, and looked out the window. Still smiling about my conversation with Austen. Hey, can you blame me? I really cute guy, comes up and talks to you! You would be smiley too!

Jasper pulled into my drive way, and I jumped out of the car, waving bye, as I ran up to the house. Opening the door with my key, and walking in.

I spotted Jamie, as soon as I walked in. She was my adorable little half sister. Only two years old, "Bewa! Up!" She said, raising her hands above her head.

I couldn’t ignore the cuteness! You wouldn’t be able to either. I quickly lifted her up setting her on my hip, right as my mom came in the room, saying, "No, wait don’t pick her-" Just as Jamie puked all over me.

I froze, my eye twitching as the smell of bile came up to my nose. "-up, she’s been getting sick all day. It’s why she’s not in Day Care."

"Thanks for the warning, I could have used it about thirty seconds ago though." I said, handing her over to my mom, and rushing up stairs to shower and change, before Edward came over. It was a really slim chance I’d be presentable before he got here but, there was a chance.

I just barely made it. I’d just thrown on sweat pants and was pulling on a sports bra when the doorbell rang.

I swore, pulling it on the rest of the way, before running downstairs flinging the door open. "Hey." I said almost out of breath, backing up to let him in. "Sorry about this," I said gesturing at myself, "Jamie puked all over me."

"It’s no problem." Edward said. As we walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

"Right well you know the drill," I said tossing him the remote to my stereo. "I gotta get a shirt." I muttered walking to my closet, and pulling on a T-shirt. "Oh you butt." I said, turning around as Edward out on ‘Jamie All Over’, by Mayday Parade.

"Well I figured Jamie puked all over you." He smirked. As I sang along to the song.

"I had a dream last night we, drove out to see Las Vegas. We lost ourselves in the bright lights, I wish you could have seen us." I muttered a bit of the first verse.

"Right well did you get a chance to look over this thing? Its insane." He said getting out his packet.

"A little in class, I got through the first page okay, but that was about it." I said, pulling my packet out too, along with a pencil, and sitting on the floor with him, at the coffee table thing, my mother insisted I put in my room.


"This is ridiculous!" Edward exclaimed throwing the packet down on to the table three hours later.

"I know right?" I muttered falling back onto the floor and rubbing my eyes. We’d only gotten to the fourth page of ten.

My mother knocked on my half open door then. "Are you staying for dinner Edward?" She asked, just peeking her head into the door.

"Yes, please Mrs. Dwyer." He smiled.

"Of course dear, be down in to wash up in a few alright?" She said, walking back downstairs.

"We might as well just go down now," Edward said, standing up ,and cracking his back. We’d been sitting for a while….

"I don’t wanna get up." I whined yawning slightly. My phone buzzed form on my desk. "Throw that to me will you? Your up." I said.

"Yea, alright I’ll be downstairs." He said, handing me my phone.

"Thanks." I muttered looking down at the little screen.

?: Hey it’s Austin, I hope you don’t mind I got ur # from Emmett.

B: Its no problem. What’s up?

A: Not much, how’d that packet going, almost dead yet?

B: Pretty close. Hey, you took the class last year right? Think you coulld help me out? Not now though my mom just called me for dinner.

A: Yea I’m glad to help, just text me when your done eating, kay?

B: Alright ttyl.

"Bella! Come on time to eat!" My mom shouted.

"I know sorry!" I shouted back, tossing my phone onto my bed and running downstairs.