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You Belong With Me

Short story based on the the song 'You belong with me' by Taylor Swift.

This is just a short little story to get my writing flowing. I don't usually listen to country music but this song is so cute. So um... I don't own Twilight, dang.

4. This One's For You

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Chapter 4

We eventually got finished with the packets. With lots of thanks to Austin, and the next morning Edward and I were two of the five students who cold actually turn theirs in completed.

But before I had that class I had to get through all my other ones, and lunch. Then more classes. Oh why can’ it be the weekend already?

I got through my first few classes, without too much trouble. Except for math that sucked. But I got to lunch eventually, and got into line for my lunch, and was still there with Alice and Emmett when Austin found me. "Hey, how’d the packets go down?" He asked putting an arm on my shoulder to get my attention.

"I don’t have it until after lunch, I‘ll let you know. But you helped a lot, thank you so, so much!"

"Happy to help." He said, then followed us to our table, when we started walking to it a second later. "Hey, I was wondering, if maybe you wanted to go out with me Saturday?"

Alice over heard and waved at me from behind him, mouthing ‘say yes!’ "That sounds cool, sure." I said.

"Awesome." He said smiling really big. I smiled too, hoping that I didn’t look overexcited.

"Hey Austin!" Someone called from across the room. He looked around waving at whoever shouted, then turned back.

"I have to go. But could we sit together tomorrow?" He asked getting up from the table.

"Sounds good." I said, slightly squeakily but I don’t think he noticed. We parted ways and I walked slowly to the table where Alice and Jasper were sitting.

"OHMYGOSH! BELLA! You have a date with Austin Walker!" Alice squealed jumping up and down in her seat.

"Yea, I guess I do." I said smiling. Today was just turning out to be the best day. Edward even came and sat with us. Well… it was the best day until I realized I had a date with Austin and I liked Edward. Crap. Oh, that and Tanya followed Edward to our table, that pretty much flushed my good mood.

I was no good conversation during lunch that day. I was way too busy thinking. I really, really liked Austin but I’d liked Edward longer. Maybe I don’t feel the way I used to about Edward, I thought looking at his arm around Tanya’s shoulder. Plus, Austin actually likes me genuinely likes me. Edward doesn’t. But I’ve liked Edward for so… long.

My thoughts were so jumbled and backwards I didn’t notice when we walked out into the quad. I also reacted very harshly to Tanya, just being Tanya. I really shouldn’t have I should be used to it by now, but when someone says to me: "I really just don’t like any music other then the kind that is on 105.7 you know that station that plays all today’s hits? Like 30H!3 and that really good band I can never remember the name of, oh and Lady Gaga I just love her! Nothing like you play." I kind of loose it.

"You know what Tanya? You know absolutely nothing about music! All that music on 105.7 is computer generated; the people are just stage goats for their latest concoction."

"What does computer generated mean?" She is the stupidest….

"It means they can’t sing." I told her incredulously.

"Yea then who sings in their concerts?"

"She means they lip sing babe." Edward told her; almost as if it was my fault that she was a stupid cow.

"Oh! Well it’s not like you don’t do that too Bella. I bet you have something that sings for you too." She said snootily.

"I sing live. Everyday. At school. Do you understand?" I said slowly, wondering if she was slow, I kind of doubt it somebody else would have noticed by now.

"Prove. It."

"Alright I will." I said, and stood up, facing the rest of the people on the quad. "See no wires," I said condescendingly to Tanya, and then turned to Jas, "Want to help me out Jazzy Boy?" I started to sing. "Friend of mine, I tried a revolution. Everyone’s screaming it’s not fair it’s not fair!" I continued singing looking over to see Jasper, standing up slowly. "You be my Romeo, I’ll play your Juliet. The sun won’t set until you appear. Cause I know you’re the one, my love, my love."

Jasper ‘sang’ the next verse screaming in his own unique way. "What light through the window breaks? So bright, so bright, my life just for one more day, so bright, you’re so bright."

We both tried to sing the next one my following him slightly, "fall fast. The course of love never did run smooth; I’ll try to sleep on my own tonight." I dropped backing singing ‘oh’s while he continued screaming, "We will. Meet in the moonlight." Over and over until I came in singing.

"This is not pretend don’t play the end. I know you’re real and not just a book I read. Soon I will show you how a heart can never fail. Never change."

Jasper screamed the verse back to me, going a little slower and pacing out the words, then added the next verse into it, "I’ll never change if music be the food of love, play on. Play on," he scrum carrying on the last word until he was just screaming. The song ended and everyone cheered. We sat down again, laughing slightly, remembering when we’d gotten so addicted to ‘Of Mice and Men’ the band who wrote the song, last year. We’d dedicated a whole weekend to learning to scream. Jasper’s Mom, and Alice must have bought thirty pairs of ear plugs.

Of course Tanya had to go and ruin our good mood. "You better watch it Alice. Bella’s gunning for your boy." She said scathingly with one of those big crud eating smiles.

"You stupid little, *word that I can’t say*," Alice screamed then tackled Tanya to the ground.

Edward jumped into action trying to pull Alice off of Tanya. To say that Jasper and I were much help would’ve been pushing the envelope a little too much. We were sitting there laughing, as Tanya got her butt handed to her on a silver platter.

Yea… we all ended up in the principal’s office.