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Bella Leaves Edward

Bella leaves edward after he starts to be horrible to her and he has lied the whole time and he has a sex addiction. she then goes to the volturi and meets santiago..i wonder what will happen...

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1. Plans

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Chapter 1: Plans


It was a week after the ‘confrontation’ with the Volturi and everything was going ‘normal, well as normal as things could be for a vampire couple with a half human, half vampire hybrid.

So things were pretty normal, but there was a problem that was starting to arise.

We had to leave-soon.

According to Edward people were getting suspicious although there were quite a few people who were for staying for about another 2 years. Rosalie wanted to stay behind so she and Emmett could have their usual wedding, Emmett wanted to stay behind because Rosalie wanted to and Renesmee and I wanted to stay behind for Charlie, he was getting a few grey hairs and we were getting worried about his cholesterol and how what happened to harry could just as easily happen to him.

Edward had said how Esme felt torn; she wanted to have a big happy family, not a family who is arguing every time the discussion was brought up.

“What are you thinking about love?” Edward asked, with a slightly pained expression on his face, brining me down to earth in the Cullen household about midday.

“Just about why we have to leave and what’s wrong with staying here for a bit. I’m sure Rosalie and Emmett could have an earlier wedding than normal.” I begged, unfortunately Edward was all for leaving saying that we could visit Charlie whenever we wanted, and when he started to notice that we didn’t age that we could always send him forged pics and write letters and talk on the phone, but I know it wont be the same.

“Look, we’ve talked about this,” he started, giving me a scowl “and its taking a toll on our relationship, its making a wedge in between us and I don’t like it, but I’m not backing down. Do you want the Volturi here? Do you want a fight because you revealed our secret?” He said starting to stand up of the couch and staring to shout at me as if he ruled me, I knew he was doing it for the family and the vampire race but there’s really no problem with even a year.

“Edward, look, I know that we need to go but cant we even just have a year here?” I whispered.

“NO WE CANT THE VOLTURI WOULD BE ONTO US AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE AND THEY WOULD TAKE YOU, ME, ALICE AND MAYBE EVEN JASPER, BUT WORSE OF ALL THEY WOULD TAKE RENESMEE AND THEY WOULD KILL THE REST, DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT?” he screamed at me, making the whole house quiet and attracting Rosalie, Emmett, Jake, Renesmee, Esme and Carlisle downstairs from the various things they were doing.

“Edward, what is your problem?” I asked, terrified of what the answer would be.

“YOU ARE MY PROBLEM BELLA!” he once again screamed, making me freeze in shock, what was he shouting at me for, this was obviously more than just moving away, there must have been another problem, and I was going to find out.

“This is more than just moving away isn’t it, what is your problem?” I barley whispered, just so he could hear.

“you are my problem Bella, that old stinking man has gotten on my nerves once too often and I don’t want you to see him again, and when we move away, which will be tomorrow, you will have no connections with him, there will be no good byes and no telling him where we’re going, is that clear?” he said loud enough that Jasper and Alice would be able to hear from wherever they were in the house.

“How dare you speak to me like that, I will not listen to anything you say, I will make my own decisions about what I do, and you will not tell me what to do.” I said, putting on my death glare that apparently scares people, like Jake.

“Edward,” Esme started “I’m not going to let you speak to your wife like that, it is unexplainable, and you promised that you would treat her like the world, you always have, until a couple of days ago, and I’m not going to let it continue any further.”

I then walked out of the house, not caring what they were saying,

I ran to my cottage, where I knew what I was going to do. I knew I didn’t want to live with an Edward like this for the rest of eternity, and no amount of sex would repay for this, as Edwards kind of ‘sorry’ came in a form of his pleasure and my discomfort, something he also found pleasure in.

I then started packing my things while I thought of where to go, Charlie’s house was a no no, I’m sure he would get suspicious of how I never eat. I barley know the Denali clan so I cant go there, but there is a place I can go, even if it is the most stupidest place in the world to go a week after we last saw them.

The Volturi.

No doubt they would let me in and join them.

But what about Renesmee? What should I do with her?

I instantly knew who would look after Renesmee. Rosalie. She adored Renesmee to bits and she knew how to look after her and everything so my plan was nearly set.

I still wanted to keep in touch but I didn’t want to hear from Edward. This time I was leaving him.

It still broke my heart, there were still feelings for him there, but not as strong as they used to be, and it would be unfair to take his ‘love of his existence’ away from him and his daughter.

So I spent the next hour thinking about my plan-

I would buy a new phone and one for everyone apart from Renesmee and Edward and put my new number on it and tell them to never look at the number, so Edward wouldn’t find out and try to call me.

I would go to Volterra and told them I ran away to get away from Edward, they would find out one day anyway.

I would leave Renesmee to Rosalie and Esme.

I would leave when the boys take Edward on a hunting trip.

So everything was sorted.

I just had to do a bit of shopping first.